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Monday 30 May 2016

Beauty: LA BELLE Skincare @ Sweet Ampoules

I love trying out new skincare! Recently, I've been using La Belle Skincare for the last 2 weeks. Ampoules and essences are a big part of my skincare routine each day as they provide that extra boost of nutrients to my skin. FYI, Sweet Ampoules has recently bought over the La Belle brand are they are now they sole distributor of the skincare. I'm so stoked to share with you the ampoules that I've tried out and the amazing results!

Friday 27 May 2016

Carinn x Invisalign: Invisalign Tracking Progress

Woot, finally back with another Invisalign post. Erm, this time round, it's not really good news because apparently, my teeth isn't tracking well.. What is tracking, you ask? It's when the orthodontist compares the current teeth situation with the original treatment plan to identify if the teeth is moving according to plan. Unfortunately for me, it's not moving as perfectly as we'd like...

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Girl Talk x Giveaway: MenstruHeat by PSLove

Girls, do you recognise these things? Yup, they're pretty much the essentials when it comes to THAT time of the month. I have been suffering with menstrual cramps and PMS since my teenage years when "it" comes and it's NOT a good feeling. So during that monthly cycle, these are some of the things that I need to get through the first two days.. Sometimes it gets so bad that I have to take the day off work or school to stay home and rest >.< It can really affect a girls' performance at work but fret not, there is now a simpler and safer solution to beat the evil cramps!!

Sunday 22 May 2016

[Guest Post] Exciting Things to See and Do in China

Image by Bernd Thaller via Flickr
Are you an avid traveller? I believe that when we travel, it opens our eyes to new perspectives and change the way we see the world. It's truly a wonderful thing, to be able to travel, especially to a country filled with history and beauty like China. This post came just in time as my mum will be travelling to China some time this year. Hopefully some of these suggestions will give her an idea of what to see and do while she's there!


Saturday 21 May 2016

Event: Maybelline x Watsons Make It Happen Roadshow

Beauty & cosmetics lover in Johor, rejoice! Watsons partners with Maybelline to bring you the 'Make It Happen' - A Call to Inspire the Confident Women roadshow, happening at JB City Square, Ground Floor from 16 - 22 May 2016! I'm so excited to share about my makeover with you at the event. It's an all-in-one stop to get affordable makeup at discounted prices, free gifts and a complimentary makeover session! Keep reading to know how you can stand a chance to win prizes worth RM6,800 too! :D

Friday 20 May 2016

Eats & Treats: Ink 'N' Water

I'm so happy to be introducing another cafe in JB for you guys! For the past few months, I've been so tied up with work that I hardly have the time to do some cafe-hopping, something I really love. But now that I'm currently freelancing, I do have more time to myself and it's about time that I share the love and hopefully useful information with you guys on places to get your coffee fix/ Instagram-worthy shots! One of the latest cafes that I've been to is Ink N Water - pretty cool name, huh?

Saturday 14 May 2016

Fashion/ Shopping: Affordable Women Casual Pants 2016 from TBDress

I used to hate wearing pants. It just felt so uncomfortable and troublesome to me. I studied in an all-girls' school so we were pretty much free to sit any way we liked, and I didn't bothered much about any kind of pants except for shorts. Now that I'm older, I'm starting to appreciate pants more! They're simple, stylish and you can basically pair them with anything. Culottes, wide-legged pants.. You name it. Sometimes I'd wear baggy pants to work just cos they're so comfy and I'd feel like I'm wearing pyjamas hehe. Imagine my happiness when I found out that TBDress is having a sale on Women's Casual Pants, which btw, are super in-fashion this 2016! Here are some of my picks for any occasion.

Friday 13 May 2016

[Guest Post] 5 Apartment Features to Watch For

It's time to take a break from all the beauty posts lately and get into something more serious. I'm at the age now where I have to start planning my future and property hunting is definitely something to look out for. My guest writer has a few tips to share with you, my readers, especially if you are in the midst of apartment-hunting or are first-time homeowners!


Tuesday 10 May 2016

Beauty (Rinn's 3CE Series): 3CE Duo Color Face Blush [Part 8]

It's been awhile since I've updated the Rinn's 3CE Series! My last post was probably last year! I'm not really sure if 3 Concept Eyes is still popular with beauty addicts, but it is a nice brand with great products, so it's worth reading if you're looking to try out trendy Korean beauty products :) Here's my latest review on the 3CE Duo Color Face Blush!

Monday 9 May 2016

Body: Bye-bye, Scars with Bio-Oil!

Do you have scars? I'm pretty sure all ladies would be insecure with their imperfections. Of course, while it's important to be at ease with our own bodies, we still wish there was a quick and easy way to get rid of these scars. Now you can, and what an inexpensive way as well! Bio-Oil is one of the most famous body oil around and is known for its scar removal. Well, does it really work?