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Thursday 4 July 2013

Eats & Treats: Second Floor Cafe [CLOSED]

UPDATE: This restaurant has ceased operations as of 2015. However, the review will remain on my blog as a form of reference for readers. Thank you.

So yesterday, the boy and I found a new cafe in JB called Second Floor Cafe. I first saw photos of it on some of my followings' Instagram and decided to pay the place a visit since I live sooo near. It's located at Jalan Adda 3/3, Adda Heights (facing Adda Heights Legend Brown precinct) and it's on the second floor of a shop lot (hence the name, Second Floor. I guess.)

We were chatting with one of the co-owners of the place and he was telling us that they have yet to do intensive promotion of the place yet, since the signboard isn't even up yet. Then he asked us how we found the place? Apparently his close friends did a good job of promoting their cafe on Instagram, then. XD They're all pretty friendly and easy to talk to so that's a plus point itself. 

We went there after dinner so we were pretty full and just looking for a place to chill. I would say this place is perfect for chilling with your friends but I have a feeling you can also throw a pretty wild party here as the place is pretty big and the owners are youngsters just like us. The design is AWESOME. I mean, if you're into cool, retro stuff like me, then you will LOVE it. Shall just let the pictures do the talking!  

*PS: Photo quality is pretty bad even though I've edited them, as I'm only using iPhone 4S's camera. Seriously considering investing in a good camera now. Any suggestions?*

The shop is located upstairs, and the owner says that they're currently only relying on this small sign and the lights for their promo now. It's pretty easy to drive past it so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

Once you go up the stairs you will be greeted with a photo of this 'lansi' photo of a pug and a pair of legs. ('lansi' boyfriend not included XD)

Ring the doorbell and remove your shoes before you enter. You will be greeted by a cool combination of lockers, retro knick-knacks, old school superhero masks, a paper-mache Spongebob and a disco ball!

Love the dressing table! So vintage! The owner said they scored places like Malacca & Singapore to obtain these retro pieces :)

Even the namecards are cute wtf XD

The cashier's counter. The lockers seem pretty old, imo. So many cute soft toys!

Mad love.

They have a puppy omg!

The photos changes depending on which angle you look from. We were seated at the perfect angle showcasing the scary side of these b&w photos. Nice one.

These are old McDonald's Happy Meal collectibles! Whoever owns them is super smart for keeping these. ~.~

Can definitely tell youngsters own this place because they were blasting K-pop and Boyce Avenue songs the whole night from the telly. There are a lot of DIY items as well which I think is pretty unique. 

There is this "Meeting Area" which is more private and quiet if you're looking for a place for discussion. Loving the idea of a wire fence, haven't seen those around for years. This area is more private as it also functions as a studio for the photographers who own this place. 

The photographs pegged there are taken by the owners and I recognised the waitress was one of the models in the pic.... 

This wall is so cute! 

The kid in me on a rocking horse. :D

Found this wall and the owner was telling us that they're photographers so can always look for them to do photography and videography. I personally think the photos taken by them are beautiful, even more so when arranged together like this. 

Tissue holder also so retro omg. The content of each menu is handmade as they have different designs in it. Kudos, bet this takes a lot of patience to do.

Our drinks! My Mango Smoothie and his is Cream on Green or "nai gai" as they call it.

I like the smoothie a lot! Love the fresh, sweet taste of the mango. Not "jelak" at all. And for his drink, we were supposed to sip the cool green tea and milk foam straight from the cup (unlike Gongcha's Signature Green Tea) and we ended up with........


Ham & Cheese Wrap for RM 9.90. Tastes pretty decent, mostly cos it's freshly made.

After eating, we did more camwhoring..

My favourite wall of all!

Who can resist not taking a photo here?

Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe (Y)

Wall outside the toilet.

OOTD : Polka-dot chiffon top // High-waisted shorts

So if you're looking for a new place to hangout, this cafe is strongly recommended! It's a blast from the past and the concept is kind of like Roost Cafe in town. Great for taking photos, definitely. Potential new hangout for Sunway College JB's students haha. This place will be booming once they start promoting it, I'm sure. :D

Address: 01-16, Jalan Adda 3/3,
               Taman Adda Heights, 
               81100, Johor Bahru.



  1. It's in the new Adda Height shop house there huh?

  2. Yeap! It's same row as Belanga Satu restaurant! :)

  3. so this is what it is. haha! passing by everyday not knowing what shop it was. heh

  4. Yeap! Do go check it out! :D


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