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Wednesday 29 April 2015

Hair: Philips Easy Natural Curler

I am a certified noob when it comes to curling my hair. No matter how easy a curling wand is or how  non-heat method like briad-hair-before-sleep-wake-up-with-curls is, I can't even seem to get that right. I permed my hair at a salon before and alas, the curls were gone in three months or so. Or maybe my hair, like my eyelashes, are just stubborn and refuse to curl. But today, I'm going to show you how you can easily create beautiful and natural curls using just 4 simple items!

Thank you Philips, for the Easy Natural Curler, ThermoProtect Ionic Hairdryer and Easyshine Ionic Brush to get the soft, natural curls that I've always wanted.

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Fashion x Giveaway: Personalised Charm Bracelet & Earrings from SOUFEEL Jewelry [Part 2]

Hey guys & girls! So if you have not read my previous post about this new online jewelry provider, you totally should! I am hosting a giveaway as well, and you may want to check out the items and the quality of the things I've got first before joining. Ready?

The items that I got from SOUFEEL Jewelry were delivered to me in this elegant white packaging. I love the baby blue ribbon!

Monday 27 April 2015

Beauty: Cellnique 'See You Younger in 6 Weeks!' Anti-Aging Skincare Series

Growing old is inevitable, but growing old quickly is avoidable. They say you should start taking anti-aging measures for your skin as long as you are a woman aged 25 and above. That's why it's called ANTI-aging - you start whilst you're young to prevent aging fast. Makes sense right? While I'm only 22, having aging skin at this age scares me and that's the reason why I always, ALWAYS apply sunblock.

I was given this set of skincare range from Cellnique two months back to try out. This new anti-aging skincare kit has a unique name - See You Younger in 6 Weeks. Direct, straight-to-the-point and easy to remember. Entrust your delicate complexion to this kit to achieve fresh, radiant and healthy-looking skin in just, yes you guessed it, 6 weeks! This kit is specially designed for anti-aging and firming skin. It is also effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin tone, revitalise & regenerates skin and improve skin elasticity. It also stimulates microcirculation and has anti-inflammatory properties. 

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Eats & Treats: Passionfood Cafe and Bakery

Haven't done a food review in awhile now, I'm excited to be back on track! I've also have not been cafe-hoppping in awhile so this was really a fun review for me to be with my girls again. Thank you Ler and Passionfood Cafe and Bakery for inviting us to try out Passionfood's new menu!

Passionfood Cafe & Bakery serves French fusion cuisine, pastries and cakes. It's hard to miss the restaurant as you pass by Jalan Perang, Pelangi as there is a bright fuschia pink signboard that will catch your eye. All the food are served with homemade sauces, with no MSG added. Their dessert are all made in-house and not oursourced. And I guess this is why they are called Passionfood - the owner cooks passionately from the heart, hence the motto, "Made with passion".

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Shopping/ Fashion x Giveaway: Introducing SOUFEEL Jewelry [Part 1]

Just in case you've forgotten, Mother's Day is just around the corner on May 10th! Looking for a suitable gift for your mom? I might have just the thing for you!

Introducing SOUFEEL Jewelry, a website started in 2011 to provide the best shopping experience for jewellery lovers worldwide. Their products have been sold in over 70 countries and 6 continents including Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. SOUFEEL also has registered trademark in the EU, North America, Asia Pacific and more. Being so famous worldwide, it is not surprise that the website has more than 8 different languages and numerous currencies to browse through for your convenience.

[Guest Post] Pantone Colour of the Year for 2015 & New Fashion Trends

So it's Fashion Friday once again! While I don't have any outfit posts to share this week (I promise to update soon once my camera is back!), I shall make up for it with this useful post on the Colour of the Year and how to wear it. A big THANK YOU to Gabriella who is a freelance guest writer, and a wonderful one at that. This sweet girl volunteered to come up with a post or two after being, in her words, inspired by my blog and fashion style. *blush* Read on for more!

Ever since Pantone finally made it official and announced that marsala is colour of the year for 2015, we knew we will start seeing it everywhere, not only on runways and magazines, but in the streets too – wall colours, living room walls, tablecloths and cushions in cafes... If you’re not sure how to mix it with other colours and how exactly you should wear it, we have a couple of tips and tricks for you!

