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Sunday 28 July 2013

Let's talk about Luck.

I just wanna rant ok. :(

Most of my friends know I've lost my wallet/ purse. I don't know HOW it got lost or even WHERE it got lost. Here's the story.

Last Saturday, I woke up at 6am for an event in uni. I was one of the student helper/ ambassadors hence, we had to be there early. I'm not a morning person so I was pretty grumpy and blur that morning. I left my bag with all my stuff (except my phone) in a locked room and went for my duty. After that, I went home to get something with Hui and she kept my keys in my bag for me. Turns out, she was the last person ever to see my red Fossil purse.

Around 4pm, I went straight home after grabbing my bag as the room was getting really cramped. Didn't even check the contents, but I remember pulling my water bottle out for a drink, then I left. I really regret not double checking if my belongings were intact. :( After my nap, I went out for dinner with my housemate, Jie En. She asked if I could pay for her meal first since she didn't have enough cash. It was 8pm when I unzipped my bag and realised my purse wasn't in there. I had a bad feeling and kept saying 'what if it's not at home, what if it's not at home..' and En kept telling me that it's definitely at home. When we reached home around 10pm, that's when I finally realised my wallet was gone.

I searched high and low. Even went back to the room the next day (Sunday) but nope, it's not there. I just broke down. All my precious items were in there - my IC, bank cards, driving license, Touch 'n' Go card, Jusco/Watsons/Starbucks/Juiceworks card (yes I'm aware I have a lot of cards), student IDs, LEAP card, SSPN card, BR1M card, and those cards you use to collect points.? Also about RM250+ for books, my pendrive, polaroids with friends, neoprints with my bf and many other little souvenirs and cards given to me by my friends. Yes, that's how versatile my wallet is to fit so many things.

Sigh, my fave purse T.T

I cried not because I lost my money, it's because I lost most of the things I treasure. What saddens me the most was losing the wallet itself. It's a gift from my dad and I've had it for 2 years and it's still good as new. My dad's definitely not gonna buy me any nice stuff after this.. -.- After I'm done crying on the phone to my mum, I called the bank to cancel my cards and went to the police station.

First time in a police station and it's weird. The police officer gave me a piece of used paper with ANTS on it to write my details. Like, whut -.- Then when he took down my statement for the report, this conversation happened:

Me: Saya nak letak alamat JB saya lah. **, Jalan ***** 47..
Him: Taman Daya eh?
Me: *how the hell does he know*
Him: Saya pun orang Johor.. Saya tinggal kat ***** 54..

LOL! What are the chances. Anyway, thank you Sam & Eunice for accompanying me to the police station and Yen & Shin for following me there to get my receipt!

That's not all.

I went back to JB on Friday as it was a holiday in Selangor, to make my IC. Mum refused to let me skip the 2.30pm class on Thursday so she ended up booking a 4.30pm bus for me. Just my luck that it was super jammed that day and the taxi uncle chaffeured 3 other ppl despite the jam. Thank you lah, for making me miss my bus. As if I wasn't poor enough after losing my wallet, I had to fork out another RM30 for the next bus back -.-

Despite it all, I know I'm a lucky girl to have so many people encouraging me when I was down. Eunice and Boyfie kept calling and texting me to check if I was ok. :)
Voon Anne brought me out for lunch cos I didn't want to eat and they kept telling me it's okay cos me losing my stuff caused them to miss a trp to Bukit Bintang on Sunday. I felt so bad. :/
Pam brought me a Laura Mercier sample primer cos she knows I wanted to try it. She says even though it's small, she hopes it'll cheer me up. Aww, so cute lah XD
And my mum, aunt and gramma have been giving me money even though I rejected them. HAHAHA ok lor free money. 
I think my youngest aunt is the best ever. She drove all the way from Cheras to pass me my stuff and a new bag that she bought from the States for me. My first Kate Spade, babeh! She said, "no wallet, got bag also can lah".

Zebra preengs!

Seriously touched by everyone's efforts :)

Gramma says that no matter how unlucky you are, you have to keep telling yourself that you're still lucky. I know she's right now, cos I AM lucky to have so many people love me and dropping me sweet messages this whole time. Actually, I'm still kinda hoping for a miracle and that someone will return me my purse.... I've been down for days, it's time to pull myself together now. No use moping. I love you guys :)


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