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Friday 30 May 2014

Beauty: RA8 Refreshing Cleanser

Happy Friday! It's time for yet another skincare review from me.. Well, do bear with me ya cos like any other girl, I love and strive to have good skin and I'm giving another new product a try!

HiShop always takes extra care in wrapping and delivering their products, even if it's just a small bottle like this. :)

Introducing.... The RA8 Refreshing Cleanser! RA8 is a natural and safe anti-aging product made in Malaysia. RA8 skincare products are manufactured in accordance to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and approved by the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau.  Marine-elements in the products have been scientifically proven to enhance collagen synthesis, stimulate skin cells renewal and contains antioxidant properties. It also has skin lightening effect, provides UV protection, preserve skin's health and maintain youthfulness.

 I received the travel-sized 50ml cleanser from the RA8 starter kit and is lightweight and mini enough to carry around. The bottle also comes with a pump nozzle which I like! However, I have to comment that I really dislike the bottle design because it is quite unstable and the screw cap and nozzle actually comes apart quite easily -.- I've spilled the contents so many times, so wasted! 

The cleanser is a clearless, scentless liquid. The ingredients used are mainly patented marine-based bioactive essence.

Directions to use:

Welcome to my bathroom. Lol. The lighting is quite bad here so do forgive me for the dull photos. I've already tried to edit it as best as I could. 

Pour/ pump a small amount of the cleanser onto your wet palm.

Work into a rich, creamy lather. Actually, it hardly foams at all idk why it's stated "rich and creamy" lol.

Apply on damp skin and massage gently. It's a very neutral cleanser as it doesn't foam up much.

Rinse thoroughly and wipe your face with facial cotton or a towel.


Ahh, nice clean face! I love that feeling. 

The usual cleanser that I use is also a clear, neutral one like this so I have no problem with the cleanser not foaming up much. Some people think that cleansers like these does not clean well but I beg to differ. I've used this cleanser for about 2 weeks now and it really cleans oily skin thoroughly, without leaving any sticky feeling. I can't continue using it anymore because as I said, the contents have spilled so many times that the bottle is almost empty now -_- 

What I dislike is that the cleanser doesn't remove makeup well but then again, it did not state that it has that function. Also, the cleanser tends to dry out my skin so I have to ensure I hydrate my skin after washing.


The results are good, but not fantastic. I don't think I'll be repurchasing this product anytime soon. Sad, I was really hoping it'll be amazing since it's a home-grown brand.. Of course, the skin brightening and youth preserving results are not so obvious due to it being an anti-aging product which is not suitable for my skin..

The RA8 Refreshing Cleanser, Regenerative Serum and Renewal Skin Creme which can be found in the starter kit have been proven safe and effective with no animal testing. In 4 weeks, it claims to increase skin hydration, brightness, clarity and firmness. You can get the RA8 Starter Kit here for RM118. 

**Exclusively for readers! Get RM20 rebate when you purchase RA8 products of minimum RM99. Just key in RA814 during checkout. Promotion valid till 30th June 2014 :) **

Do check out more of RA8 products from HiShop here. Also, for more information, check out the links below!
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Disclaimer: Even though the product was sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the product. Effects may vary depending on individual skin condition and personal habits.

Thursday 29 May 2014

Community: Party with Gong Cha! [The Butterfly Project x GongCha]

If you ask me what's my favourite bubble tea, I will definitely tell you I'm on #TeamGONGCHA!! 

image from Gong Cha

A little bit about Gong Cha
Gong Cha means "Tribute Tea" which originated since ancient times in China. Tea is presented to the Emperor and only the top quality ones are used. The Gong Cha chain has now expanded worldwide and are commited to offering tea "fit for an emperor" to their customers. Of course, aside from tea, there are other beverages as well - all equally natural and healthy and yummy!

image from OpenRice

My absolute favourite drink would be the Signature Green Tea with Foam & White Pearls. mm.. actually the Wintermelon one is pretty good as well..

The smooth creamy, buttery layer on top...

with just a hint of mint.....

followed by the sweet and cold green tea.....

and the juicy, crunchy texture of the white pearls.....