For those who love the dramatic, vamp look, this is heaven: dark nails and even darker lips everywhere you look. Lipsticks in different shades of plum and red (and even black) all have matching lipsticks, but if you want to experiment, go ahead, you will not break any fashion laws as long as shades are not too different and go well with your outfit. Light eye shadows are recommended for the day, but you can also go heavy on the eyeliner if you want. Nevertheless, when you go out to party, go wild and combine dark red with lighter brown shades to emphasize the eyes.

Luckily, this time it isn't all about the shoe style, but actually about the colour of your footwear. Having that all cleared up, you can now buy and wear anything you actually like, be it pointy flats, glittery open-toes high heels, sneakers or simple pumps. Combine marsala converse sneakers with jeans or simple skirt and plain tee to get that casual look, or wear pumps with a pencil skirt and plain white shirt to get that business elegance.

Oh, where do we even begin with clothes? Trends have not significantly changed, so you can wear either skinny or wide, bell-bottom jeans; whichever you prefer. As long as this cold weather lasts you can wear lovely knitted sweaters, but as soon as sun warms us all up, you will have to swap them for tees, tops and lovely summer dresses. Even crop tops are back. If you recently had a tummy tuck, now is the time to show it off. Short skirts have claimed the throne back from maxi skirts which ruled for a few seasons and it'€™s going to be all about your legs the following seasons.

If you feel the colour is too deep and dark for you to wear, you can opt for some marsala coloured accessories instead. Sometimes just a marsala coloured watch and nail polish combined with black skirt and white shirt leave a great impression. Wear statement necklaces, big earrings, purses or a floppy hat in different shades of deep and dark red to subtly draw attention of passers-by and be noticed.

No matter if you're thinking about changing the colours of your living room walls, adding curtains, cushions, and carpets to match, or you are going to stick to new clothes, have marsala in mind when you think you need a change. The colour is warm, eye-catching, chic and timeless at the same time and you will not be wrong if you pick it!

Thank you Gabriella for the insightful post! I don't know about you, but I myself definitely learnt something from this piece and I hope you picked up a thing or two as well. I love Gabby's writing style! She has thus came up with another piece for my blog to suit my readers' styles and I promise to share it with you lovelies soon! Gabby has mentioned that she will be starting a blog soon, so stay tuned for that! Now, do show her some love and share this post if you found it interesting, will ya? ;)


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Tuesday 14 April 2015

Beauty: Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF40 PA+++

Hey guys! I'm finally back with a beauty review after so long! Truly apologise for the delay. I wanted to post this up earlier but I was busy with my convocation. Yes, I've finally graduated! :) 

Anyway, I received this sweet parcel from Natta Cosme a few weeks back and I couldn't be happier! As you may or may not know, my skin has been quite bad lately with lots of pimples popping up at weird places. I don't feel confident going out with my bare face so I usually apply at least my BB cream/ foundation and draw my eyebrows before I leave the house. 

Photoception. Haha. Thank you Natta Cosme for the surprise gifts! So sweet as usual ;3 I received a full-sized 40ml tube of Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF 40 PA+++, Cerro Qreen Natural Emulsion Powder Puff and a vintage hair claw!

Monday 6 April 2015

Beauty: Maybelline White Super Fresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder

Truth be told, I'm not one to use compact powder or powder foundation to do my makeup but lately, I've been absolutely obsessed with this new compact powder! Can you guess what is it?  

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Fashion/ Travel: How to Getaway in Style! [FashionValet x The Luxe Nomad Getaway]

I found out two days ago that my boyfriend's bunch of uni friends were spending their Easter break in Pulau Tioman. Apparently, they did ask him along but he rejected them. I asked him why didn't he go, or at least tell me about the trip?

Him: I know you'd definitely force me to go but I don't want to.
Me: Why not? You need a holiday anyway. 
Him: Because I want to spend more time with you here.

I was speechless. Touched, too. That simple gesture, that sacrifice, an act of love. Ever since I've started working, we hardly get to spend time together anymore, even though we're both in JB. What more with his even busier schedule now that he's in third year of med school. At the most we get to meet once a week on the weekends- sometimes only for a couple of hours. I know he badly wants to go for a trip too but according to him, it's boring without me. 

