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Friday 31 October 2014

Event: Mercedes-Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week (Malaysia Fashion Week) Day 5

As promised, here is my Malaysia Fashion Week Day 5 post on the MFS & MBStyloAFW Fashion Show! If you haven't read about the Gala Night, find it HERE!

The whole day was dedicated to fashion walks, showcasing the gorgeous pieces from each designers' collection. It was quite a hectic day as 35 designers, each with 12-13 models per show, 8 sessions per day, showcaed their best. Even though I didn't stay for the whole thing, it was still a really cool experience, gazing at the different styles and designs from 22 designers. They're all so talented that I really could not decide which is my favourite! I now have a new-found level of respect for models because they have to maintain their posture and cool expression no matter what happens and sometimes it can be really difficult to walk in the shoes or clothes that they're wearing!

We arrived quite early that day and got front row seats! Yayers. There were 4-6 shows per session, each lasting about half an hour and every hour, there would be alternate sessions at both the Black and White Cube.

Fashion Show Ready! Makeup done by yours truly, just a simple dark eyeliner with red lips. How is it?

Because there were sooo many pieces that I just want to show you guys and I really couldn't decide which to upload, I decided to collage the key pieces from each designers and show you a brief overview. Enjoy!

Chun Ting Liu | Taiwan
I love both the monochrome and pastel green pieces from this latest collection. The boxy designs of the coats and vests are not too exagerrated but actually really wearable.

Illiza Ho | Malaysia
Illiza Ho is the student of Datuk Jimmy Choo so you can expect unique designs that you can't find anywhere else. The use of colour block and different ways of carrying the bags are enough to peek anyone's interest!

Rinda Salmun | Indonesia
This collection stood out for me because of the headpiece the models were wearing. This range looks more suitable for work and formal wear but is at the same time, super chic.

Charles Cua | Singapore
Charles Cua's pieces comprises of geometric prints and mostly black and blue colours. Who knew that you can put geometrical shapes on an elegant, to-die-for gown too?

Sakura Malaysia | Malaysia
This is one of the most wearable collection ever, in my opinion. First of all, you can never go wrong with black. Second of all, every piece looks simple at first but if you look closely at the cutting and styling, you'll want to own it!

After the break, we headed to the White Cube for the next round of fashion show which I actually preferred as it has an elevated runway and better lighting for photos!

Hazree Wahid | Malaysia
Ruffles, layering and bold, elegant colours - need I say more?

Roland Alzate | Philippines
Roland Alzate and his use of bold animal prints & bright colours. Guys, don't be afraid to work those prints too! I especially loved that flowy midnight blue dress that moves like flowing water when the model walks.

Joyce Wong | Malaysia
If I had to work in a boring office, I'd choose Joyce Wong's pieces to wear to work everyday. The lovely spring colours and my favourite colour block really put a smile on everyone's face!

Fairuz Ramdan | Malaysia
This collection was more about the plaids and checkers for an everyday, stylish look.

Phuong My | Vietnam
This collection looks more suited for autumn/ winter wear. Everything looks so simple, comfy and chic, even though it only used the basic colours and black.

Time for the bridal gown collection from all the prestige Malaysian designers - my favourite session!

Alvin Tay
Most of the gowns are conventional gowns with the regular cutting but the designs and colours are what makes them stand out.

Carven Ong
The classic white gown is now transformed into various unique designs by genius Carven Ong!

Dominic Chan
Loved how the coloured gowns came out first before the white gowns! I am obsessed with the designs, embellishments and colours of each and every piece. Of course, the over-the-top headpiece made this collection stand out.

Keith Kee
The designer really played with different textures and materials when curating this collection. PS: The ombre gown is super cool!

Rafi Ridwan | Indonesia
The bright happy colours really made my day! The most impressive part? These were all designed by Indonesia's youngest designer, 12-year-old Rafi Ridwan! Amazing, right?

Amelia Hassan | Malaysia
This collection comprises of both traditional and modern elements. Everything was conservative, yet sexy but classy at the same time. Check out all the sassy red gowns!

Yii | Malaysia
This collection really stood out too because instead of fancy gowns and formal wear, everything here looks so comfy! Love all the fun graphics!

Vinn Patararin | Thailand
The metalic pink and purple colours on a unique netting/mash material somehow caught my eye. Even the shoes were specially made! It all looks so futuristic.

Angela Chung | Indonesia
I guess this was my favourite collection of gowns of the day! Everything looks so young but fancy. You'd have to see the embellishments in real-life to see how intricate the details are. I really want one for my future wedding now haha.

Radzuan Radzwill | Malaysia
A modern twist to the traditional Malay costumes! The floral prints remind me of East Malaysia, somehow.

Just some photos with gorgeous girls to end the post!

Me, Laura, Jess and Jane - living the Tai-tai life HAHAHA.