OMG WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I HAD A GONGCHA?? Unfortunately, there is no Gong Cha branch in Sunway Pyramid which is nearest to where I live, otherwise I'd drink it everyday. Just can't help buying a cup whenever I spot a Gong Cha outlet at malls or in Singapore :D

image from Butterfly Project

When The Butterfly Project Beauty Bloggers posted about a contest to win a TRUCKLOAD of Gong Cha, I was totally psyched! Not one or two cups, it's a WHOLE TRUCKLOAD. I knew I had to try my luck, even if it means I only have 0.01% chance of winning. Of course I didn't wanna win it for myself, I'd get diabetes from drinking so much sweet goodness. The reason is because.... aiyo don't laugh at me ah.....

I recently got elected as the Organising Head of Freshies' Night on 5th August 2014 for my programme. After being in the VU Business Club for a year and a half, this is by far the biggest responsibility ever handed to me. I'm wasn't sure if I should rejoice or crumble into a ball of stress. Of course I chose the former because I'm not doing it by myself.

I have a great team working with me. They're more like my family :)

Spot me XD

We are currently searching for sponsors for the event, targeted at 230 participants on campus. The theme is Cultural Night. It'll be a super fun event, filled with colours, games, performances, culture and food. Of course, what's missing is a yummy cold drink after running around playing ice-breaking games.... And that's where Gong Cha comes in! 

In my head, I'm imagining a huge Gong Cha truck parked outside Sunway uni and the participants will be lead downstairs from the hall to grab their drinks, before heading back to enjoy performances for the night. Wouldn't it be so cool to Party with Gong Cha?! Literally!

Not only that, the Freshies aka new intake students will be thankful to have something to break the ice among them too. I mean, who doesn't love Gong Cha? Like they always say, friends can bond over a cup of coffee. Well, I say they can bond over a cup of Gong Cha too!

We've organised events before and I'm sure this event will be as successful as the previous ones, even more with Gong Cha's help! :D

image from Butterfly Project

Interested to win a truckload of Gong Cha drinks too? Head on over to Butterfly Project Facebook to find out more! :) You can register here before 30th May 2014. Don't forget to LIKE Gong Cha on Facebook too!

This is just a small effort from me, to take one for the team. Truly hope to win this and add more joy to an event that I'm organising for the first time ever :)


Disclaimer: Even though the product was sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after using the product.

Sunday 25 May 2014

Beauty: SHILLS Mandelic Acid Skin Renew Essence

Happy Sunday!

I envy those girls with perfect skin, because I don't :( So when Hermo approached me to review this latest Skin Renew Essence by SHILLS, I was eager to give it a try. Btw, if you don't already know, Hermo is an awesome beauty website that carries many many brands and you can read my previous posts here and here.

SHILLS has been an established and well-known for many years among consumers in Asia, especially in Malaysia and Singapore. The SHILLS Mandelic Acid Skin Renew Essence is a product of Taiwan.
This skin renewing essence contains 20% of Mandelic Acid. Don't worry, it's not the kind that burns your skin off haha. The essence can exfoliate dead skin cellsfight acne skin as it is anti-bacterial, prevent uneven skin tone & freckles, has Vitamin E for scar lightening and is a non-sticky formula, suitable for all skin types. Basically, it sounds like an all-in-one essence right?

Continuous use can help to reduce inflammation & redness in just 7 days and visible scar lightening & reduced acne in 14 days. It can also tighten pores and give you spotless, smooth and radiant skin. Guess what? They offer 14-days money back guarantee if it doesn't work. Wah so confident!

The product came without the SHILLS box but no worries as Hermo only carries genuine products!
I got the 10ml bottle but basically this is how the full-sized 30ml bottle looks like. Love the gold and purple combination cos it looks so classy! Hmm actually it kinda reminds me of an essential oil bottle haha.

It comes with a dropper which I like as it is very hygienic and allows you to control the amount you want. That's good because you don't wanna overdose, it's acid after all. And actually when you use it, you'll realise that a little goes a long way. There is a very soothing fragrance that I can't stop sniffing (LOL) cos the smell makes me feel damn "expensive" when I apply it lol.

It's very watery but when rubbed into the skin, the essence actually looks and feel oily. :/ Guess it's not a non-sticky formula after all. However, it is very easily absorbed by the skin and the application feels so smooth, like velvet!

Directions for use:

1. After toner, apply a few drops onto your whole face or acne area. What I usually do is just dab it on the acne/ pimple areas.
2. Follow by hydrating skincare products eg. hydrating serum, moisturiser etc.

*Note that minor peeling will occur as part of the skin renewing process. Do avoid using whitening products and products with AHA. Remember to constantly keep yourself hydrated by using a moisturiser and drinking lots of water as the process can be quite intensive!


