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Saturday 10 May 2014

Fun: Mystery Room Escape @ Johor Bahru!

Good morning!

If you don't have plans this weekend, I strongly suggest that you read this post and go try this out for yourself after this! It's something a little different, it's something unique. I'm sure many of you have heard of Escape Room in KL? This is a similar concept but one level up as theirs is done in a HOUSE! :p Also, it's the first in JB so of course I have to try it out! #hipster 

Thanks to Aud, we got invited to review the games there. We were both wondering why we had to spend an hour inside? The house looks so small and there were 6 of us, I'm sure we can finish this review ASAP.... Oh, how wrong we were..

Mystery Escape Room is located at Bandar Jaya Putra (or commonly known as JP Perdana) and was started only about 6 months back. I've passed by it so many times cos it's quite near my house and just a few doors away from Just Want Coffee - The Garden and Once Upon A Time Cafe. You definitely can't miss it cos of its eye-catching purple colour. I wonder why purple?

Escape Room is an indoor entertainment invented in Japan and is basically a real-life game where you solve clues, puzzles, riddles, crack codes and escape traps. It also tests your skills as a team as the minimum to play is 2 and max is 7. 

The cute owl and key logo is apt, as you'll have to be a detective and solve clues and obstacles in order to crack the "mystery". (Sherlock Holmes, anybody?) The owner, Anson, played this game in Thailand and decided that it was a good idea to bring it to Malaysia. As a pioneer in Johor, not many people understand what this place is about but many would also agree that it is a good activity to past time, instead of just hanging out at malls, going for karaoke or movies. I mean, why watch a movie when you can Touch, Feel and Experience the thrill for yourself?

The first thing I saw inside was this photobooth wall! Note to self to take pics here later :p
Um, in case you're wondering, Cluedo's (like the board game!) was actually their previous name but they had to change it due to some issues...

The price is pretty reasonable as well, especially if you're a student.

They call this the "Wall of Fame". 
All participants who completed the mystery will get to be featured here. Did I mention that the fastest person to complete the case will win RM 1,000?? NOW is that incentive enough for you to come play? :p 

A lot of the completion time are very close, it's more challenging than you think to win that RM 1k! Check your competitors' time before you play. :p And if you think you can go back after a few weeks to play the game and beat the time again (har, play cheat wan), you can't because they will switch up the themes and games every two months or so, after announcing the winner of the previous months!  

Apparently, this is the "Wall of Shame". We were praying super hard that we won't end up here....

The advantage of having an escape room in a house is that there is more space for other things like a living area and sofa and water-cooler, for you to cool off after you complete the game. Trust me, you'll need a place to rest your feet and calm your heart after the thrill..

Bags, phones and cameras are not allowed in the games room. But fret not, lockers are provided to store your belongings!

Apparently, we're supposed to sign a consent form before playing, so that we keep the obstacles a secret. However, we did not sign it.. But I'm still not gonna tell you the game, let you figure it out yourself ok! That's the fun part!

Two of the games room are actually located upstairs and one downstairs. You must be wondering how can a small house accomodate so many rooms? We were quite surprised too, the obstacles were rly well-designed and utilised the space well!

The games available are divided by level of difficulty:

Prisoner's Torment, the beginner level.

One Piece: The Ghost Captain, the intermediate level which is downstairs. I think this level is fully conducted in Chinese?

The Curse of Pharoah, the advanced level, which is the one we played! I can't reveal the game, but I can tell you that it requires both physical and mental capabilities and it's really so fun! Oh yea, don't worry if you're a 'banana' like me. There will be both English and Chinese instructions available :)  

Some tips which I saw from the website:

We had so much fun! At first we were quite nervous if the interior is gonna be scary. Jen and Eryn were the awesome hot mama, who actually passed all the obstacles while wearing high heels! Got quite stuck during the first 20 mins and the game master had to come in and help us so many times omg. XD Watching the clock countdown was super nerve-wrecking when you're trying to think! One of the highlights was when Aud accidentally touched *something* and it moved and Ler actually screamed! Which made all of us scream in unison hahahaha XD

There was abit of technical error too at the beginning but they didn't add some time for us though! :( It's actually much better to go in a group cos there'll be more heads to think of solutions. But it's ok, the game masters were really friendly and whenever they saw from the CCTV that we were stuck, they would come into the room and give us hints. Which is part of the reason why we managed to solve the mystery within 59 minutes and 5 seconds!

Super happy lah, cos we didn't think we could do it but I guess we're smarter than we thought! :p  Also, thanks to the helpful game master lah. During the last few secs when we cracked the last clue, he was in the room and purposely went out to lock the door so that we have to unlock it ourself lol!

#proud #MaCherieJB #pInkyfingers

Btw, we did come up with a name for our JB Bloggers group that day.. Like our Facebook page (Ma Cherie - Johor Bloggers) to find out more about us ok! :)

Spot us on the top of the WALL OF FAME!

The super friendly and helpful game masters (and boss photobombing at the back). Thank you very much!

Um, it is advisable to wear shorts cos you'll be moving around a lot. I was wearing SKORTS ok, it's not a skirt!

Every one of us contributed our part to complete the game. It's even more fun when I played it with you girls! <3

Here's a Public Service Announcement! (chehwah)
Mystery Room Escape has opened their second branch at Sutera Utama. Congrats! The soft launch was on 1st of May and the official launch will be end of this month. I heard that there will be two floors as well, with more themes (maybe up to 5) and the obstacles are totally different from the ones at the first branch.Wondering what themes will there be? Here's a sneak peak from their Facebook page!

Goodness, the second and third one looks so scary >< Imma get my bf and family to go try out the new branch if we get the chance!

Thanks to Mystery, we will get to try out the games at the new branch too with these discount vouchers, which are valid till end of this month.

From left: JenniferAudreyEdlynKimErynLer
You can read about their experiences on their blogs! *click*

So if you really have time this weekend, do drop by and have a fun time with your family and friends! Challenge yourselves and let's see if you can beat our timing? :p

For more information, check out the links below:

Tel: 07-300 9569
Operating hours: 12pm - 12am

Main branch Address:
5A Showhouse, Jalan Persiaran Jaya Putra 1,
Bandar Jaya Putra,
81100, Johor Bahru,
(next to Just Want The Garden & Once Upon A Time cafes)

Sutera Utama branch Address:
15A & 15B, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2,
Taman Sutera Utama,
81300, Skudai,


Disclaimer: The review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the game!


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    1. Wow thanks for the tag! :) Maybe you can be a pioneer and bring this game concept to where you live hehe

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