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Saturday 11 October 2014

Event/ Food: MIGF 2014 Festival Gala Launch

The Malaysia International Gourmet Festival and its spectacular preview - Taste MIGF - kicked off to a sizzling start at the Gala Lanch with this year's Red Hot Chefs. If you have not heard about MIGF... Shame on you ;) You can read more about MIGF's Media Launch in my previous post. It's one of the most interesting events I've ever attended and I am honoured to be invited to judge the gourmet food there. 

My OOTN. I was quite surprised when I received the email to dress in evening gown becaue initially, I ddin't know how grand the event was. Since it was quite last minute. this maxi dress with side split from the Malaysia Clothes Buffet was the closet thing to formal wear that I could find.

I was allowed to bring a plus one so I invited my housemate and bestie Eunice to join me! We had so much fun dressing up for the occassion because it's not everyday you get to attend a grand Gala Launch!

Met up with Jessica and Jane as well, our dates of the night :*

We were truly blown away by the classy decorations in the hall. Truly a red carpet-worthy event!
Dato' Steve Day, Organiing Chairman welcoming the masses on stage to the 14th Malaysian International Gourmet Festival.

Each of the Festival Master Chefs strutted on stage while the emcee announced them in synch with the MIGF Red Hot Chefs TV ad. They're not only talented but super adorable as they struck a pose while media camera flashed, priding themselves in representing their restaurants. Together with Dato Steve Day and Tunky Naquiyuddin Tunku Ja'afar, the Royal Patron, the Festival was officially declared open!

 Dato' Steve Day also unveilled the spanking new Jaguar F-Type Coupe in jet black during the ceremony. The stunning sports car with gently sloping roofling and sultry silhoutte fits alngside the gorgeous food in the Theatre of Cuisines. Isn't she a beauty?

We were also serenaded by two top-notch bands, starting with Aseana Percussion Unit who let loose a slew of infectios rhythms that totally suited the atmosphere. Next was The Elements with their talented singers that got the crowd singing and dancing the night away. 

The Theatre of Cuisines was filled to the brim with beautifully decorated restaurant booths, teeming with guests eagerly sampling the eye-catching food. Imagine a night of fun and food, walking around as the guests take photos and enjoy everything from wagyu beef, smoked duck, foie gras, escargots, abalone, pan-seared tiger prawns, scallops, seafood soup and many many more. Not forgetting the huge range of desserts available too!

I'll be tempting you with photos of food soon, but first. lemme explain a little on how the mechanics were to get your food during the Gourmet Safari.

First, you'll have to purchase a book of Gourmet Dollars for RM50 which contains 10 coupons in it. 

Each coupon entitles you to redeem your food. It depends on the restaurant if they accept 1, 2 or 3 coupons. Just present it to the chef or waiters and get your sample of gourmet food!

Trust me, the food may look small and simple but it is VERY filling once you've sampled food from all 28 restaurants! I love the concept of getting to sample different international cuisines, even food I've never eaten before, in one single place. RM50 is a small price to pay for these gourmet dishes. I'd advice you to get more than one booklet and share with a friend if you're planning on trying more than one cuisine from each restaurant!

To be honest, I don't really remember the names of the food I've tried already and where they're from. So just feast your eyes! Apologies for the poor lighting of some of the pictures, I forgot to bring my external flash out again ><

The Chef was so cute, he gave us his signature hahaha.

Some chefs even prepared our dishes on the spot. You can't imagine how yummy it is and how good it smells!

These lovely performers walking on stilts were there to entertain the crowd the whole night. Can't help snapping photos with all of them!

A giant pizza feeding me pizza. #seemslegit.

First time doing my own "thick" makeup for an event. 

And of course, how could I forget selfies with my girls? :)

Lovely Jess and her lovely hair & makeup <3

Hottie Jane!

With the super cute Puiyan <3

Ending with a photo of lovely ladies and a sexy car. We were sooo full with food and unlimited wine that night. Awesome night indeed!

The Malaysian International Gourmet Festival will last for a month and has been a culinar milestone in the Malaysian calendar. This gastronomic landscape is so alive with innovation as the Festival restaurants go through a friendly competition each year. From now until 31st October, drop by any of the 28 participating outlets to enjoy special promotions and specially created Festival Menus overflowing with creativity and flavour. You can find the list of participating restaurants here.

There is also an Epicure International Village which hosts many stalls selling high-quality food products at reasonable prices. We loved the whole event and setup so much that we actually went back for a second time on the last day! For more photos, you can view them HERE.

Keep up to date on the MIGF Facebook page or and I'm so going to attend next year's event again because it's too good to be missed!


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