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Monday 21 October 2013

Carinn x OOTD: In the evening sun.


NY top from Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid
Frayed denim shorts from Kenanga Wholesale City
Sis's booties from Orange Sorbet, Aeon

Photographer: Shalinn

I happened to be outside this evening when the sun was setting, so I dragged my brother out to snap some photos for me. Hence this impromptu blogpost. This is the most comfortable casual wear, IMO (actually I was just gonna wear this with a blazer to take my passport photo xD I don't even own that many tshirts.) Don't worry, the road was perfectly clear at this time so it wasn't dangerous sitting there. 

The sunset is so pretty, it reminded me to get out more often and just enjoy the cool, clean air. Gonna do this more often cos I definitely enjoyed watching the pretty sky. 

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  1. Hi! I'm gonna have a Christmas giveaway on my blog. If you like you could check em out! Thanks and spread the good news! :D

  2. I usually do the same whenever I need to take passport photos. Too lazy to get dress so just put on a blazer and voila! Heheee

    1. Hahaha high five! :p but I did put eyeliner though.

  3. Hello Carinn! thanks a lot fordroppin' by my blog :))
    Sure, I'd love us to follow each other <3 Just let me know if you're following me already. I'll follow you as soon as possible.
    You have a very cute blog, btw.

    love lots,

    1. Hi Tin! Yeap I've followed you! <3 btw may I ask how do you add Google followers to your blog? Cos I can't seem to get it to work.

  4. Love your top, represending New York on the other side of the world!! :)


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