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Thursday 26 February 2015

Beauty: Ludeya V-Line Chin Mask & Yufit Body Boom Anti-Cellulite Slimming Mousse

Hello! Now that the CNY holiday is over, how do you feel? After all that feasting and staying up late to gamble/ play fireworks, don't you feel bloated and 'rounder' now? Haha it's not a bad thing but hey, if it's bothering you, I've got a solution for you! has sent me these products to try out to help you achieve a slimmer face and body! Just what a girl needs! PS: Read my review on iQueen here and here!

Ludeya V Line Chin Mask
Ludeya, famous for their range of masks (read my previous review on Ludeya masks here), has come up with a solution for a sharper face! They say a girl with high nose and an almond-shaped face is attractive. If that's what you're looking for, you might want to try this mask out for it has pulling, firming and polarising function to give you that 3D effect and help you look photogenic in 15 mins! The mask contains all-natural ingredients such as ginseng, floras and herbal extract to help hydrate, lift and rejuvenate the face at the same time. I myself am not sure how true the claims are, so I was really curious to try this out!

There are 5 V-Line Chin Masks in a box. I love the gold packaging, it's just feels so luxurious overall!

Interestingly, the mask is specifically targeted for the chin area, hence the funny shape unlike the conventional mask. It has two cutouts at the ends which helps to hook it to your ears and hold the mask up. Make sure you place the mask correctly. The side that's facing UP is a little concaved to fit your chin.

To use, just hook the ends onto your ears and let the mask sit for 15 - 30 minutes. There should be no pain at all and your chin should rest comfortably on the mask sheet.

Here's how you hook it to your ears. Quite cute hor, cos I've never tried anything like this before haha. Masks nowadays are getting more and more innovative. It can be a little hard to talk with something holding your mouth up though.

The results? Well, I do feel a slight lifting effect but as with most products, the effect is not long-lasting and you can only see results for a short period of time. It's ok, it's still good enough if you have a function to attend and wanna look slimmer to impress that special someone! I'd be shameless and say that I already have a quite slim face to begin with, so the results is not as obvious on me. Also, the camera angle might have something to do with how the photos turned out? The mask is very soft and comfortable to use, it's not troublesome unlike normal masks which slides down your face when you're sitting up. The pressure is just right and I almost forgot I'm wearing the mask as I go along with my routine. It also smells pleasant, which is a plus. Ludeya never fails to please!

If you're interested to try out the Ludeya V Line Chin Mask for yourself, get it from HERE for RM 17.00. There's a 15% discount going on now so the mask set is only RM 14.45, grab it while stocks last!

Yufit Body Boom Anti-Cellulite Slimming Mousse
Now that you've achieved that slimmer face, you want to work on a slimmer body as well. Instead of working out at the gym, you can try this simpler alternative as well for better results! Yufit Body Boom originates from Korea and is currently quite popular in the market as the most revolutionary cosmetic technology applied to cellulite for never-before-seen results, known as Air Bubble Massage. The patent-pending Crackle technology has been incorporated into this product to help you get rid of cellulite on targeted areas.At the same time, the product can help you massage those areas and give more elasticity to the skin. This product is strongly recommended for areas like the belly, thighs, calves and forearms.

Check the seal for authentication before you open the product. As you might have guessed, the instructions are all in Korean but fret not, the instructions to use are all up on iQueen website for your convenience. The main ingredients in Yufit Body Boom are caffeine (as an anti-edamose to remove stagnating fluids), brown algae (for restoring balance and treating blemishes), aloe (to aid regeneration of collagen and connective tissue), birch (to eliminate metabolic wastes), , theobromine (to break down fatty acids), chilli pepper (to stimulate microcirculation), green tea (as an antioxidant), genistein (to improve elasticity and hydration), ivy (to facilitate deep massaging), asiatic centella (to unclog capillaries), camitin (to speed up fat metabolism and last but not least, pineapple extract (one of the strongest anti-inflammatory agents).

Yufit Body Boom Heating Anti Cellulite Slimming Mousse
I find the name of the product super apt for it. There are two types of Body Boom - the hot and cold type. Yufit Body Boom contains caffeine and Bodyfit, coupled with the effervescence effect for maximum benefits. The crackle effect is said to bring out the potential of each ingredient more to speed up the slimming process.

