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Tuesday 28 April 2015

Fashion x Giveaway: Personalised Charm Bracelet & Earrings from SOUFEEL Jewelry [Part 2]

Hey guys & girls! So if you have not read my previous post about this new online jewelry provider, you totally should! I am hosting a giveaway as well, and you may want to check out the items and the quality of the things I've got first before joining. Ready?

The items that I got from SOUFEEL Jewelry were delivered to me in this elegant white packaging. I love the baby blue ribbon!

After opening the box which is made of thick, leathery material, I find that all the charms are separately packed in individual mini plastic ziplock bags to avoid tainting. The gifts came with a cloth too to wipe the charms. The bracelet also comes with some black stoppers to prevent the charms from slipping off while removing the bracelet. Let's take a closer look at all the items I've got for about RM400!

Let's start off with the 925 Sterling Silver Basic Bracelet. It is made of high quality material with a slightly braided texture. The claspe is labelled with SOUFEEL's signature logo. To open, you will need to use your nails to kind of pry it open and the clasp shuts super tightly so you do n't have to worry about your charms falling off while wearnig the bracelet. I got this bracelet at a special price of RM36 instead of the regular RM240.50 as an add-on purchase after purchaing more than RM350. Super deal indeed!

Apart from the bracelet and charms, I also got these Austrian Crystal Bowknot Round White Ear Studs worth RM120 which I got for RM50 only during one of SOUFEEL's sale periods. I love how elegant and shiny these earrings look! Just look at how finely cut the crystals are and paired with a simple silver knot. The stoppers are slightly different though. Rubber stoppers are used but this also means more comfort while wearing the earrings.

Apart from the bracelet and earrings that I got, additional purchases above a certain amount also gets you free gifts which you can add on to your cart. Who doesn't love the word FREE?

Yes, I got these White Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings completely free after purchasing above RM250. Aren't they simple yet simply adorable? Do note that SOUFEEL changes their promotion all the time and I so happen to be lucky that they are having this gift with purchase promo when I got my items :D

For about roughly RM300, I feel lucky that I didn't get one, not two nor three charms for my personalised charm bracelet. I got 6! Imagine how many ways I can mix and match my bracelet with now that I have these cute charms!

All SOUFEEL charms are made with 925 Sterlng Silver and are intricately designed that you can see the details right down to the very tiny parts. The charms can also fit any other brands of charm bracelets as well. I admit, I didn't plan to get so many charms initially but hey, they were all so reasonably priced that I couldn't resist! 
The Pink Stripes with White String Charm was chosen to add some colour to an otherwise plain silver bracelet.
The Mandevilla Sanderi Murano Glass Bead is simply too gorgeous to ignore that I had to get it. I love glass beads and I fell in love this one with its delicate and soft pink flower petals. This also adds to my love for flowers!
Got myself a tiny Gift Box Charm as well. It opens up to reveal a miniscule crystal heart in the centre. Too cute!
The Honey Bees Charm is a dangling charm which adds more character and texture to the bracelet.
The I Love You Envelope Dangle Charm was chosen by my bf so of course I had to have it :p It is a dangling charm as well and in my opinion, would look cute if worn on a necklace too!
Last but not least, the other free gift which I received was this Dr. Owl Charm. Too cute!

So basically, what I want to let you know is that SOUFEEL charms are not only limited to the conventional round kinds. There are so many designs, so many themes to pick your perfect charm bracelet. SOUFEEL also stands out as they even have charms that you can print your photos or fave quotes on, which unfortunately I didn't choose (idk why also) :( The great thing about having personalised charm bracelets is that they add meaning to the gift.  You also get to arrange the charms any way you'd like to make the bracelet more attractive. More interestingly, your friends and family can have one more idea what to get for you for any special occassions and because it's from them, it makes the gift that much more special. This is one of the things I love about personalised gifts - the fact that you get to wear the memories and love on your wrist and that you can continue creating more beautiful moments with this piece of jewelry.

Key in "CARINN5" at checkout when you shop at SOUFEEL Jewelry to get 5% discount off your purchases!

Don't forget to join my giveaway HERE to win yourselves a Mother Daughter Dangle Charm for your mum this Mother's Day! The steps are super simple and straightforward, I promise! Winner will be announced on 2nd May on Part 3 of my SOUFEEL review. Hint: I have an OOTD coming up! Stay tuned! :D

Update: You can read all about my Pink & White outfit post courtesy of SOUFEEL Jewelry HERE!

Find out more about the products that SOUFEEL has to offer:
Instagram : @soufeeljewelry

Congratulations to the winner, W L Pang! Winner will be contacted via email on how to redeem her prize. Nevertheless, thank you all for your support and watch this space for more giveaways in the future! <3

Disclaimer: Even though the products were sponsored, it has not affected my opinion in anyway. The review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the products. 

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  1. The Dr Owl charm super cute omggggg!!!!! Great deal indeed! And I like the white leather box very much lollll!

  2. The Dr Owl charm super cute omggggg!!!!! Great deal indeed! And I like the white leather box very much lollll!

    1. Yea super great deal! Love all the charms and packaging!

  3. Their stuff looks super cute c: I like the earrings a lot!


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