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Tuesday 25 June 2013

Fun: Sunway Lagoon The Big 20 Experience.

Helloooo! I finally got my laptop back after 2 days of stupidly leaving it in the boyf's luggage and forgetting to take it back once we touch down in JB. :p 

Been wanting to blog about our Sunway Lagoon trip on 20th June 2013 as we finally did something different together (because admit it, there isn't  much to do in JB other than eating, shopping, watching movie and karaoke-ing).

Oh ya, I didn't name the blog title The Big 20 for fun. It's the name of the monthly promotion held by Sunway Lagoon on every 20th of each month. Just in case you didn't know. Lol. Each month, 1000 Malaysians are entitled to buy tickets for ALL parks at RM20! I highly recommend you guys to check it out and you have like 4 more chances since they extended the promotion till October 2013. Original price per tix is RM120 so we saved 100 bucks each! *cheapo alert hahahahaa* But seriously, I think it's a good bargain and seeing that we both need a break after a hectic sem, why not go for it? Coincidentally, my exams ended on 18th June and I have something on on the 21st so it was decided that we might as well stay a few more days to play in KL!

Shall start with us queuing up for the tix on 19th June and maybe based on our experience, you can pick up a thing or two should you decide to go play on the 20th next month too. :p 

Some terms & conditions:
1) Each Malaysian must present their IC to be entitled to buy the RM20 tix.
2) Each person is entitled to ONE ticket. SO if you plan to bring your whole family, you have to bring your WHOLE family there to queue for the tix on the 19th. 
3) Queue starts on the night of 19th around 9pm (usually). They claim the sales start at 10pm but it's better to go earlier cos if you're not among the first 1000, you will be sold RM50 tix. And don't go on 20th itself; all the cheap tix would've been sold out dy. I know, it's a bit of a scam.
4) Tickets are only available at the Sunway Lagoon Main Entrance Ticketing Counter.
5) Tickets entitle you to ALL parks except some rides like G-Force X, Bungy Jumping and Go-Kart where you have to pay extra.

What happened on the 19th:

We went for a shopping trip at Bukit Bintang. Wanted to wake up early like around 9, but we slacked till 10pm. And because we don't have a car in KL, we had to take public transport all the way to Bkt Bintang. Reached there around 12.30pm and shopped for around 5 hours before we left for home. Was pretty exhausted already when we reached home but I had to show the housemates my hauls of the day :P
I realise everything was mostly black, white and grey == Must remember to get more colourful clothes next time.

Eunice was scrolling through FB when she saw a photo posted by Sunway Lagoon official FB page. Then she shouted for me. "Rinn! You come and see! You think you go at 9pm still got chance to buy anot?!"

Wtf. Did NOT expect the crowd to go so early this time round. It was only 6.30 pm and I just reached home, for God's sake! Panic mode: ON. Oh btw, we BOTH won 8 Monsters University premiere tics from but we couldn't go cos we wanted to queue for Lagoon tix that night. We'd better get the Lagoon tix, else I'd rage. Dragged Moo out to go queue for the tix dy and we ALMOST forgot to take his wallet which had his IC, Visitor's Pass and cash -.- Thank God we remembered, cos I was broke :p

Called my cousin Xynna and my friend Sam cos they're all going to queue for the tix too. Sam was there already and he told me to hurry then he might be able to save a space for us. How kind. For the first time in my life, we managed to finish walking the canopy in 3 minutes wtf. Legs gonna break dy after a full day of shopping somemore.. The queue was crazy! Sam was right at the back with Sherying. Actually we felt quite bad about cutting queue but Sam was like, "Don't worry, behind people all I pakai already wan!" Hahahah champion.

We queued for about an hour? Then Clover, Xynna and her friends came. Bb went and get sushi for me. When he came back. there were cops and they were using loudspeakers to announce that we all had to take out our ICs and show it to them. Quite rude lah, IMO but what can you expect. After that they let us go into some barrier. Just before it was our turn, they passed us a numbered card and stopped us from entering the divider =.= I thought, whaaaaat we cannot buy dy isit? :( 

We were number 471 and up.

Then they let us in to another divided side to wait. All we could do was sit there and talk talk talk talk and complain about the heat and our butts hurting from sitting on the ground. ><

Only pic we took together ._.
Ahhhh the amount of people is too damn high!!!
About half an hour later, they FINALLY opened the gate for people on the first side of the barrier to buy and made us (on the second side) wait. -.- So unfortunately, we were right in front and they opened the gates right at the BACK for those people to buy first. So actually it doesn't matter what number you get, as long as you can squeeze to the front you can get the tix first. We got dragged around to the ticket counter where you STILL had to wait for them to let you in 10 by 10. When we FINALLY got our tix and they put the wristbands on us, it was 9.30pm already. Can't believe we queued 2 hours to get tix. 

My suggestions:
1) Get there early. Seriously though, idk why people are getting more kiasu and going to queue earlier than ever now.
2) Apparently, ada nombor janji dapat beli.
3) Buy more drinks, food and tissue paper cos you never know when it'll reach 1000 people before they decide to open the ticketing counter.
4) If you can, try and squeeze to the front when they open the gates. It's every man for himself at this stage. (chehwah)
5) Do not take off the wristband they put on your wrist the night before. That's your ticket to enter.
6) EAT more for breakfast before you enter Lagoon! They only allow you to bring in mineral water and the food in there is pricey so try to fill your stomach in the morning.
7) Do not go in later than 11am cos that's when the queue really starts and you'll want to have ample time to play ALL the rides.
8) Get the e-Locker for RM15 which enables you to open it unlimited, unlike the RM5 normal locker where you can only open once. Key must be returned before 5.30pm.

FINALLY we went home and ate dinner cooked by my housemate (Thank you, Jie En! :*) and turned in early for a looooong day tmr.

On the 20th:

As usual, we woke up late and had to rush to get ready. Slathered on sunscreen like nobody's business cos I was so scared of getting burnt >< Went and grabbed KFC breakfast and met Xynna and her friend there. It was around 11am when we entered Lagoon already so we had to plan what to play first. I chose to go to Water Park first cos I wanted to try out the Vuvuzuela!

Only got 20 dollars in my pocket~

These are photos the park photographers took for us at the entrance. Didn't want to get them initially cos most of the pics are repetitive but Sam was kind enough to get all our photos and compile them in the RM100 CD he bought and sent us the soft copy. Thank you, Sam! You are super duper kind! :D

The photographer made us pose so many funny poses wts XD

We forgot to get a disposable waterproof camera before we went in so we couldn't snap any photos in the themepark :( Oh wells. First stop, the water slides! Tried out the smaller ones first so I'd build up the courage to go on the Vuvuzuela. HAHAHA. And because the queues are shorter here. We tried the snake slide first, then the open air one.

Damn ugly. HAHAHA.

Spot me XD
Met Sam, Sherying and Clover when we were queueing and decided to go on the Vuvuzuela together since you need 4-6 people on a float. Clover went already and she was freaking out over the "free-falling" part which got me damn scared as well lol. But it was soooo fun! I loved it. The most exciting part was falling from the slides into the hollow part where you slide left and right and there's water gushing out from the pipes at the side. :D Then we went on the one slides with the mat and obviously I was the slowest to go down cos I'm so small and there's no momentum -.-

Next we tried out the Waterplex 5D. It's a virtual roller coaster ride and takes you to weird places like lavas and pirate fights with mermaids and snakes and what not. Water will splash at you randomly so it made the ride pretty realistic. One thing I didn't like about it was it was SO COLD! Not sure if I was screaming cos I was really scared, or really cold. Ran out after the ride to dry ourselves in the sunlight BRRR.

We went to the Wavepool to relax after that. Every 20th, they'll hire DJs for the event so it was quite nice dancing to the songs they mixed. This month it was DJ Jag and DJ Fatbone. They really hyped up the atmosphere! The boys had to piggy back me and Sherying cos we're so short ahahhaha. Then we had a quick lunch at Marrybrown. I wanted to go to the Extreme Park next to play the All Terrain Vehicles (ATV). BIG mistake. There were a bunch of people having a treasure hunt there so we had to wait for them to go on the ATV before it was our turn. One group even asked if we can let them go first after we had waited for 45 minutes in line. I was pretty hot and tired at this point so..