The bottle has a nozzle to allow easy dispense of the product inside. To use, shake the bottle, turn it upside down and dispense a small amount of fisioline on the area concerned. Smooth the product out with  your hands in circular motion from the outside, then slowly moving towards the centre of the targeted area for complete absorption. A correct massage technique is needed to stimulate blood flow to the targeted areas to stimulate general peripheral lymphatic flow and proper circulation. It is recommended to use twice a day as an initial treatment. Because the product is absorbed quickly, it is advised not to reapply onto the same area twice and do not use it before bed. One 200ml bottle should last you for 20 days.

Initially when the mousse is dispensed, it looks all white and bubbly. However, this Super Anti Cellulite Body Slimming Care mousse will start to effervescence, which gave me quite a shock at first! As soon as it touches your skin, the product makes a loud cracking sound, like frying eggs and it goes on for quite awhile! Even my brother was shocked haha. The things girls do for beauty..... XD

After a while, the crackling will start to simmer down and you're left with a gel-like substance. You will feel a sort of tingling, light bubbling effect on your skin which is the product working its magic. The crackling also helps to facilitate the massage function and helps the product be absorbed quicker. Btw, the smell reminds me of Zheng Gu Shui massage ointment XD

I felt like it wouldn't be fair for me to test out this product so I gave it to my sister to try. Her feedback after using it for a week is that this is really, really HOT!! In addition to the tingling, there is an uncomfortable burning sensation that takes awhile to go away or as she describes it, "like fire burning". Haha. So, be cautious when trying out this product. 

Some people might not feel it and this might be because their skin is not prone to turning red easily. People with sensitive skin will see their skin reddening, which proves that microcirculation has been activated. The product targets the lymphatic areas which directs toxins towards the blood circulation system which in turns brings it to the eliminating organs to help body purification.

If you're interested in getting the Yufit Body Boom Heating Anti Cellulite Slimming Mousse, you can get it from HERE for RM 69.00.

 Yufit Body Boom Cooling Anti Cellulite Slimming Mousse
The Cooling type of Yufit Body Boom looks and functions pretty much the same as the Heating kind.  All that crackling and massaging will give your skin more elasticity as well! When the nozzle is facing in the correct direction, pump an appropriate amount onto the skin. It is recommended to pump once for the forearms, once for the belly and 1 - 5 times for the thighs.

The way to use this product is the same. The mousse comes out smooth as well at first and starts to crackle and sizzle upon contact with the air. However, I personally like the smell of the Cooling type better as it smells sweeter and more pleasant. It also leaves an ice-cold effect on the skin after that, which is quite nice! I let my sister try this as well. It's obvious that she prefers the Cooling type more as she finished using the whole bottle in a week (don't ask me how she used it..). My sis used it on her thighs and she claims that that area feels more taut and lifted after a few uses. She also claims that her stretchmarks have been reduced! Not sure how true that is, sorry I forgot to take photos! So why not try it for yourselves instead?

If you're interested in trying out the Yufit Body Boom Cooling Anti Cellulite Slimming Mousse, you can get it at HERE for RM 69.00 as well.

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Wednesday 25 February 2015

Event: Carousell Malaysia First Meet-up in Johor Bahru

Remember Carousell? The last time I wrote about them was when I attended the Pop-up Market, and it was so fun! You can read about it here as well. 

PS: All photo credits to LerLer cos that was the day my camera died -_-

To refresh your memory, Carousell is a buying & selling app that lets you sell in a click. They are growing in Malaysia and previously held a small meet-up in KL. This time, Carousellers in JB were thrilled to know that the Carousell team was going to pay us a visit in Johor Bahru!

The venue was Chef's Table, a classy yet homely restaurant set along Jalan Serampang amidst a row of bridal houses. It's not hard to miss and once you step inside, you'll be captivated by the decor. Reshma did a good job of choosing the venue and decorating it!

The main purpose of the meetup was to speak with users and get some feedback and suggestions from them. It's just a casual meetup where everyone can make friends and of course, eat! The meal was quite lavish and filling, I would say. Thank you, Team Carousell!

For starters, we had focaccia bread dipped in olive oil & vinaigrette. I've loved this Italian way of cleansing the palatte the most!

 Summer salad drizzled with light vinaigrette, paired with fresh celery and cherry tomatoes.

Cream of chicken soup. It's so thick and creamy yet very flavourful!

Roasted chicken, which we filled our tummies on.

A vegetarian dish that's healthy and fresh.

A simple aglio olio, but I find this a tad too oily for my liking.

