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Tuesday 30 June 2015

Carinn x Invisalign: ClinCheck (Treatment Plan) - Predicting the Future of My Teeth!

Hola! As promised, I am back with more updates on my teeth! This is like taking vanity and LOA to another level dy, but I think you'd wanna know how Invisalign works as well right? What more when I have discovered this uber cool psychic tool that predicts the future of my teeth! YES, REALLY! Video included as well so you'd know what I'm talking about ;) 

PS: If you haven't read my first consultation post, read it HERE!

So after about a month, my Clincheck aka Treatment Plan was finally ready! According to, Clincheck is a 3D virtual representation of all aspects of the anticipated treatment. It allows the orthodontist to evaluate final tooth positions, amount of individual tooth movement, rate of tooth movement and more! It's not only helpful to the Invisalign provider, but to the receiver as well as we are able to opt for any changes before starting the treatment to get the most desired results. For those who have asked, I now know exactly how long I'll have to wear my aligners for! *Btw, thanks Zoe for the photo!

The Clincheck took about 45 minutes in total. I TOTALLY did not expect it to be a computerised report. In my head, it would be a printed version and the orthodontist would have to sit me down and circle and explain each tooth movement to me LOL. In the end, Dr Matthew demonstrated and explained about the whole software to me and I picked it up by myself after that XD It's THAT simple and convenient, not to mention accurate as well!

I shall try my best to explain what I learnt that day, in layman terms. These are some of the images I took from the computer. So as you can see, this is my teeth. It seems pretty neat right? But that's because this is the AFTER results. Remember my teeth mould? You can read about it HERE. At the Invisalign HQ, my teeth mould was scanned into the 3D version to allow for calculation and 'prediction' of my projected teeth movement. Pretty cool, huh? 

Each tooth is numbered to make it easier to identify. The software is super cool as it allows you to rotate and flip the teeth model around, view from literally each angle and the top & bottom teeth separately.

You are probably wondering what's the pink spots on my teeth? These are to simulate the number of attachments and where they will be placed on my teeth. I thought they would all be squares but apparently they come in other shapes and sizes as well. Attachments are the clear equivalent to brackets on braces and are used to help the aligners grip on better. I'll explain more when I put them on! Anyway, it seems like I have quite a few attachments to put on..

My bottom row of teeth. They are numbered as well and yes, I have to have attachments on my bottom teeth as well to assist the shifting of my teeth. See those tiny numbered diamonds? They are actually indications of how much I have to have my teeth slimmed down for IPL (slimming or stripping of the teeth to make it smaller so it'll have space to move). Glad I'm a suitable candidate for stripping, if not I'd have to get some teeth extracted so as to make it less overcrowded ><

The gaps between teeth 4.2, 4.1, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 will be stripped by 0.5mm each. The gap between 3.3 and 3.4 will be stripped by 0.2mm. I did ask if this process would be bad for my teeth and make it weaker but my orthodontist pointed out that as the stripping is done minimally (not even 1mm) and at different times, it will be alright. Apparently, it doesn't hurt as well. These accumulated small strippings will make a BIG difference!

My top row of teeth (sorry for the blur photo). This is how my teeth will look like after the whole treatment. Dr Matthew said that it's not noticeable now, but after my teeth becomes straight, the jagged and uneven edges would be obvious so he will do a enameloplasty for me which is basically reshaping or recontouring the outer layer of the tooth to make it straight. Yay I can't wait!

I noticed that my two front teeth (1.1 and 2.1) are still quite big compared to the rest of my teeth so I requested for Dr Matthew to do IPL for my two front teeth also. It will be stripped 0.5mm each as well. Also, I think the attachments on teeth 1.1 and 1.2 will be quite obvious, even though they are clear, and Dr Matthew said that I can opt to place these two attachments at the back of my teeth if I'm not worried about it being uncomfortable for my tongue. He was very accomodating and open to discussion which really made me feel comfortable to voice my thoughts and he also gave helpful suggestions to help me make my decision better. :D After he has made the necessary changes, the final report will be sent to HQ and my aligners will be manufactured!

Ok lah talk so much also you guys can't imagine what I'm saying so I might as well show you a video! It's a very simple and quick one I edited but you get the rough idea! WATCH. It's a timelapse of how my teeth will slowly move for the whole treatment. The lit-up yellow parts are to indicate on which pair of aligner should I start doing the gradual strippings. SO COOL TO SEE MY TEETH TRANSFORM!

If you're wondering how long my treatment will be... It is estimated that I will have 28 pairs of aligners prepared for me. Each aligner takes about 2 weeks before it needs to be changed so all in all, I would need to be on Invisalign treament for a year and a month? That's super fast! If I were to do braces, I'm sure it'll take even longer and I'll definitely have to have extractions done ><

Told you the software is really easy to navigate. After awhile, Dr Matthew left me alone to play with my teeth model and see if there's anything I'd like to change. I felt like a kid, so suaku fascinated seeing this for the first time. I'm so glad this 1st Clincheck went well and I don't have to send it back to HQ for any major changes! This means.. I'll be able to get my aligners next month! OMG! The wait is killing me, I can't wait to start my treatment soon! <3

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Disclaimer: [Sponsored] I have received complimentary Invisalign treatment from Align Technology, Inc & Q&M Dental Surgery JB (Molek) after winning a contest organised by Invisalign & Nuffnang. In exchange for that, I have agreed to promote and write about my Invisalign story. The review is written based on my honest views and personal experiences on the treatment.

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    1. It really depends on the individual's teeth condition, suggest you go for a consultation first :)

  5. Hi can I check what was the cost of your Invisalign and how long would u need to wear it thanks !

    1. Hi Jayne, do drop me an email at and I'll let you know the costs there! :) As for the duration of wear, it really depends on the individual's teeth condition and a consultation and/or clincheck will only be able to tell you how long to wear for.

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