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Tuesday 22 October 2013

Carinn x OOTD: Think PINK!

What's this, a new post?? I've been on a roll lately, posting crazy self-obssessed ootd pics XD That's what you get when you leave me alone at home with nothing to do, I sit and plan outfits in my head. Ok lah actually I'm supposed to be studying, I go study after this ok T.T

Top from F.O.S 
High-waisted lace shorts from Kenanga Wholesale City
Cardigan from Cotton On
Kitty clutch from Loop (gift from aunt)
Socks from
Shoes bought online
Sis's rope belt
Unknown brand floral headband & owl earrings

Photographer: MCY

PS: The photos didn't turn up so good despite using the DSLR, but it's mainly because of the lighting in my car porch lol. Credits to the bf for taking them for me! <3 

So October is pink month right? FYI, pink is to represent breast cancer awareness and many companies have come up with events to support this worthy cause.  Oh actually my blog layout is already pink..... Anyway, just to show my support (am I too late??) and because I realise I hardly wear pink anymore, I dug out an old shirt and tried to mix it up a little.(I'm selling this on Carousell soon, only worn twice. Anyone wants it?

I went for a more retro look. Pink is supposed to be more girly, right? Wanted to make it less girly but I left most of my clothes in KL. The same reason why I keep borrowing my sister's stuff also.. -_- IS THIS TOO PINK?! In the end I decided to throw on the cardigan cos the top was a little loose + I think I look too pink. Like I said, I wanted a more retro look, hence the chunky headband and huge earrings which I got n years ago.

I don't know why I don't wear these shorts more often, they're so pretty with the scallop trimmings and lace design! And the material is really good considering the price I paid. Another good bargain! I dare say my whole outfit put together also doesn't cost more than RM100 lor.. Also, the socks and shoes are from a wholesale website but they're oh-so-comfortable to walk in! I know many people won't dare to pull off the 'heels with socks' look- I was pretty skeptical myself- until I paired it and I love how cute it looks! (ok lah you can say I perasan lah) 

I'm kind of on the fence for this look, what do you think- yay or nay? With or without the cardigan? 
Leave a comment if you've read my blog, it will make me very happy :p

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Monday 21 October 2013

Carinn x OOTD: In the evening sun.


NY top from Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid
Frayed denim shorts from Kenanga Wholesale City
Sis's booties from Orange Sorbet, Aeon

Photographer: Shalinn

I happened to be outside this evening when the sun was setting, so I dragged my brother out to snap some photos for me. Hence this impromptu blogpost. This is the most comfortable casual wear, IMO (actually I was just gonna wear this with a blazer to take my passport photo xD I don't even own that many tshirts.) Don't worry, the road was perfectly clear at this time so it wasn't dangerous sitting there. 

The sunset is so pretty, it reminded me to get out more often and just enjoy the cool, clean air. Gonna do this more often cos I definitely enjoyed watching the pretty sky. 

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Sunday 20 October 2013

Travel: Haji Lane, Singapore

Happy Sunday!

I casually mentioned that I haven't been to Singapore in a long time then dad spontaneously agreed to bring us to Haji Lane yesterday. Super happy cos I've been wanting to check out this place! 

Haji Lane is a street that sells designer clothes and one-of-a-kind pieces. Damn hipster can. You can't NOT want to go in and have a look though. All the different coloured shops and deco make the street look so pretty! 

I've heard a lot about the cheap clothes over here so I was pretty excited to get some SGD5-10 clothes. Bad luck for me though, I couldn't find any :( My sister got 2 dresses for SGD10. Got a bottle of nail polish for free some more. CHEAP OR WHAT. 

Piedra Negra, a Mexican restaurant. They have an outlet in JB 
too (not sure if it's still in operation though). Most pubs and restaurants have Happy Hour around 4-8pm if you're looking for something to drink.

Mummy! <3

Arab Street was just next to Haji Lane so we went there too. Very Morrocan/ Turkish feel! There's also a Children's Toy Museum. 

HAHAHA so Bollywood. My parents are so cute!

We had some snacks at Istanbul Grill's and Bar. First time trying Turkish food. To our surprise, its deliciousWe were told the chef is Chinese, but the food is authentic. Don't convert and it's actually quite affordable lah... XD

Daddy <3

Meza Dip Platter. SGD14.90, comes with 5-6 kinds of dips and Balloon Bread.  The sauces are made of chickpeas, eggplant, yoghurt, totally no meat. The traditional bread, baked in a charcoal oven, is so fluffy yet crisp!

Chicken Shish Kebab, SGD16.90. DAMN YUMMY. Even Turkish rice tastes better than normal rice.

         Hot Apple Turkish Tea, SGD5.50 a pot. Sour, but I like it. Sis finds it disgusting though. 

While waiting for dinner, we played with Bubble Balloons. Anyone remembers this from their childhood?? 


{Thrift finds!}
Three-way top & checkered shorts from Berjaya Times Square. The shorts were only RM10 XD
Sis's polka dot bag from China
Charles & Keith gladiator sandals

Sis's OOTD

After dinner, we went to CHIJMES (I still have no idea what that stands for). You'd think it's a normal church from the outside, but there's actually a lot of cool bars and fine dining restaurants! The interior reminds me of my high school, heh (Convent JB FTW). Someone hosted their wedding in the church, so pretty and dreamy *_*

Oh anyway, these are my loots. All these for SGD10 also.

Feels great to spend time w my family again after so long. :) Appreciate what you have and have NO MONDAY BLUES tomorrow! 

PS: All photo credits to my awesome dad! Finally some good quality HD pics from the DSLR.. Find more photos here: