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Wednesday 31 July 2013

Beauty: July Loves


Here's a random selfie.

I've been trying hard lately to balance my time between studies/ work/ personal life/ family/ relationship/ friends and it's really not easy. It's like there's so much things to squeeze into 24 hours! And I swear I don't sleep much lately. Today was the only day in 2 weeks since I slept in till noon ok!

Erm....... So....... Even before losing my wallet, I managed to spend quite a bit.. Mostly on skincare and hair products and maybe clothes? One of the best things that happened to me this month was getting loadsa FREEBIEEESSS. XD *cheapo alert again*

Serious shit, these are all the free stuff I got this month. /shhh XD

Idk whether to feel proud or embarrased. HAHA. Might do a review on all these awesome stuff soon! :)

I still have awesome stuff I'd like to talk about now though. A 'favourites' post!

#1 Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Rendezvous

I've been looking for orange lipsticks forever. Even though this is just a balm stain, I'd say the colour shows up quite well and true when worn. (This is more of a reddish orange, I'm considering the pumpkin orange ones from 3CE but it's so exp ahhhhh *.*) I bought it for RM29.90. It smells minty when you put it on but there is not much minty sensation and the smell wears off fast.

Why I love it:
- It stays on quite long, about 3 hours or more without eating.
- Moisturising enough for me!

- More colours to choose from, pls!

#2 L'Oreal Paris Smooth-Intense Treatment Hair Mask

My hair is fine, and quite dry. It can be quite tedious to maintain, especially when it's long. I've always used conditioner so I'd really like to try this mask and see how it works! Not sure what's the original price, but I got it at the L'Oreal Mega Sale organised by OnlyBeauty for RM10!

Why I love it:
- Easy to apply, just like conditioner.
- Not sure how shiny my hair looks, but at least it's tangle-free and straight!
- Smells good.

- Waiting time is about 1 minute, isn't it a bit short for a hair mask?

*The sale was THE BOMB. L'Oreal, Maybelline & Garnier products selling at discounted price. Plus, you can apply for lucky draw and freebies before the event and I got eyeliners and lipbalms yay. Everything was dirt cheap and in good condition. Seriously, even my mum and boyfie went mad there. Can't wait for the next sale! <3* OnlyBeauty (Facebook)

Got all these for my sis and I for less than a hundred bucks. 
Mum bought a whole bag too and it was only about RM150?? 

#3 AHA Cleansing Foam from Japan

My aunt gave this to me recently. Don't think it can be bought here, as she got it from Japan. I love Japanese products cos they're all so cute and innovative, plus they use natural spring water so their products are x4387615 better than over here.  Even their drugstore products are so good omg. I use this as a make-up remover and also another bottle which contains clear liquid.

Why I love this:
- Cannot get enough of the smell. It's apples!
- Really effective, makes my skin feel squeaky clean.
- Removes foundation/ BB cream quite well and doesn't leave residues.
- Half a pump is enough for the whole face.

#4 La Senza bra 

Nah, not gonna show you the contents. Just know it's really comfy and pretty. XD But just wanna brag that I got this for a good deal. It was originally RM39.90 (cos it was their clearance sale) and after 10% members discount, it was RM35! Wheee even lousy brands cost more lah, so I'm very satisfied with this buy hehe.

#5 Topshop laced crop top

Finally got a crop top for summer and it's so pretty. T_T It's priced at RM83 but the material is really good so it's worthwhile to splurge a little..... Anyway, will do a little outfit post soon! :)

Funny story here,
Eunice and I actually woke up at 7am just to go queue for the RM50 Topshop voucher, in conjunction with their reopening in Sunway Pyramid. My friends got the RM100 voucher cos they woke up at 5.30am to be the first 10 but it's ok.. I couldn't drag myself out of bed at that time, despite Pyramid being so near. We had to spend the voucher right on the spot so most of us only got crop tops cos everything else was so expensive...

Oh yeah, we got to take pics with Joseph Germani and Jane Chuck as well! He's super funny and she's so pretty and sweet omg. /confidence level falls 1246834 ft.

Cannot post my individual pic with them cos I was extra ugly that day. No makeup whatsoever (usually I at least put BB cream), slippers and shorts. ._. Would've dressed up a little if I'd known they were coming. They were spotting fashionable people for the Topshop's Dress-to-Impress competition and the grand prize is Topshop vouchers worth RM1000! Ok lah I won't get spotted lah but it's worth a try... My friends were like, "Rinn usually you wear quite ok, why today dress like auntie?!" 
T.T Don't say dy lah I damn sad HAHAHA.

Random photos........ 

Got the tote bag, for both times when we tried the scratch&win. 
Lucky Eunice got a mirror and scarf! o.o

Met Jane again when Voon Anne came to KL to visit us. :)

Ok, I think I crapped enough dy. Toodles!


Sunday 28 July 2013

Let's talk about Luck.

I just wanna rant ok. :(

Most of my friends know I've lost my wallet/ purse. I don't know HOW it got lost or even WHERE it got lost. Here's the story.

