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Thursday 29 May 2014

Community: Party with Gong Cha! [The Butterfly Project x GongCha]

If you ask me what's my favourite bubble tea, I will definitely tell you I'm on #TeamGONGCHA!! 

image from Gong Cha

A little bit about Gong Cha
Gong Cha means "Tribute Tea" which originated since ancient times in China. Tea is presented to the Emperor and only the top quality ones are used. The Gong Cha chain has now expanded worldwide and are commited to offering tea "fit for an emperor" to their customers. Of course, aside from tea, there are other beverages as well - all equally natural and healthy and yummy!

image from OpenRice

My absolute favourite drink would be the Signature Green Tea with Foam & White Pearls. mm.. actually the Wintermelon one is pretty good as well..

The smooth creamy, buttery layer on top...

with just a hint of mint.....

followed by the sweet and cold green tea.....

and the juicy, crunchy texture of the white pearls.....

OMG WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I HAD A GONGCHA?? Unfortunately, there is no Gong Cha branch in Sunway Pyramid which is nearest to where I live, otherwise I'd drink it everyday. Just can't help buying a cup whenever I spot a Gong Cha outlet at malls or in Singapore :D

image from Butterfly Project

When The Butterfly Project Beauty Bloggers posted about a contest to win a TRUCKLOAD of Gong Cha, I was totally psyched! Not one or two cups, it's a WHOLE TRUCKLOAD. I knew I had to try my luck, even if it means I only have 0.01% chance of winning. Of course I didn't wanna win it for myself, I'd get diabetes from drinking so much sweet goodness. The reason is because.... aiyo don't laugh at me ah.....

I recently got elected as the Organising Head of Freshies' Night on 5th August 2014 for my programme. After being in the VU Business Club for a year and a half, this is by far the biggest responsibility ever handed to me. I'm wasn't sure if I should rejoice or crumble into a ball of stress. Of course I chose the former because I'm not doing it by myself.

I have a great team working with me. They're more like my family :)

Spot me XD

We are currently searching for sponsors for the event, targeted at 230 participants on campus. The theme is Cultural Night. It'll be a super fun event, filled with colours, games, performances, culture and food. Of course, what's missing is a yummy cold drink after running around playing ice-breaking games.... And that's where Gong Cha comes in! 

In my head, I'm imagining a huge Gong Cha truck parked outside Sunway uni and the participants will be lead downstairs from the hall to grab their drinks, before heading back to enjoy performances for the night. Wouldn't it be so cool to Party with Gong Cha?! Literally!

Not only that, the Freshies aka new intake students will be thankful to have something to break the ice among them too. I mean, who doesn't love Gong Cha? Like they always say, friends can bond over a cup of coffee. Well, I say they can bond over a cup of Gong Cha too!

We've organised events before and I'm sure this event will be as successful as the previous ones, even more with Gong Cha's help! :D

image from Butterfly Project

Interested to win a truckload of Gong Cha drinks too? Head on over to Butterfly Project Facebook to find out more! :) You can register here before 30th May 2014. Don't forget to LIKE Gong Cha on Facebook too!

This is just a small effort from me, to take one for the team. Truly hope to win this and add more joy to an event that I'm organising for the first time ever :)


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