So despite being so last-minute, what prompted me to write this post was in hopes that I can win a romantic getaway for the both of us. I'd like to win a stay at Paresa Phuket on The Luxe Nomad because a beach vacation in lovely Phuket is just the place to go to as our first ever overseas travel destination! If I had a choice, I'd pick the Dima Spa Pool Suite that is overlooking the blue sea while being surrounded by lush greeneries so the place feels more private.  There's even a private pool and jacquzzi. Sigh, bliss. Just look at how gorgeous this is!

Now, being a fashion blogger, aside from planning the itinerary, of course I'd have to plan my outfits beforehand too! I picked two outfits for different occassions - one for lounging during the day and one for dining in style at Diavolo, an Italian restaurant in Paresa Phuket. The restaurant just looks so nice and it has a scenic view of the beach. What a lovely, dreamy place for couples to be at!

During the day, I put together this easy, stylish and tropical look for sun-tanning or simply chilling at the beach or pool bar. It's also great to wear with a bikini inside because it's so convenient! *wink* I'm glad I got to pick out most of my outfits from FashionValet, a one stop shopping solution, lovingly handcrafted in Malaysia :) It's so convenient to have so many top fashion brands in one place which makes browsing and mix & match so much easier!

PS: Most of the brands in my outfit are found on FashionValet as well, 

Blue is the theme to match the clear, blue skies and sea by the resort. The printed skorts from Kiss&Tell is definitely a head-turner to wear out. Hence, a simple crop top is paired with the skorts so as not to overshadow it. The essentials such as my phone and money will be carried around in my little Mischa Amtrak Camo Pouch by Mischa! I especially love the camo print on this as it is not too masculine, thanks to the splashes of pink. Strut in confidence in my latest obsession, these ombre heels that has a little bit of edge to it! No outfit is complete without makeup so I'll choose my eyeshadow kit and lipstick from KATE Cosmetics Tokyo (Yes, FV carries cosmetics too!) for a natural no-makeup makeup look. Just a romantic outfit that will suit the mood when lying by the pool with my boyfriend. Ooh, I can't wait to lounge in this outfit already!

Mesh Panel Top - Soonaru 
Anggerik Skirt in Peach - Ruzz Gahara 
Constance Heels - Kiss&Tell 
Ceylon Oversized Studded Clutch - KLutched 
Classic Rose Gold Glasglow Lady Watch - Daniel Wellington 
Star Necklace - Cucito 
Ballerina Floral Earrings - grey/cyan
Love Infinity iPhone 6 Case - Fevrier Design

At night, I have put together this stylish, elegant ensemble with pieces that are all available at FashionValet. The inspiration behind this look is the muted abstract prints on the Anggerik Skirt in Peach by Ruzz Gahara. The prints remind me of tropical prints somehow, and it would complement he woodsy interior of Paresa Phuket perfectly. I chose a simple Mesh Panel Top to match to give it a slight street-vibe, a contemporary element to stand out from the cultural air that the place exudes. Wearing items designed by local designers puts a touch of Malaysian culture to the place.

Black and gold are the main colour theme for accessories as these colours stand out against the skirt. The clutch, necklace and iPhone case all has a sprinkle of femininity to its wild design. After all, it still matters to have an air of girliness when spending time with your loved one, right? Details matter as well so I chose these shiny earrings with floral details because in Phuket, it's all about going back to nature. I've been eyeing a DW watch for the longest time and my boyfriend chose this Glasglow Lady Watch for me which not only suits my slim wrist, but adds a touch of classiness with the rose gold rim. It's the perfect accompaniment to tie this look together. Lastly, maxi skirts goes best with heels so I'll match the outfit with my favourite Constance Heels in Electric Blue pumps from Kiss&Tell!

Fingers crossed that I'll get the chance to visit Paresa Phuket. All 22 years of my life, I've never stepped foot on a beautiful beach nor resort like this (Er, Desaru doesn't count lol). I'd really love to go snorkelling and swimming in the clear blue seas with the fishes! What would make the trip even sweeter is if I got to go with my loved one. Thank you for reading and I hope you'll get to live out your wanderlust dreams too :)

Blog your way to Phuket too with the FashionValet x The Luxe Nomad contest! Hashtag #fvtlngetaway to share your posts via Instagram! Find more details HERE. Contest ends on 2nd April 2015.

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