This was my skin two weeks ago before I started using the product. Dunno why sudddenly so many breakouts on my forehead. Sad lah why does it always go from good, happy skin to bad skin like a yo-yo why can't it be constantly good................

I've been using the product every night before I sleep. I have combination skin which is oily around the T-zone and normal to dry for the rest of the face, so I tend to try and avoid using the essence on my nose area.

 For the first three days, I actually didn't experience any skin peeling and I thought that the process did not apply on me. But after a week, the peeling started especially around the forehead area. Got kinda freaked out and OD-ed on moisturiser every night after that lol.

After two weeks. Hmm... The acne scars on my forehead are gone but there are still some acne left. The three pimples in a COLONY on my right cheek just WILL NOT GO AWAY. Every time I go for a facial my beautician will remark that the "happy family" is still there.. -.- 
Skin is slightly smoother though I do not see any visible differences in pore tightening nor radiance.


Personally, I think my skin isn't suited for the product cos the result isn't quite as promising. I somehow feel that it doesn't reduce redness and if anything, has made some of the pimples more inflammed. Should I not apply it with my fingers? 0.0 

I would say that it is a good product for smoothing, scar lightening and giving even skin tone, but doesn't help much in reducing acne and inflammation. The scent has actually gone off a little lately but the oiliness doesn't really affect me as I apply my moisturiser after the essence and the next day, there'll be no more sticky feeling.

If you're interested in getting the SHILLS Mandelic Acid Skin Renew Essence, you can get it at RM 129 for 30ml HERE.

Psst.. I'll be doing a collab again with Hermo soon and I smell a giveaway! Till then, do watch out for more promotions and updates on website, Facebook and Instagram :)


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Disclaimer: Even though the product was sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after using the product. Effects may vary depending on individual skin condition and personal habits.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Hair: Nova 2-in-1 Ceramic Curling & Straightening Iron (Hair Beauty Set)

Happy midweek, my dears!

It's time for another product, lovingly given to me by Supermodels Secrets. If you don't already know, Supermodels Secrets carries a wide range of beauty products from hair to body to even your eyelashes (ahem, read here), from all over the world to make every girl feel beautiful without surgery :) 

If you remember, I did a previous post on another set of curlers but that was the Magic Heatless Curlers. This time, I will be talking about the 2-in-1 Hair Beauty Set curling iron!

Why 2-in-1? Because this awesome curler not only curls your hair, but acts as a straightener too!

ANDDDD it come in PINK!!

The box was a bit dented when it arrived but the interior was still intact, so that's ok. Apparently the curler comes in white too? But I still prefer pink lah hehe. The curling wand is 26mm in diameter so I would say that it is more suitable for people with not so thick hair. The instructions seem pretty easy and you can achieve pretty hair in just 3 simple steps. (I wonder why it says Target on the box. Target, the supermarket?)

Pretty in pink.
Some characteristics of the product are:

♥ Convenient and affordable
♥ Adjustable heat from 120 - 200 Celcius
♥ Straightens and curls hair in a jiffy
♥ Lightweight and small, convenient for travelling purposes
The Nova Nano 2-in-1 Hair Curler and Straightener Iron is made of aluminium plate, coted with nano-ceramic coating to make it more effective. The plates heat up quickly but won't burn your hair. You can choose from the 5 temperature levels and adjust it accordingly to avoid damaging your hair. The cables are rotatable 360 degrees so you get just the right angle when you're using it. Its sleek and compact design makes it easy to carry and use anywhere!

 The plastic part for you to hold hosts the ON/OFF switch and up/down buttons to adjust the temperature, indicated in red. When the device is plugged into a two-pin plug point, the green light at the bottom will go on. There's also a plastic top for you to hold when curling or straightening yur hair. WARNING: DO NOT touch the hot plates when it is in use.

Now for the cool part. The wand also has two buttons; one for straightening and one for curling. All you have to do is just press whichever switch you wanna use and voila!

Pretty cool, huh?

I am very lazy when it comes to styling my hair. That's why you'll usually see me with crappy, messy and limp hair in photos XD I have to admit, this is the first time I'm operating a curling iron by myself! The lame reason being I'm scared of scalding myself and burning my hair ahahahah. >< 

Directions for use: 

The most crucial step to me because I have damaged hair, is to apply some form of serum or heat protection  serum to my hair before curling or straightening it. This is to protect my hair from heat damage. Here I'm using the awesome L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil which acts as a hair serum and heat protection at the same time! It also gives my hair more shine and lustre and loosen tangles.