You may not.

But after that they had to do duck walk around the ATVs so I felt pretty bad lah.. Haha. I gotta say though, I'm pretty good at driving an ATV even though I can't even drive a car :P Quite sad for Clover who couldn't control her vehicle and ended up scalding her leg a bit on the engine. Ouch. :(

We went on the boat ride next. The canoes were off limits so we had to ride a lame swan. HAHAHA. Clover rode with Sherying cos Sam ran off to get plaster for Clover. After all that waiting, we went and relaxed at the beach for awhile. PANAS SIOL.

Fave pic. Please ignore the half-naked dude at the back.
It was getting pretty late so I rushed everyone to the Amusement Park cos I wanted to try out at least 3 parks. Scream Park is out of the question cos I refuse to step into a haunted house and Wildlife Park is lame. We went on the Tomahawk to get an adrenaline rush. Damn nice, no queue here! Oh, something really stupid happened here. Because I am so light, I stood up straight when the thing spinned 360degrees. I freaked out and was thinking to myself, 'F*CK I'M STANDING?!' When we came down to the ground, I quickly pushed myself down to the seat. And Sherying forgot to buckle her belt before the ride started and Sam was worried sick cos she could've flew out hahaha. Thank goodness nothing happened. I can't take this ride more than once, cos I felt sick after one round dy. Bleh.

Hmm.. After that nothing very interesting happened. Except some dude outside the haunted house dressed in formal wear went "Hello, hello" behind me and when I turned he was looking at me with a creepy face. And he had totally white eyes. I almost screamed. Asshole. And some Malay dude beckoned me when I was on the slides and said with all seriousness, "Ah Moi, you can do this!" LMAO.

Ahmoi, you can do this!
We parted with the three of them after that cos they wanted to play the Pirate Ship and I wanted to go on the Vuvuzuela again. Dammit the queue was so long this time but it moved fast. The second time was more fun idk why :D Then we rushed to return our e-Locker key cos it was 5.15pm already. And rented a RM5 locker cos we still wanna play :D Brought Bb to walk in the Zulu Walk which is some long 'river' with tunnels and waterfalls along it. We met a fat, hairy Pakistani dude taking photo with a Malay girl who seemed reluctant to put her arm on his shoulder. I was telling Baby, "I bet that's not his gf." Turns out I was right. Cos the next thing we knew, he asked if he could take a picture with us. Moo stood next to him, but he was like, "Oh no, she must be in the middle". Wtf.. I knew something was up. After that he requested to take a pic with me alone and he put his hairy arms around me. Eeeeewww! :(

Ok lah damn tired dy. So we went and hang out in the Wavepool for awhile. They brought out this big ball in the pool and you could climb into it hehe. So I climbed in for awhile to roll like a hamster wtf XD Finally around 6.30pm we decided to get changed dy cos we had a dinner date with Erica and Fabian. So damn crowded in the bathroom cos #girlsbeinggirls, everyone was either changing damn long, peeing damn long, curling their hair, doing their makeup or standing in front of the mirror for nothing... Surprisingly, same thing happened in the boys' room lol.

That night, we had dinner at BarBQ Plaza with Rics and Fab then cos we weren't full, we had dessert at Cornet. I really like the croissant topped with coconut ice cream! YUMS.


Erica came over to stay that night. And because we were STILL hungry, we stopped outside uni to get Ramli burgers. Always wanted to try the burgers from that stall and it was not disappointing! The lamb burger is damn good! :DD
Elikaaaa <3

My skin and hair got really horrible after playing that day. Called my mum to book facial for me on Sunday when I got back ugh. Talked and did mask and nails with Erica, Jie En and Eunice till about 2am that night so you can imagine how exhausted I was. But all in all, it was a fun day so I don't mind at all. Thank you Baby, for taking care of me and carrying my bags for the past few days. Can't wait for our next 'trip' together! :D x



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