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Tuesday 30 June 2015

Carinn x Invisalign: ClinCheck (Treatment Plan) - Predicting the Future of My Teeth!

Hola! As promised, I am back with more updates on my teeth! This is like taking vanity and LOA to another level dy, but I think you'd wanna know how Invisalign works as well right? What more when I have discovered this uber cool psychic tool that predicts the future of my teeth! YES, REALLY! Video included as well so you'd know what I'm talking about ;) 

PS: If you haven't read my first consultation post, read it HERE!

So after about a month, my Clincheck aka Treatment Plan was finally ready! According to, Clincheck is a 3D virtual representation of all aspects of the anticipated treatment. It allows the orthodontist to evaluate final tooth positions, amount of individual tooth movement, rate of tooth movement and more! It's not only helpful to the Invisalign provider, but to the receiver as well as we are able to opt for any changes before starting the treatment to get the most desired results. For those who have asked, I now know exactly how long I'll have to wear my aligners for! *Btw, thanks Zoe for the photo!

Monday 29 June 2015

Shopping: Ensogo Malaysia - One-Stop Shopping Destination

More and more group buying sites are launched recently, can you keep track? It's ok if you can't because your resident shopaholic (me, duh) is here to keep you up to date! Mummies (or mums to-be), I'm sure you will appreciate this. My mum herself is a group-buying site lover so if you're a bargain hunter like her who love searching for good deals online, read on!

Cue Ensogo Malaysia. Founded in 2010, Ensogo is Southeast Asia's premier online shopping destination that feature an exclusive selection of products, services and travel offers at competitive prices. At Ensogo, the best offerings from the latest consumer electronics, state-of-the-art gadgets, luxury accessories, styling home furnishings, fashion finds or even an exclusive buffet dinner can be found at the best offers. Once you log on to the website, you will be greeted by a pop-up that rewards you with RM10 voucher for signing up. Free RM10 to shop, who dowan?

Monday 22 June 2015

Carinn x OOTD: Shift Stylin' ft. Dressabelle Malaysia

I'm finally back in action with another OOTD post! One of my biggest um, problems at work lately is finding work-appropriate outfits. My accumulated college and uni wardrobe has tons of shorts and crop tops *oops. My company promotes a fun work-environment but that doesn't mean I'm crazy enough to wear shorts to work! I still had to find something formal enough, per se, for work and yet still casual for a day out.

Cue Dressabelle Malaysia. Their philosophy is to apply Style, Affordability and Quality to all their designs - to combine quiet beauty with distinctive designs. What started off as an experiment by two friends who wanted to find a platform to share their personal style became a successful and well-known blogshop of 2 and a half years from Singapore. Many of my favourite fashion bloggers i.e Drea Chong, Melissa Koh & Christabel Chua have sported their outfits. I was contacted to be one of their ambassadors and I was super excited about it as I've been eyeing many of their pieces for a long time! Well, knowing that my size isn't easy to shop for is the reason why I've yet to purchase from them online. UNTIL I found out that they have a branch in Johor Bahru and their offline boutique is located not far from where I stay! Dressabelle has a wide range of work outfits that are far from frumpy or boring. Contemporary chic is what I would call their designs. Plus, they frequently launch new collections at great bargains to tempt girls like me!

Saturday 20 June 2015

Carinn x Invisalign: First Invisalign Consultation at Q&M Dental Surgery (Johor Bahru)

I'm here to talk about what went down at my first ever Invisalign consultation! I'm really a blessed girl. First I win the contest, which is totally unexpected (!!!), then I'm told that there is actually an orthodontist in JB who is willing to sponsor my treatment and on top of that has agreed to sponsor the whole process fully. Touched until can cry T.T

Friday 19 June 2015

Girl Talk: Shiro Waki Hime Underarm Exfoliating, Peeling and Brightening Cream (White Princess)

I guess you could say that this is another post that calls for some discretion. From the photo and title, you should be able to tell that I am going to talk about something not commonly discussed.. The armpits. I have no idea why underarms are associated as something of a taboo to talk about though.

It's beach-season now and fellow wanderlusters are going to the beach. I myself have yet to shop for my beach outfit but I'm going to soon! Anyway, you'd want to dress in tank tops, singlets and bikinis at the beach right? But you don't have the courage to because of this problem - dark underarms. Even after shaving, you still don't feel confident enough to wear sleeveless clothes? If you Google "armpits" in the search engine, key words like "dark armpits" will come up as well. Seems like it's a pretty big issue with many women, especially women aged 30 and above. It's even said that if not treated right, it gets darker as the years go by!

