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Monday 20 June 2022

Eats & Treats: Why Should You Sign Up for pandapro with foodpanda?

Do you use food delivery services often? I know many of you who do, so I think this post would be really helpful for those of you who wish to enjoy your fave food, whether in stores or via delivery, and still save some $$$. I recently subscribed to foodpanda's pandapro exclusive subscription service, and thought I'd share with you why I think it's worth getting!
Over the years, Delivery Hero brand foodpanda Malaysia has introduced many features and services to bring added convenience for the customers. I remember the first time I was introduced to pandamart, I thought it was such a smart move to have their very own convenience mart to deliver groceries and other items! Now, they've launched pandapro, a subscription plan where you only pay a minimal fee monthly to enjoy exclusive offers on food delivery, pandamart, shops, pick-up and dine-in. 

These are the plans offered for pandapro. To access pandapro, all you have to do is click the 3 lines on the top left of your app, then 'Subscription'. Tbh, it's more worth it to get the annual plan for RM58.80 as it only adds up to RM4.90/ month. 

With pandapro, you can enjoy the following benefits:

● 12 x free deliveries per month on orders above RM25

● Unlimited 25% and up off on over 20,000 restaurants

● Exclusive foodpanda pandamart vouchers

● Unlimited 25% off Dine-in offers

● Unlimited extra 5% off pick-up orders

So as you know, foodpanda has a lot of participating restaurants all over Malaysia so it's really not hard to utilise all these benefits monthly! I don't know about you, but I hate paying for delivery fee so this really saves me a ton of money 😆

So far, I've used the my pandapro subscription to get free delivery on bubble tea for the office and because I love BBT, I brought my fiance to try another branch near my house too just to use the 25% off dine-in offer. Haha.

We went to Chatto Brew @ Taman Mount Austin. This restaurant is so underrated. Deco is nice, there's barely any crowds and the drinks are good! We got the Cafe Latte and Tropical Fruit Oolong Burst and after discount, the bill came up to less than RM20! 

Here's me trying to use my discount by getting the staff to scan the bar code in stores. Btw, code is only valid for a few minutes so make sure you only redeem it once you're at the counter!

Business was pretty good, we saw a few foodpanda riders picking up orders while we were there too.

I've also gotten some groceries from pandamart cos I'm just too lazy to drive out sometimes. On top of the many vouchers for pandamart, I also got free deliveries - saves so much time and money!
(*Pic for reference, I happened to pass by pandamart one day while I was driving in the rain lol)

So far, no regrets signing up for a month, I think I will continue subscribing but this time I'll pick the annual plan since it saves me almost 50% compared to my monthly subscription! Cos let's be honest, it can sometimes cost more time and money for you to drive out for a meal, especially with the crazy traffic jam nowadays 😩 If you dine out a lot or order deliveries often (I know this is the case for many of my friends living alone in KL and don't own a car), you should definitely subscribe to pandapro!

Download the foodpanda app now from Apple Store or Google Play Store!

Disclaimer: This post is published in collaboration with foodpanda.

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