Last but not least, my #OOTD! All black for my first every Fashion Week Fashion Showcase.
Top from Team SeventyTwo
Side-split skirt from Bash Clothing
Tosca Satchel Bag from LoveBag LoveBag (here)
Black wedges from Happy2u
Hat from Forever 21
Necklace - sister's

It was truly a captivating experience, to indulge in some of the glamourous Fashion Week. Even though I did not attend all events but honestly, I'm already so happy to be a part of this! Can't wait for next year's Malaysia Fashion Week and possibly other shows in the future! BLISS :)

More updates here: Mercedez-Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week 2014
Official website

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For more photos, you can view it HERE!


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Thursday 30 October 2014

Event: Mercedes-Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week (Malaysia Fashion Week) 2014 Day 4

Hey y'all! Sorry I've been neglecting my blog.. I've been busy studying for my final exams! I've been meaning to blog about Fashion Week for a long time but just couldn't find the time.. Anyway, here it is!

It has always been my wish to attend Fashion Week, to see the beautiful models strut down the catwalk in unique designer pieces that are out of this world. So it was like a dream come true for me when I got invited to the Mercedes-Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week (MBSTYLOAFW) or better known as the inaugural Malaysia Fashion Week (MFW)! Thank you Jess and Jane my dearest babes for bringing me there :D

The event lasted for a whole week but because of my final assignment, I had to miss most of it. I did manage to go for the MFW Gala Night and MFS & MBStyloAFW Fashion Shows though, which is enough to make me ecstatic already! I'll be writing two separate posts for each day so do stay tuned for my Fashion Show post tomorrow!

There was so much to see and do at the event. I think the best thing for me to do is to show you through pictures. :) Enjoy!

Before entering the fashion hall, there are many booths outside as part of the FACIT Trade Fair. FACIT is an abbreviation for Fashion, Accessories, Cosmetics, Interior and Textile and is a lifestyle installation within INTRADE.

Before entering the fashion gallery in the centre of MATRADE, we walked along the gown display section which featured gowns from various Asian designers. Here are a few of my favourites!

These are creative pieces made by young and budding designers. This dress is made with PLASTIC SPOONS! 

The TV Cable dress. So creative!

My favourite part of the Fashion Exhibition is the carousel right in the middle of the hall. It just oozes elegance and class!

Check out all the designer pieces on display!

Whoa a two-storey high gown?!

Nope, these are not mannequins but real-life models posing perfectly still in the midst of the mannequins. They're so gorgeous :o

Since this is the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, how can you forget the classic Mercedes right? What a beauty.

Managed to take a photo with Miss Chinese International Pageant 2012 and 2013 winner, Miss Denise Camillia. I look so awkward next to her omg. -_-

With Jess, Caroline and Anna :)

Make-up and hair done by A Cut Above Academy. The makeup is for RM5 only, can you believe?!?! Thanks for making me feel pretty! <3

With Jane and our new friend, Chris who is also a journalist for a French publication.


After dinner, we headed upstairs for the fashion show. It started late so we mingled around the Fashion Showcase booths. Each designer had a booth and you could spot them and have a chat with them. Most of them are really friendly and nice! I especially love this range of gowns from Angela Chung, an Indonesian designer!

Bon Zainal


Melinda Looi

Rafi Ridwan, 12-year-old Indonesian designer!

This dress that attracted me the most was from Rosenthal Tee of Philippines!

Check out the beautiful set-up inside the hall! Not even kidding, it was SO packed and we couldn't really get good seats.

Officiating ceremony by our Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Dato' Hj Muhyiddin Hj Mohd Yassin, YB Datuk Noraini Ahmad (Chairman of MATRADE), Datuk Dr. Wong Lai Sum (CEO of MATRADE and Chairman of MFW), Datuk Prof. (Dr) Jimmy Choo (Honorary Advisor of MFW), Datuk Nancy Yeoh (President & CEO of STYLE International: Co-Chairman of MFW) and Mr Roland Folger (President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia).

Mr Dennis Lau, Malaysia's funkiest violinist, opened the stage and got the crowd pumped up for the fashion show!

The catwalk comprised of models wearing the signature pieces from designers for the new season. There were 61 designers from 15 countries and 100+ models on the runway so obviously I can't show you all the photos I took, even though I'd love to. You can check out this video made by my friend Jane, HERE!!

Spot your favourite piece!! The models and dresses all so gorgeous, it's like eye-candy to me. :p

Selfie with Jess, Jane, Adriana and Suri!

Ending the post with my OOTN. I couldn't find a gown in time for the event so I opted for a jumpsit instead. Hope I didn't look TOO casual..
White Jumpsuit from ChiqFliq
Neon Clutch from H&M
Silver Heels from Happy2u (here)
Bracelet from Cotton On
Hair & Makeup by A Cut Above Academy

Sorry for the photo-heavy post. Watch out for my second day of #MBStyloAFW tomorrow! :)

More updates here: Mercedez-Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week 2014
Official website

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For more photos, you can view it HERE!


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