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Tuesday 9 July 2013

A New Me.

I am back in KL as my 4th sem is starting soon. so fast, i'm gonna be graduating soon i feel old. 
Feeling kinda homesick already, there's so much things I've yet to do at home, so many friends I've yet to meet. :( I can't even make it back for my grandma's birthday celebration cos I have so many things to do! :(

For this sem, I aim to be more productive and disciplined. Most of my classes start early, so I'll have to plan my sleeping schedule better now. And more healthy eating, if I'm to put on weight! Hopefully things will go better and I don't turn into a zombie like I do every other sem.....

I got a haircut and dyed my hair. I change my hairstyle frequently cos I get bored easily. Got so pissed off with my grass-like, limp curly hair so I just walked into a salon and got a haircut. Hairdressers lie to you. When they tell you they're gonna take off 3-inches, they actually mean 6. -.- But it's ok, my hair looks healthier now at least! If you didn't know, this is how my hair looks like now.

Looks abit purplish under the light. :D

I used Liese Bubble Hair Dye in Antique Rose. Love the colour cos it managed to cover up my black roots and the fact that it made my hair softer due to the Amino Acid and Royal Jelly Extract. The smell isn't that bad, but it does stay on for a few days. The Rinse-off Treatment packet they provided lasted me 2 days (maybe cos my hair is shorter) and it helped keep my hair soft and smooth. :)  

Also, for this sem, I gave my room a new look! It makes me happy just looking at it. I have photos of my loved ones hanging on the wall behind my bed now to look at whenever I feel homesick. :( 


Bought mini lanterns + fairy lights from Cotton On clearance sale to hang in my room. Now I can sleep without feeling like I'm in a black hole. Big thanks to Eunice and the boyf for helping me set this up!

Lanterns! <3

How it looks in the dark. Loving the lace motifs on the wall! :D

Sigh, still feeling homesick. Gonna turn in now and hope tomorrow I'll be better. Keeping myself busy will make me miss home less, I guess. Goodnight!


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