And lastly, seabass. This is also a must-try, cos the orange sauce is well-paired with the fish!

Our favourite that night would definitely be the desserts. Every cake is so dainty and fits in your mouth in one bite. Each cake tastes equally delicious!

Anyway, some users did not turn up that night for some reason so there were some food leftover. So the Carousell team donated the leftover (but untouched) food to an orphanage nearby, thanks to my dad's suggestion. It feels really good to do a good deed! Instead of being disheartened by the turn out, the team was very optimistic about it and was also enthusiastic about doing chrity. Really impressed by how generous the people in the Carousell team are :)

Small crowd, but it was a close-knit event which everyone enjoyed. After all, isn't that what a meetup is supposed to be about? :)

Lucas and Reshma giving a quick speech. So cute to see Lucas speak cos he's usually quiet XD

Part of Team Carousell - Reshma, Michelle, Lucas. Even though I'm no longer working with the team, it still feels great to meet up with these guys. Thanks for making the meetup happen! :)

Goodie bags and props to play with! Got another Muji notebook which I looooveee lol

With the blogger friends - me, Lerler, Kim and Jia Ying!

The Ma Cherie girls with Team Carousell.

Small turn up, but a great event nevertheless. We all learnt a thing or two from the team, gave our feedback and left with a happy tummy and new-found friends. :)

Ending with my OOTN:
Top from Cotton On
Skirt from H&M
Sandals from Zalora
Bag from Lovebag Lovebag
Necklace from LeCopine
Bracelet from Cotton On

Just wanted to do a quick post to share with you guys about the meetup. If you're interested in meeting up with the team, drop them a suggested place and date at! :)

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Wednesday 18 February 2015

Health: Oxydrinks - 22 Blend with Natural Nutritious

 It may seem weird that this says 'Merry Christmas' and yet CNY is just around the corner... But this was my Christmas gift from HiShop!
Nah, just kidding. I received this yummy health drink from them to try out and here's my thoughts!

 There are countless health drinks on the market now that promises better health and vitality. Most of these drinks I realise, are collagen drinks that tastes sweet. However, this one is definitely something different. Oxydrinks by BeautyTalk powers up your day by using a selected 22 types of good food to promote harmony in the body and protect the vital organs. The blend of 22 nutritious goodness takes the meaning of "Natural Wholefood" to another level.Wholefood are foods that are unrefinted and do not contain sugar, salt, trans-fat, colouring, flavouring and artificial ingredients but rather has all the nutrients in just one food. These nutrients include vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, dietary fibre and antioxidants.

 Oxydrinks has combined 5-coloured natural whole plant-based food from Red, Green, Black, White and Yellow with the main ingredients Hirsutella Sinensis, Moringa Oleifera and Siberian Ginger to promote metabolism, increase stamina, promote harmony and healthy energy flow (oxygen) in the body to keep it vital and purifies the body naturally. The drinks is most suitable for vegetarians, growing children, elderly and people who suffer from constipation, bloatedness or simply have a hectic lifestyle and constantly craves for snacks or a quick meal.

 The main source of vitality (oxygen) is the Moringa Oleifera which is known as "Miracle Plant" or "Amazing Superfood" as it contains lots of vitamins, minerals and high in proteins. It helps the blood sugar level and high blood pressure to stabilise, promote a good night's sleep, works as an energy booster, improves gastric upset and irritable bowel syndrome, strenghtens the immune system and promotes softer skin. Hirsutella Sinensis is traditionally used to improve physical strength, works as an antioxidant and eliminates fatigue while Siberian Ginger increases the body's oxygen uptake and improves maximal oxygen consumption, improve blood circulation and dispels fatigue.

 There are 3 packets of Oxydrinks in one box.

Preparing the drink is as easy as 1-2-3!

 Just add one sachet of Oxydrinks into 150 - 160cc of warm water and stir briskly until it completely dissolves. You can also adjust the amount of powder you want to add according to your preference.

I find that the powder does not dissolve easily and leaves some coagulated powder bits which is quite chewy and yummy to me haha. Stir a bit longer and it's now ready to drink! 

Honestly, I was taken aback by the taste initially. I expected it to taste like my favourite Campbell's Instant Mushroom Soup but actually the drink tastes like blended vegetable juice with a mild sweetness. It doesn't smell or taste shabby though. I have it for my breakfast and would totally recommend this drink to people who are dieting as it can work as a meal replacement. As for the other benefits, I've yet to see any results as I've only consumed 3 packets but long-term consumption may give you in better results.

