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Monday 13 October 2014

Fashion: Queen&Cat 皇后與貓 Malaysia-Taiwan Waterproof Bag

Recently, I've been having this obsession with florals, if you noticed all my recent OOTD posts.. Ok maybe I've been obsessed all these while. I am a sucker for clothes and accessories and I don't mind that the price is cheap because that means I'll get to buy more and wear different styles. But when it comes to bags and shoes, I'm more particular. I believe a good quality bag can last you for a long time and is able to match with any outfit, which is why I do not mind investing in an expensive bag.

Lemme show you the bag I've been using to death lately. Thank you Queen & Cat for this Medium Longchamp-inspired Bag in Violet Rose!

I was really glad to receive this lovely floral bag. First of all, it's a tote which I think is the most convenient style of bag of all. Secondly, it's super pretty and spacious - I kid you not! And most importantly, it's the perfect size for petite me :p

I've been using this bag when I go shopping, uni, when travelling between KL and JB and even when I go swimming! The famous question... What's in your bag? In my case, here's what I carry in my bag when I go swimming.

Can't believe that the bag can fit so many things?

Queen & Cat 皇后與貓 Malaysia-Taiwan Waterproof Bag is an authorized dealer for Taiwan's famous water-resistant bag in Malaysia. The bags are directly imported from Taiwan and they believe that they are selling more than just a bag, but instead the bags also come in good quality, beautiful designs and is perfect for daily fashion! Most of the designs come in cat designs (calling all kitty lovers out there!). The bags are made from high quality waterproof fabric and has a thickness of 3mm. The durability and functionality of the bags are the main selling points that the brand offers.

The bags are handsewn by housewives in Taiwan and brought over to Malaysia. They are made of thick, quality material and suits the Zakka theme perfectly! 

Their signature logo is of this sultry-looking cat. Girls will adore this sweet floral pattern, coupled with this vintage-looking zip! Plus, it won't rust.

The dimensions of this bag is about 25 (L) x 14 (W) x 24 (H) cm. There is a pocket which is 18 (L) x 9 (H) cm inside and not one, but two slots of 11 (L) x 9 (H) cm. I find the pocket useful to snuggle my makeup pouch, tissue paper or emergency cash in as it has a zip. The slots are perfect for putting my phone and wallet. There is also an additional side pocket on the exterior of the bag.

I told you it's quite roomy, isn't it? See how many things I've put inside, and it still has space! I'm sure I can still fit my iPad Mini inside. It can also fit A4 papers. I find that the pockets are really useful for important items like phones, iPod and earphones.

As you can see, the bag is fully waterproof! Aside from the straps, of course. But the interior is also waterproof, which is why when my water bottle leaked, the water didn't even seep out of the bag LOL.

Seriously in love with this bag as it's the only accessory I need to jazz up any plain outfits. The straps are the perfect length for carrying it on your shoulder....

...or as a hand-carry. My favourite thing about this bag is how durable it is as it is made of good quality material that can withstand wear and tear.The material is so thick that it doesn't crumple and retains its shape well, but at the same time, it's very lightweight. It's a good casual bag to invest in for everyday use! 

And the price? It's only RM67 from Queen & Cats! I've seen these retailing at other shops at way more expensive prices 0.0 Plus, if you quote "MCQC" (Ma Cherie Queen Cats hehe),  you're entitled to another 10% off your purchase! They ship all over Malaysia and shipping is RM7 to West Malaysia. Don't forget to LIKE Queen & Cat on Facebook and newly-launched website. For more enquiries, find them on WeChat at reilsw. I'm sure you'll find your perfect bag too :)

Find this bag HERE and check out their other designs in this Medium Longchamp-inspired Bag 中水餃 series, and other bags too! They also have laptop bags, makeup pouches, water-bottle carriers and more.

Here's how I'd pair the bag. This is also a sneak peak of my upcoming Carinn x OOTD post on Friday! Stay tuned ;)

UPDATE: OOTD post is up!

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Disclaimer: Even though the products were sponsored, it does not affect my thoughts in any way. The review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the product. 


  1. The bag is just so youuuu hehe!! And your purse is so fat! Look like it's going to explode anytime hahaha!

    1. Hahaha! It's so me huh XD I think the purse too small lah! Not enough place to put cards XD

  2. nice bag! can't wait for your ootd post =D


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