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Wednesday 15 October 2014

Nail-art: Simple Ombre Nails [Tokyo Luxey Social Media Contest]

Hey guys! Happy Hump-day! Today is the last day of the Tokyo Luxey's Luxe Contest 2014 and the theme is Ombre! We're supposed to do a YouTube tutorial on how to ombre anything - hair, nails, lips, etc. Well, I'm a total noob at editing videos so I shall do it in a quick blogpost instead!

Note: I'm not a professional and I haven't done my own nail art since college 3 years ago so forgive me for being a little rusty. This is my favourite method to do ombre nails (and in my opinion, the easiest and fastest) and it may be different from what you're used to but hey, to each his own right?

Materials used: 
- Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
- China Glaze 'At Vase Value' (turquoise)
- bloop Nail Polish in H190 (pastel yellow)
- bloop Nail Polish in H119 (white)
- Kleancolor Wizard Pads
- A sponge

First of all, the most important step is to paint your base coat!! You can use any transparent nail polish or a proper base coat. I cheated a little and used my Seche Vite for dual use - top and base coat :x Sorry for my disgustingly long nails (I am so honest).

Next, dab or paint your ombre colour on the sponge. The sponge should have a flat surface. You can also choose to put the colours on a piece of paper and just dab it on.

Now comes the fun part. Dab on your ombre colours on your nails! Be fast because nail polish tends to dry fast and gets absorbed a little by the sponge. For lighter colours or if you don't want to dab so many times, you should paint a white base colour so that the ombre colours stands out more.

The finished results. Simple, right? Clean up the edges of your nails with cotton pad or a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover.

Alternatively, you can also stick some not-so-adhesive tape (I used Scotch Matte Finish Magic Tape) and stick it around the edges of your nails. After you've painted on the colour, just peel of the tape and voila! Clean, sharp edges! I guess cutting and pasting the tape takes just as much time as cleaning the edges of your nails with Q-tips so you can try this instead!

Lastly, put on your top coat for more shine and make your nail polish last longer.

The final product. Pretty nails in just 10-minutes, for both hands! K this isn't the neatest but practice makes perfect ok? I chose to do a pastel ombre because I think it looks so fresh and fun! 

This is my first nail-art tutorial (swatches before this don't count), how do you like it? Thank you Erica for taking the photos for me! Else I really don't know how to snap pics.. I missed the days when I did my own nails back in college and Year 1 of uni. If I find more time, I'll try to do more tutorials, more complicated ones! 

Have you tried doing ombre nails before? What's your method and fave colours to use? Share with me, I'd love to hear them! :)

Last but not least, I've enjoyed my 10-day stint of joining Tokyo Luxey's Social Media Contest. I hope you've enjoyed my posts as much as I have compiling them. If you've missed it, you may stalk me now on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hahaha.

For more information about Tokyo Luxey and how to join, check out their website and Facebook page! 

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  1. nice! i did it before too!

    1. Haha thanks but its messy! So easy to do right.

  2. sweet! ^^


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