If you want to stay healthy this festive season after eating all the oily food, why not try Oxydrinks? It's yummy, convenient and healthy! For this box of 3x25g packets, you can get it for RM19.90 at HiShop HERE. You can also purchase in bulks or get the CNY Sets available too! Get a 15% rebate using my code CARINNTAN! *valid until 18 March 2015

I won't be blogging the next few days as I'll be busy with CNY celebrations so here's wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Gong Xi!

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Monday 16 February 2015

Beauty: Eye Guasha Detox Treatment - Total Perfection Face & Body Spa [Part 2]

So, I'm kinda notorious for my dark eye rings when I was in uni. It's not a good thing to be proud of, btw! But what to do.. What with all the assignments and stuff, it's hard to get a decent 8 hours of sleep everyday. I've tried all kinds of eye cream and eye exercises. But thanks to Total Perfection Face & Body Spa, I got to experience this unique eye treatment for myself, a safe and fast alternative to getting rid of tired-looking eyes!

Gua Sha is typically an Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method which literally translates to "scrape away the pain". Gua Sha and acupuncture is compatible with the effects of consuming medicine as it uses the theory of meridian to relieve any blockages that can cause pain and help to release toxins around the eye area. For the eye area, it has no lymph nodes and the eye veins are very tiny which is why gua sha on the eye is not as intensive as other areas.

I tried out the treatment the same day I did my Grape Wine Peel Treatment. If you haven't read it, please feel free to do so! It's one of the best treatment for acne skin, imo :)
Anyway, after doing the extraction and calming down the skin, the beautician applied some eye cream on me to get ready for the Eye Gua Sha Detox Treatment. Then, a small air massage tool was used to suck and tug lightly on the skin around the eye area to massage in the cream and help with lymphatic detoxification and stimulate blood flow to that particular area.

Here's a short clip to illustrate my point better. 

The Gold Facial Massage Cream that was used on my eye area. Sounds luxurious, huh?

Our eye area is the most fragile and delicate part of the body. Puffiness, fine lines, dark eye circles and eye bags are common concerns of the eye area. Total Perfection offers 3 different eye treatments namely, Bright Eye Treatment, Revitalising Eye Treatment and this Eye Gua Sha Detox Treatment. This method can relieve eye fatigue, increase cellular nutrition and oxygen, eye soreness, and relieves aches immediately. It also helps to restore vitality and helps the eye area to detox to instantly lighten dark eye rings and eye bags. This treatment is especially suitable for people with short-sightedness, eye soreness, prolonged computer users and those who often stay up late at night like me.

These are the two wooden tools used for the Eye Gua Sha Detox Treatment.

The one that's shaped kind of like a fish is used on the sides of the eye and in between the eyes & eyebrows while the tool with the rounded edge is used on the undereye area.  The eyebrow and hairline also undergo the gua sha process to open up the "highway" for good blood flow. A twisting, scraping, pressing and stretching movement is used to dispel the "toxins" from these areas so you might feel a bit of pain. For people who constantly stay up late, there is a lot of heat pent up thus you will feel more pain. Like me ._.
PS: Please do not try this at home as you might injure the sensitive skin around the eyes if too much pressure is applied!

It's not very obvious, but can you see that my right eye is more lifted now compared to the left eye? The dark eye rings are also lighter in colour after just 5 minutes.

Some light massage is done to massage the product in and gives a lifting effect.

A layer of waxy substance is then melted and applied on top of the gauze. It feels warm and soothing on my tired eyes. A hot towel is then placed on top of the substance to apply some pressure on it.

After just one treatment, I find that my eye area feels much more lifted and the dark eye rings and eye bags have reduced. However, the effects are only temporary and you'd have to undergo the treatment a few times for the effect to be prolonged. For the effects to last longer and maintain beautiful eyes, one should always have enough rest and reduce computer use (haha easier said than done, I know) for optimum results.

If you're interested to try out this Eye Gua Sha Detox Treatment, it is priced at RM86.00 for members and RM108.00 for non-members, available only at Total Perfection Face & Body Spa!

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Tel: 07-361 1204 / 013 - 7778317
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Tuesday - Friday: 10.30am - 8.00pm
Saturday - 10.30am - 7.00pm
Sunday & Public Holidays: 10.30am - 6.00pm
Closed on Mondays, please call to make appointment


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