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Friday 2 May 2014

Event: Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2014

This is a long overdue post, but I thought I'd just like to share my experience at Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2014 with you guys :D It'll be more a more of a photo diary than wordy post.

The reason I went to the fair was because I had won a pair of Fion Poon shoes worth RM300 from the Facebook giveaway contest. Coincidentally, I was free that weekend so I decided to go and get the shoes.It was so tired travelling for an hour plus via public transport plus meeting some weirdos along the way. Plusssss.. I don't understand why the PWTC LRT station is situated so damn far from PWTC. Had to walk quite a long way and even more later when I discovered that Hall 2 is located ANOTHER walkway away from the actual PWTC Hall. Wai the design liddis -_-

Since I was there already, I thought I'll just pay the fest a visit. Didn't get anything for myself but I got two pairs of shoes for my bf for RM70 only! A shoe design competition that was held in conjunction with the fair and it was fun to see the interesting designs done by these aspiring shoe designers.

The 'Wall of Fame'

image from MISF Facebook

This is the 4th Malaysia International Shoe Festival held to gather all shoe-holics and designers all over the world at a one-stop shopping location, with the tagline, ""Walking in Unity, with the Sole of the Nation"". From established to aspiring shoe designers, you will definitely find something for everyone. The MISF is also held to commemorate Dato' Jimmy Choo's talent. Fashionistas all over the world will definitely enjoy this cultural exhibition. 

So OTT (over the top) o.o

This has got to be my fave design! It's also the winner of the shoe design competition :D

Devil and Angel.

Sculptures made with shoe parts like the soles and laces :o

Cute shoes by Teh Chi Chi! :3

Handpainted shoes.

Don't worry, they have shoes for men too!

Don't remember the name of the brand but it's an Italian brand with super cute and quirky designs!

There was a Children's Design Competition that day.

Elegant Dato' Jimmy Choo shoes display. <3 Too bad I didn't get to meet the man..

SO PRETTY! I swear I was blown away by this Zang Toi display.

So sparkly *.*

Amori is a HK brand and they carry shoes from various places. They were selling Fiorruci from Italy leather shoes for RM80 only! Regret that I didn't get it. :(

Just in time to watch the little ballerinas' performance. Adorbs max. Makes me reminisce my ballet days XP

Fion Poon batik design shoes & bags. Too gorgeous. FYI, Fion Poon is a local designer who specialises in incorporating batik prints in her designs :)

Beautiful pink display by Tiamo.

Hahaha so cute XD Wait, what race and traditional wear is this?

Even baby clothes and shoes were on sale! Really everything for the whole family.

\Wooh Swarovski~ They also carry some of the CHEAPEST bridal shoes I've ever seen!

Swag shoes.

Wait, is that... hair on the shoes??

There was also an "Out of the Box" competition whereby the designers came up with the most unique shoe boxes design, but my phone died on me already so I couldn't take pics ._. Here's a pic of the Giant Shoe Box at the fair though! 

image from MISF Facebook

Got bf these slippers for RM10 :o

And these loafers for RM60 only! Glad I found a design he likes cos he's been looking for loafers for quite some time now.

And.. Tada! The reason why I travelled all the way to PWTC. These are my Fion Poon shoes worth RM300. It looks quite boring here, but they're actually quite pretty when you put it on. The winners couldn't pick the shoe size or design so I was quite lucky that this pair was size 34, just nice my size! No need to sell it off dy, cos I'm pretty sure not many people has small feet like me XD

Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed the fair. I definitely know where to visit if I wanna get cheap shoes next year already! Can't wait for the next MISF, wish they'd have more of this all over Malaysia. :D

For more photos of the event, you can check out Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2014 Facebook page.



  1. Give a girl a pair of right shoes and she can conquer the world. Love your post!

  2. Hi there, thanks for dropping by! Followed your blog :)

  3. Great event to get shoes at affordable prices!

  4. Really great collection. They look comfortable too. I too have a great collection of wedges online India only at #Majorbrands.


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