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Hair (HiShop Review Campaign): BAWANG Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo & Conditioner Professional Pack

Omg I can't believe I'm reviewing this. People are gonna think I'm balding XD Well, I'm sure many of you have heard of BAWANG Shampoo, endorsed by action superstar Jackie Chan. Just to be clear, I've actually used this brand a few years back to curb my oily scalp problem but after that, the product seemed to lose its hype and I didn't see it being sold at many places so I stopped using it. The reason I accepted the review was because I really believed this product works and I'd like to share it with you guys! I guess the target audience for this post would not be teenagers and youngsters XD

BAWANG (read this as Chinese pinyin, not 'onion' in Malay ok :p) is a well-known brand in China and gained popularity a few years back due to (I think) the pretty humorous ads starring Jackie Chan. Long story short, my dad used to use this shampoo too which is how I came to know it. The BAWANG Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo is formualted and manufactured by BAWANG International Scientific Research Centre, China's foremost centre for Trichology research to effectively address various hair fall causes. I've chosen the BAWANG Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo Professional Pack from Hishop to review as it is suitable for both men and women.

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Beauty: Dual Yellow Laser - My Skin Gym Clinic & Medical Spa [Part 2]

Continuing where I left off, I'm gonna be talking about another treatment that I did at My Skin Gym Clinic & Medical Spa today. FYI, I did not one, but two laser treatments that same day so I've decided to split the post into two to give you a more comprehensive insight (in case you are doubtful just like I was before).

Monday 15 June 2015

Beauty: Carbon Peel (Hollywood Laser Peel) - My Skin Gym Clinic & Medical Spa [Part 1]

I'm a big believer of trying anything at least once. Which is why I have decided to pluck up the courage and accept this cosmetic laser review! Okay, it wasn't really that scary but before I tried it, I obviously had some doubts about it from those horror stories I heard.

My Skin Gym Clinic & Medical Spa is one of the first aesthetic clinics to open in JB. The term 'medical spa' is pretty apt as you receive top of the line aesthetics treatment from certified doctors who have practiced this for years. It's pretty hard to miss this bright orange signboard as you drive along the crowded areas of Taman Sutera but I guess what is most eye-catching for most people is the fact that you can try out laser services for only RM29?!

Saturday 13 June 2015

[Guest Post] Buy Best Makeup Products Online At Cheaper Rates (Couponbelanja)

Hey guys! I have another guest post to share this month from Gayathry of Couponbelanja. It is a shopping site that provides you with coupons to use whenever you shop online so you get to save more while shopping! Read what she has to say about buying makeup at cheaper rates in Malaysia.


People do a lot of things to look the best always. Be it in their looks or in their clothes or even be it their home decor, there are people who are so choosy over things. This group of people wants the best in everything they are destined to. Fashion, beauty, makeup - these are slightly expensive factors when the brands of the products are concerned.

As we all know, Malaysian girls are very much core in fashion and are very beautiful as well. So, they are very much into fashion and makeup and choose always the best irrespective of the price. There are many online stores from where you can buy the best makeup and fashion products at the lowest price. Then, why should you pay more? Check out these online stores that are the best in makeup products and in fashion, from where you can buy the best at the lowest price…


Tuesday 2 June 2015

Event: Clozette Malaysia Ambassadors & Star Clozetters Get-together K-Pop Party With Estēe Lauder

YASSS! I FINALLY got to attend an event in KL after so many MONTHS! I've missed doing this as there are not many events to attend in JB and it can get pretty mundane just doing product or food reviews all the time. Glad that I got the invite from Clozette just in time to attend their first-ever Clozette Malaysia Get-together Party! Just so happens that I was in KL that Friday for to meet my Invisalign sponsor and I decided to stay back another day to attend this fun event! So basically, the post will have more photos than words to show you guys what a great time I had at the K-pop Party :D

Monday 1 June 2015

Nail-art: Love Nail Instant Nail Applique French Manicure (Golden Dream) + Nail File

If you love nail-art like I do, then you're gonna love this. Even better if it's French Manicure, but this is French Mani with a twist! Introducing this pretty box of Love Nail from Taiwan, which is now available at Hishop. Now,if you think this is just another nail sticker, you are wrong.

The innovative Love Nail Instant Nail Applique is a 3-in-1 nail polish - except that it is in sticker form. Why 3-in-1? Because this is basically a base coat + colour coat + top coat polish all in a box! Certified by SGS, Love Nail Instant Nail Appliques are fast & easy to use and lasts longer than regular nail polish. This revolutionary nail applique is about to put conventional liquid nail polish into history ;)