Last Saturday, I woke up at 6am for an event in uni. I was one of the student helper/ ambassadors hence, we had to be there early. I'm not a morning person so I was pretty grumpy and blur that morning. I left my bag with all my stuff (except my phone) in a locked room and went for my duty. After that, I went home to get something with Hui and she kept my keys in my bag for me. Turns out, she was the last person ever to see my red Fossil purse.

Around 4pm, I went straight home after grabbing my bag as the room was getting really cramped. Didn't even check the contents, but I remember pulling my water bottle out for a drink, then I left. I really regret not double checking if my belongings were intact. :( After my nap, I went out for dinner with my housemate, Jie En. She asked if I could pay for her meal first since she didn't have enough cash. It was 8pm when I unzipped my bag and realised my purse wasn't in there. I had a bad feeling and kept saying 'what if it's not at home, what if it's not at home..' and En kept telling me that it's definitely at home. When we reached home around 10pm, that's when I finally realised my wallet was gone.

I searched high and low. Even went back to the room the next day (Sunday) but nope, it's not there. I just broke down. All my precious items were in there - my IC, bank cards, driving license, Touch 'n' Go card, Jusco/Watsons/Starbucks/Juiceworks card (yes I'm aware I have a lot of cards), student IDs, LEAP card, SSPN card, BR1M card, and those cards you use to collect points.? Also about RM250+ for books, my pendrive, polaroids with friends, neoprints with my bf and many other little souvenirs and cards given to me by my friends. Yes, that's how versatile my wallet is to fit so many things.

Sigh, my fave purse T.T

I cried not because I lost my money, it's because I lost most of the things I treasure. What saddens me the most was losing the wallet itself. It's a gift from my dad and I've had it for 2 years and it's still good as new. My dad's definitely not gonna buy me any nice stuff after this.. -.- After I'm done crying on the phone to my mum, I called the bank to cancel my cards and went to the police station.

First time in a police station and it's weird. The police officer gave me a piece of used paper with ANTS on it to write my details. Like, whut -.- Then when he took down my statement for the report, this conversation happened:

Me: Saya nak letak alamat JB saya lah. **, Jalan ***** 47..
Him: Taman Daya eh?
Me: *how the hell does he know*
Him: Saya pun orang Johor.. Saya tinggal kat ***** 54..

LOL! What are the chances. Anyway, thank you Sam & Eunice for accompanying me to the police station and Yen & Shin for following me there to get my receipt!

That's not all.

I went back to JB on Friday as it was a holiday in Selangor, to make my IC. Mum refused to let me skip the 2.30pm class on Thursday so she ended up booking a 4.30pm bus for me. Just my luck that it was super jammed that day and the taxi uncle chaffeured 3 other ppl despite the jam. Thank you lah, for making me miss my bus. As if I wasn't poor enough after losing my wallet, I had to fork out another RM30 for the next bus back -.-

Despite it all, I know I'm a lucky girl to have so many people encouraging me when I was down. Eunice and Boyfie kept calling and texting me to check if I was ok. :)
Voon Anne brought me out for lunch cos I didn't want to eat and they kept telling me it's okay cos me losing my stuff caused them to miss a trp to Bukit Bintang on Sunday. I felt so bad. :/
Pam brought me a Laura Mercier sample primer cos she knows I wanted to try it. She says even though it's small, she hopes it'll cheer me up. Aww, so cute lah XD
And my mum, aunt and gramma have been giving me money even though I rejected them. HAHAHA ok lor free money. 
I think my youngest aunt is the best ever. She drove all the way from Cheras to pass me my stuff and a new bag that she bought from the States for me. My first Kate Spade, babeh! She said, "no wallet, got bag also can lah".

Zebra preengs!

Seriously touched by everyone's efforts :)

Gramma says that no matter how unlucky you are, you have to keep telling yourself that you're still lucky. I know she's right now, cos I AM lucky to have so many people love me and dropping me sweet messages this whole time. Actually, I'm still kinda hoping for a miracle and that someone will return me my purse.... I've been down for days, it's time to pull myself together now. No use moping. I love you guys :)


Tuesday 9 July 2013

A New Me.

I am back in KL as my 4th sem is starting soon. so fast, i'm gonna be graduating soon i feel old. 
Feeling kinda homesick already, there's so much things I've yet to do at home, so many friends I've yet to meet. :( I can't even make it back for my grandma's birthday celebration cos I have so many things to do! :(

For this sem, I aim to be more productive and disciplined. Most of my classes start early, so I'll have to plan my sleeping schedule better now. And more healthy eating, if I'm to put on weight! Hopefully things will go better and I don't turn into a zombie like I do every other sem.....

I got a haircut and dyed my hair. I change my hairstyle frequently cos I get bored easily. Got so pissed off with my grass-like, limp curly hair so I just walked into a salon and got a haircut. Hairdressers lie to you. When they tell you they're gonna take off 3-inches, they actually mean 6. -.- But it's ok, my hair looks healthier now at least! If you didn't know, this is how my hair looks like now.