Um, I actually wanted to do a video for you guys but I have 0 video-editing skills and I'm not confident enough to record myself.. So... Here are some photos and gifs to help you. Michelle, the owner, did a vid tutorial of how to use the product. Geez, how does she make it look so easy?

I'll start with STRAIGHTENING my hair first.

After you've chosen the proper temperature for the iron, wait for it to heat up.

Choose the STRAIGHT option and it opens up the middle section of the barrel. The middle is flat on both sides to let you crimp and straighten your hair better.

 Pick a section of hair that you wanna work on.

Place your hair in between the plates and hold the plastic top. Pull down gently and release the handle to reveal straight hair!

You can check out my stop-motion here. Just trying out new apps :D


Woohoo~ Um, not much diff except the ends of my hair are less messy now..

Now, to CURL.

When you press the CURL option, it actually disables the middle section and leaves you with a 'flap' at the side to curl your hair.

 Again, pick a section of hair to work on and place it in between the barrel and the flap. Alternatively, you can just twirl your hair manually around the barrel.

 Rotate the device inwards or outwards depending on your liking and hold for a few seconds to let it work its magic.

Release the handle and slowly slide your hair out to reveal the curls. Erm, not so obvious but nubad.

I did a short 'mei pai' video and I can't stop admiring how pretty the effects are. Makes me look chio and professional leh! *cheat one*


Tadaa! Succesfully curled my hair for the first time, even though its not super obvious and kinda messy. I actually took about an hour to curl my whole head >< Ah well, practice makes perfect!


Admittedly, the straigtening option is a lot easier to use for noobs like me who've never handled a curling iron before. As for the curling option, the curls are pretty but not dispersed, maybe you need an iron with a larger diameter to get big, sexy curls. However, there is something wrong (I think) with the twisting cable at the bottom. It may be my plug point, but the power does go out occassionally at certain angles, making it hard to select the heating option or even keeping the device on. Other than that, I would say that it's a decent and affordable curling iron to invest in if you're just starting to experiment with your hair. 

Now you can go from pretty straight hair in the daytime to sexy curls at night with just one cool clamp tool! Plus, it's quite easy to use and oh-so-affordable at RM68 only from Supermodels Secrets HERE!
PLUS, if you key in the discount code "Carinn" upon checkout, you can take RM10 off the iron! *valid till end of the year*

So which hairstyle do you prefer? Do let me know :) Till then, please watch this space for future posts on other Supermodels Secrets products!


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(Same row as N Foods & Herbs with Hong Leong Bank)

Call / SMS / Whatsapp: 016-2801990 / 017-6691754
Line / Wechat/ KakaoTalk: Supermodel2u



Supermodels Secrets 



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Disclaimer: The review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after using the product. Effects may vary depending on individual skin condition and personal habits.

Monday 19 May 2014

Lifestyle x Giveaway: Carousell 3-for-3 Giveaway!

Hey Carousellers! Just wanna share some good news with you guys :) * The Carousell 3-for-3 giveaway has been extended till 11 June 2014 so hurry and upload your listings now!

If you don't already know, Carousell is Malaysia's fastest growing lifestyle marketplace that allows you to sell your pre-loved and brand new items with just a few simple steps! Simply snap a photo, upload it with a description, and in 30 secs you're done! It’ll be up in the Carousell marketplace immediately, made available to fellow fashion and beauty enthusiasts who are always on the hunt for great bargains! You can read my previous post HERE if you wanna get a better insight :D

There's some good news to share with you guys. Carousell has recently expanded its partnership with SPH Magazines from August 2013 and has now collaborated with BluInc Media to bring over 1.6 million fashion and beauty sales listings to the digital editions of selected magazines in Malaysia. Some of these include Female, EH!, Cleo, and Glam magazine. Sounds familiar? They're kinda like the top female mags in Malaysia that you'll see in every bookstore and newstand!

The company’s then 200,000 fashion and beauty listings in August 2013 have since grown to over 1.6 million listings.The partnership is Carousell’s first in Malaysia, and is aimed at helping sellers reach a larger pool of buyers seamlessly—a move that is consistent with the company’s mission of inspiring millions to start selling. How it works is that, Carousell members selling in the categories “For Her” and “Beauty Products” can list an item for sale, and it will automatically reach a large and targeted audience of fashion and beauty magazine readers. 

