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Monday 1 July 2013

Beauty: June Loves.


First off, THANK YOU for noticing my new blog skin! (I know you did, for those who have visited before). I love it, can't stop staring at it cos it's so PRETTY AND PINK! :D

BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU and credits to Miss Janice Liong for designing the header and customizing the blog skin template for me! She's a super sweet lady who happened to see my tweet and messaged me, offering to help even though we practically just met. :D Gai tian qing ni chi fan! Idk what else to say but ARIGATO THANKYOU XIEXIE TERIMAKASIH KAMSAHAMIDA for helping me beauify my blog.


I submitted this photo for Sony Malaysia's Jom Meriah Bersama Lisa Surihani competition which ends TODAY (30/6/2013). It's so easy. Just take a selfie/ group photo with the most creative headband, tweet it and you might stand a chance to win a Sony NEX-3N camera! Chances of winning are super slim but no harm giving it a try! Details over here.


So fast, it's already the last day of June which means half of 2013 has gone by :O

I have nothing better to do so gonna talk about my fave buys of June. Most of my friends know I'm a shopaholic, BUT! I'm more attracted to cheap, pretty stuff than expensive, exclusive items lah.. :p This month I went on a shopping spree after exams because I think i deserved the retail therapy for surviving this crazy sem. These are not reviews lah, just sharing why I love my new stuff so much hehe. So here goes!

#1 Maybelline HyperSharp Liner

I saw this eyeliner in Cleo magazine, voted under Most Lasting Eyeliner under RM30 so I was quite interested to check it out. I got this for RM17.90 (?) at Watsons which I found super reasonable!

Why I love it:
i) It's super waterproof and smudge-proof!
ii) Easy to use. The 0.05mm marker tip makes it even easier to tightline your eyelashes, just like drawing with a pen. :D
iii) Easy to remove with make-up remover and does not stain the eyes.

i) Pigmentation could've been better. I had to go over the line a few times to get it to look really black.

#2 Biore UV Aqua Rich Sunscreen

I don't use sunscreen and recently a lot of people have been scaring me with things like, "Your skin will age faster leh if don't use!". This 90ml bottle consists of a watery jelly which is kind of different from the usual creamy sunblock. Got this for about RM24 and it says on the packaging that it can be used for both face and body. I have sensitive skin so I thought if it didn't work on my face, I can still use it on my body! Smart leh~ XD

Why I love this:
i) Non-sticky and non-greasy. The watery base makes it easily blendable leaving skin with a nice, smooth finish after application.
ii) Doesn't smell as sunblock-y as usual sunblock.. Cos normal sunblocks have a strong smell and I do not like that.

i) SPF too low! Not sure if SPF 30 is enough considering the crazy sun lately, but they don't have the face+body sunblock in higher SPFs so I don't have a choice..
ii) Would've preferred the watery MOUSSE kind that my housemate let me try. There's also one which has BB functions so the coverage makes your skin dewy after application!

#3 Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water

FINALLY got this little bottle to spray on my face when it gets too hot and sweaty. How I use it is I spray it in the air first then move my face towards the mist. Not sure how other people does it but this works for me :D Got this for RM18+ at Watsons as well.

Why I love it:
i) It's lightweight and small enough to be carried in my handbag.
ii) Holds my makeup better.
iii) Other benefits include (as shown on their brochure) - heals wounds, cooling effect and you can use it anywhere (face/body/etc), used after surgery/ after makeup removal.

i) Er.. So far no complaints! Maybe just that it's a little pricey for a small 50ml bottle..

#4 iPanema flip-flops!

I'm more of a high-heels person but I don't mind switching to flip-flops for these pretties! They're from the iPanema Switch Straps range and they're priced at RM49.90. There are 3 switchable straps included so it's like getting 3 flip-flops for the price of one! I know most people love Havainnas and frankly they're the same to me but reviews shows that Ipanema have softer rubber that moulds to your feet shape, more durable straps and girlier designs. Not sure how true is it but they're cheaper and more easily available than Havaianas anyway so I got them :D

#5 Bikinis from Forever21, Cotton On and H&M.

HAHA. Gone a little crazy this month cos it's SUMMER and there's sales for swimsuits everywhere! I got the first white set from Forever 21 and it's RM36.40 after a 10% student discount for both top and bottom. Heh!

Then I saw the second one in JPO for RM15 at Cotton On so I bought it for the black lacy pattern. Sexy!

It gets cheaper and cheaper cos the orange piece is only RM10 from H&M. HAHAHAHAH WHAT A STEAL. And it's from the Beyonce collaboration with H&M Swimwear range so it's unbelievably cheap! Too bad I don't think I have a chance to wear all 3 this summer break................

Hmm....... That's all! Till next month! :) *click the Follow button, will ya? :D*


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