Looks abit purplish under the light. :D

I used Liese Bubble Hair Dye in Antique Rose. Love the colour cos it managed to cover up my black roots and the fact that it made my hair softer due to the Amino Acid and Royal Jelly Extract. The smell isn't that bad, but it does stay on for a few days. The Rinse-off Treatment packet they provided lasted me 2 days (maybe cos my hair is shorter) and it helped keep my hair soft and smooth. :)  

Also, for this sem, I gave my room a new look! It makes me happy just looking at it. I have photos of my loved ones hanging on the wall behind my bed now to look at whenever I feel homesick. :( 


Bought mini lanterns + fairy lights from Cotton On clearance sale to hang in my room. Now I can sleep without feeling like I'm in a black hole. Big thanks to Eunice and the boyf for helping me set this up!

Lanterns! <3

How it looks in the dark. Loving the lace motifs on the wall! :D

Sigh, still feeling homesick. Gonna turn in now and hope tomorrow I'll be better. Keeping myself busy will make me miss home less, I guess. Goodnight!


Thursday 4 July 2013

Eats & Treats: Second Floor Cafe [CLOSED]

UPDATE: This restaurant has ceased operations as of 2015. However, the review will remain on my blog as a form of reference for readers. Thank you.

So yesterday, the boy and I found a new cafe in JB called Second Floor Cafe. I first saw photos of it on some of my followings' Instagram and decided to pay the place a visit since I live sooo near. It's located at Jalan Adda 3/3, Adda Heights (facing Adda Heights Legend Brown precinct) and it's on the second floor of a shop lot (hence the name, Second Floor. I guess.)

We were chatting with one of the co-owners of the place and he was telling us that they have yet to do intensive promotion of the place yet, since the signboard isn't even up yet. Then he asked us how we found the place? Apparently his close friends did a good job of promoting their cafe on Instagram, then. XD They're all pretty friendly and easy to talk to so that's a plus point itself. 

We went there after dinner so we were pretty full and just looking for a place to chill. I would say this place is perfect for chilling with your friends but I have a feeling you can also throw a pretty wild party here as the place is pretty big and the owners are youngsters just like us. The design is AWESOME. I mean, if you're into cool, retro stuff like me, then you will LOVE it. Shall just let the pictures do the talking!  

*PS: Photo quality is pretty bad even though I've edited them, as I'm only using iPhone 4S's camera. Seriously considering investing in a good camera now. Any suggestions?*

The shop is located upstairs, and the owner says that they're currently only relying on this small sign and the lights for their promo now. It's pretty easy to drive past it so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

Once you go up the stairs you will be greeted with a photo of this 'lansi' photo of a pug and a pair of legs. ('lansi' boyfriend not included XD)

Ring the doorbell and remove your shoes before you enter. You will be greeted by a cool combination of lockers, retro knick-knacks, old school superhero masks, a paper-mache Spongebob and a disco ball!

Love the dressing table! So vintage! The owner said they scored places like Malacca & Singapore to obtain these retro pieces :)

Even the namecards are cute wtf XD

The cashier's counter. The lockers seem pretty old, imo. So many cute soft toys!

Mad love.

They have a puppy omg!

The photos changes depending on which angle you look from. We were seated at the perfect angle showcasing the scary side of these b&w photos. Nice one.

These are old McDonald's Happy Meal collectibles! Whoever owns them is super smart for keeping these. ~.~

Can definitely tell youngsters own this place because they were blasting K-pop and Boyce Avenue songs the whole night from the telly. There are a lot of DIY items as well which I think is pretty unique. 

There is this "Meeting Area" which is more private and quiet if you're looking for a place for discussion. Loving the idea of a wire fence, haven't seen those around for years. This area is more private as it also functions as a studio for the photographers who own this place. 

The photographs pegged there are taken by the owners and I recognised the waitress was one of the models in the pic.... 

This wall is so cute! 

The kid in me on a rocking horse. :D

Found this wall and the owner was telling us that they're photographers so can always look for them to do photography and videography. I personally think the photos taken by them are beautiful, even more so when arranged together like this. 

Tissue holder also so retro omg. The content of each menu is handmade as they have different designs in it. Kudos, bet this takes a lot of patience to do.

Our drinks! My Mango Smoothie and his is Cream on Green or "nai gai" as they call it.

I like the smoothie a lot! Love the fresh, sweet taste of the mango. Not "jelak" at all. And for his drink, we were supposed to sip the cool green tea and milk foam straight from the cup (unlike Gongcha's Signature Green Tea) and we ended up with........


Ham & Cheese Wrap for RM 9.90. Tastes pretty decent, mostly cos it's freshly made.

After eating, we did more camwhoring..

My favourite wall of all!

Who can resist not taking a photo here?

Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe (Y)

Wall outside the toilet.

OOTD : Polka-dot chiffon top // High-waisted shorts

So if you're looking for a new place to hangout, this cafe is strongly recommended! It's a blast from the past and the concept is kind of like Roost Cafe in town. Great for taking photos, definitely. Potential new hangout for Sunway College JB's students haha. This place will be booming once they start promoting it, I'm sure. :D

Address: 01-16, Jalan Adda 3/3,
               Taman Adda Heights, 
               81100, Johor Bahru.