Here's an overview of how the SheShops Marketplace on herWorldPLUS look like:
Imagine this: While you're reading up on the latest fashion and beauty happenings on any of these magazines and you just have the urge to grab the item that you're looking at from that page, you can now do so! Well, kinda. Readers can now also shop from a huge variety of pre-loved and new  ladies’ apparel, shoes, bags and beauty products sold by members of the Carousell community at prices as much as 80% off retail price at the SheShops Marketplace. So... You can basically shop on your phone AND on the web now, thanks to Carousell :o

Sounds good? Some better news is that... Carousell is giving away FREE 3 months digital subscription to any of these magazines, with just 3 simple steps!

All you have to do is:

1. Download the Carousell app and Sign Up for an account if you haven't! (or just skip this step if you're an existing user)
2. Post 3 listings* in the 'For Her' and/or 'Beauty Products' category. 
3. Wait for your redemption code on 28 May and instructions on how to redeem your free subscription!

*Listings must be uploaded between 7 May 2014 to 28 May 2014. Redemption code and
instructions will be sent to you after 28 May 2014.
* Good news! The 3-for-3 giveaway has been extended till 11th June 2014 so you have more time to upload your listings and win free subscriptions!

So essentially, you're not only clearing out your wardrobe but giving yourself a reward/ additional entertainment as well with the new digital mags to read :D Are you excited to clear out your wardrobe and make room for MORE new clothes yet? (I know I am, my room's a mess....)

For more details about the giveaway, you may visit their blog HERE. For bloggers, feel free to contact Huiyi at if you'd like to blog about this too and you will get featured on Carousell Malaysia Facebook page. Plus you might also get a chance to be featured in the seller spotlight :)

That's all for now. Hurry list your items for sale now! :) Oh, and don't forget to FOLLOW ME on Carousell to get a glimpse of what I'm selling! :)



Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post, I'm just sharing on my own accord to let my readers know of this chance to get free mag subscription, especially if they're avid readers themselves.

Saturday 17 May 2014

Another Perspective

I don't usually blog so randomly late at night. Nor do I usually post personal stuffs, because life has been kind to me so far. I am happy. 
But not today. It's one of those rare bad days which got me feeling so... Negative. So unhappy. Or it could just be amplified sensitivity and emotions due to lack of sleep. Whatever it is I just really need an outlet to get this negativity out of my system. 

Was up the whole night completing an assignment and I only managed to get an hour of sleep. But I still got prepped up for the last lesson today and I was actually feeling pretty good. Then came... a series of unfortunate event with work and school. It's just me overthinking, I guess and not pinpointed at anybody in particular. 

Today, I learnt 3 valuable life lessons. 

1. Accept and learn from your failures. 
It's not a setback nor a discouragement. Everyone is bound to fail at some point in life. Think of it as a lesson instead, and your life will actually be happier and easier. No one is perfect and we all need to fall down once in awhile. People may dislike you, dislike your work, dislike your actions but they are not responsible for your happiness. So don't be affected by them. What matters most ultimately is the lesson you take away from the failure with an open mind and improve for the future. 

2. You have your capabilities, but respect others' strengths too. 
It is rude and unnecessary to look down on others, just because they're different from you. Everyone is fighting their own war. If you think you're good in something and proud of it, whoever gave you the right to mock other people's interests or capabilities? It's only manners to listen to people and know that every job has its significance. You don't have to have a stick up your ass just because you THINK you're more "qualified" than others. Everyone deserves respect. 

3. Help others whenever you can, but don't expect returns. 
The reality is harsh in the sense that not all good deeds get repaid in good. Also, not everything you do is so "noble and kind" that people automatically "owes" you. You don't always need to get something back in return. Have you ever thought that maybe sometimes it is actually your responsibility to contribute? It is the universe's way of saying, "Spread the Love!" If by helping others it helps make someone else's life a little easier, a little happier, why not go ahead and do it? And who knows these people will remember your kindness and return the favour in the future too? Even if they don't, you know you've been a better person today. 

Sometimes I think I read people too easily and trust them too fast. My principle is, if you didn't do anything to harm me, I won't say or feel anything about you as well. I like to see the good in people but sometimes, observation and talking to others offers me a wider horizon and different perspective at looking at others. And sometimes, these perspectives are not nice at all and may disappoint you. But in the end, it's good to be honest- to yourself and others. I'm glad I have a bunch of friends and a calm bf whom I can open my heart to and make my bad day a little more bearable.

I wonder, am I different from what others perceive me to be too? Should I even be bothered by what they think? 


Wednesday 14 May 2014

Beauty: Soap Gallery Foaming Facial Cleanser & Rose Hip Moisture Lotion

Happy Wednesday! How's your week so far? I'm in the midst of rushing for my (sorta) last assignment. This super busy sem is gonna end soon, can't wait!

My final year project this sem involves making handmade soap to sell. We totally did not expect it, but all our soap were SOLD OUT! Super happy. I actually got the idea of doing handmade soap for our biz project after visiting Soap Gallery at KSL City at the start of the year and the review was what inspired me to learn how to make handmade soap.

 After learning about the benefits of handmade soap, I have been using the soap that I got from Soap Gallery the last time, daily. Contrary to the name, Soap Gallery does not only carry soap but has recently launched their handmade skincare range as well! After seeing the effects of the handmade body soap, of course I wanted to try the skincare range when Kim approached us!

The types and brands of skincare in the market is getting more and more diverse. And apparently, the more effective and popular ones often comes with a hefty price tag. But then again, you never really know how much chemicals go into making your skincare products, do you? 

******Foaming Facial Cleanser******

Soap Gallery Foaming Facial Cleanser is sulfate and paraben free and not to mention, free from animal testing! It does not contain SLS/ SLES, synthetic colours, animal fat nor preservatives. This 120ml cleanser is very gentle and suitable for normal to oily skin. This cleanser is non-comedogenic which means that it will not clog your pores nor irritate your skin, and makes it perfect for everyday use. It claims to moisturise and have oil balancing properties. It contains no oil and removes all impurities such as oil, bacteria, dirt and more. Your skin will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after using this product!

Ingredients: Aqua water, gromwell root infused olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, rice bran oil and lavendar essential oil.

It comes with a pump nozzle and somehow I really like pumps cos it makes me feel more... idk, expensive? Lolol. However, this pump is a bit hard to use and I can't pump with one hand. So yea, it's a bit hard to control the amount you want with a hard-to-press pump.

To my surprise, the foam is really firm and dense, not watery like I imagined.

When lathered with water, it becomes quite creamy and smooth, just like whipped cream!

Before we go on, I need to let you know my skin type first because what works for me, may not work for you and vice versa. I have combination skin which means that it is oily around the T-zone and normal/ slightly dry on my cheeks. My skin has its mood swings, sometimes being good and sometimes there'll be "volcano eruptions" aka pimples, especially on my forehead. It gets even worse during stressful periods. I don't follow a strict sleep routine nor have a super healthy lifestyle. K and I admit I don't like to drink water! >< I have my own night-time routine to apply toner, serum and moisturiser before bed and use sunscreen and BB creams on a daily basis. Not very good, I know, but I can't find the courage to go out without makeup sometimes..

This was my skin condition last month. It was 11/4 and I remember the date cos it was my monthsary w the bf XD This was with makeup on and you can tell that there are obvious bumps and pimples all over my face. It also looks very dry and dull.

Directions for use:

This is my face nowadays, with BB cream applied. I didn't know I looked so fair...

1. Apply a small amount of product and apply to face with fingertips.

2. Cleanse in a gentle circular motion.

3. Remove with warm water.

Caution: Use as directed. It is not suitable to remove eye makeup with this cleanser. If it comes into contact with the eyes, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of young children. If discomfort or sensitivity occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician.


After washing, I used a toner to wipe off the excess makeup and to my delight, the cotton pad comes off clean! Ok lah there were a teeny bit of BB cream left but I don't think you can see it on camera. Shows you just how well the cleanser does its job!


Note that I've used this cleanser without any makeup remover or cleansing milk beforehand. Simply love how CLEAN it feels! My skin feels quite taut (in a good way), fresh and moisturised. The cleanser is so gentle and comfortable on my skin and I love the calming lavendar scent it gives off. Not to mention, I love foam cleansers cos they're so fun to play with! XD I've been using this cleanser for exactly a month now and I have to say, my skin condition has really gotten better (photos at the bottom of the post), with the exception of a few spots. My bf has tried this cleanser too and he has really oily skin which gets very dry after washing, but he said that with this cleanser, his skin doesn't feel tight and the oil-balancing properties are quite good, although it doesn't last very long. 

I have actually been using less BB cream lately and on some days, I don't even have to apply anything on my face, except sunblock and some undereye concealer, to go to uni. The other day someone also commented that my skin looks a lot brighter now, yay. Not sure if any of my friends realised this but having "well-behaved" skin really helps to save a lot of products and money lah.. xD

So are you amazed yet? I myself am too as I was quite skeptical if the cleanser would work on my skin. A little worried at first actually, cos it's handmade and I was quite worried about the quality control. Boy, was I wrong. If you're interested in getting this too, it retails at RM 29.90 or RM 26.91 for Soap Gallery Soap Card members. It's very affordable to me and I might just continue using it after this, since it's about the same price as drugstore brands or even cheaper. You can find it here on their website.

 ******Rose Hip Moisture Lotion******

Moisture lotion? Hmm basically it's a moisturiser lah XD I received a sample size to try out, so please pardon the humble packaging. It'll definitely look nicer when you purchase the full sized lotion from the shop! I think it will be in a pump bottle. 

What's so special about this tiny tub is that Soap Gallery's moisture lotion are TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE! The lady boss, Perris, was sweet enough to cook this up for the Ma Cherie JB bloggers :)

This lotion is specially made for all skin types and can be used for the face and body. The main purpose of this moisturiser is that it is good for whitening. It contains rose hip oil and wheatgerm oil, which is similar to the human skin sebum. In the water phase, rose water was used due to its soothing effects and nice fragrance. The lotion also contains aloe vera for its antibacterial, anti-fungal and skin repairing properties.

Ingredients: Rose hip oil, wheatgerm oil, safflower oil, witch hazel dope, hyaluronic acid, areginine essence, vitamin E, aloe vera gel, emulsifier, grapefruit essence oil, lavendar essence oil.

After doing my handmade soap project, I have become a fan of all-natural products so I was pleased to know that the lotion is actually so full of goodness! To get a glimpse of how the lotion was made, you can view the process HERE.

 It contains no preservatives, hence there is a short shelf life of only 2 months from the manufacturing date.

The sample size comes in a small tub with a screw cap. Good for travelling purposes but sometimes this whitish-yellow lotion spills easily from the tub and leaves a mess on my dressing table -_- The consistency is nothing like a lotion cream nor gel. I think that it is too watery, kinda like a serum already.  It can be a good thing though, as it makes it easier for your skin to absorb the nutrients! 

There is also a soothing herbal/ floral smell which I like, but some people may not be able to tolerate. Audrey says it smells like grass lol, but it's alright for me.

Directions for use:

Use it after toner as a moisturiser. Just scoop out a few drops of the lotion with your fingers or a spoon made for moisture creams and put a few dots/ drops on your face. Massage it in gently and pat gently. And you're done!

See, it's so watery that you can see it dripping from my cheek. Not sure if the retailed lotion is of this consistency..

Results/ Thoughts:

Only a tiny amount is needed for the whole face due to its consistency. I would prefer if the moisturizer came with a spoon or something as it is unhygienic to keep dipping my finger into the lotion. For the whitening part, I don't really notice a difference.. Apart from that, I really like this moisturiser cos it really does a good job of hydrating my skin. I sleep in an air-conditioned room and my skin doesn't feel dry at all after applying the moisturiser. I'm really pleasantly surprised because who would've thought something so pure and natural works as well as the big brands in stores? Also, the lotion doesn't feel sticky at all after application. My skin is sensitive towards fragrances so the natural essence oil not only smells good, but doesn't stimulate my skin as well.

And besides, Soap Gallery custom makes the lotion according to your skin type. You can tell them your concerns and they will try their best to come up with the perfect facial lotion for you, all for a price of only RM 40 - 60 (80g). What's not to love?? 

Basically, this is how my skin looks without makeup now. hashtag #nofilter LOL. Please stay this way because I really love clean and clear skin!! Who doesn't right?

I have nothing bad to say regarding all the products that I've tried from Soap Gallery, honestly. Minus the fancy packaging, you actually pay to get more of the natural and good quality products. If you're interested in getting these products but can't make a trip to their stores, fret not! Soap Gallery does online retailing as well and for me, it's even more worth it to purchase online especially if you're a Soap Card member, cos you get 10% discount and get the products delivered right to your doorstep.

Visit their website and Facebook page for more updates!

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Disclaimer: Even though the products are sponsored, the review is based on my personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the products.