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Tuesday 2 July 2013

Eats & Treats: My Liberica Specialty Coffee

Went for high-tea today w the BFF-till-death-do-us-part, Cheryl Chengchengchengcheng! She came to fetch me after work around 3pm and we decided to go to My Liberica Specialty Coffee to try their coffee cos I heard good stuff about it.

Once you step into the cafe, there is a strong aroma of coffee. Everything is made of wood and with the orange lighting, it gives off a relaxing atmosphere.


They use their own coffee machines to make siphoned and drip-coffee. My Liberica also has Luwak coffee (the coffee made w wild civets' excretion) for RM50 and Irish coffee which has liquor for RM20.


We wanted to order the Swiss roll and Mille crepe cake but they only had chocolate cake and tiramisu today. :( Really wanted to try the Swiss roll cos I heard its good. Oh wells. Next time! So we just ordered drinks and was supposed to go somewhere else for cake after that. 

Her cold Caramel Machiatto Latte for RM 9.80. Pretty design, sweet and not too strong.


My Hazelnut Latte for RM 9. Not bad, for someone who doesn't drink coffee. I like that it's creamy enough. Must have lots of milk! Foam is quite bitter, but the coffee is so smooth and aromatic. I like. :D 


Ms Cheng posted this photo of me on Instagram with the caption, "Too much coffee, I need to pee!" Lidat lah, such a nice photo gimme such a weird caption ~.~

We hardly meet nowadays cos Cheryl's studying in the UK but I always look forward to when she's back and when I happen to be in JB, we will meet up whenever we can. We do Whatsapp sometimes, but we never run out of things to say when we meet. 10+ years into our friendship, and all we do when we meet each other is talk and gossip and talk and gossip. I guess 10 years later we'll still be the same. But that works for me. :D 

Oh, and it's mandatory that we take lots of photos too. XD 
My hair looks purple here!

FOR SALE. Anybody wants this girl? Pretty, smart, funny, friendly, kind and sweet. Dresses well and can cook. Good investment! (HAHAHA my attempt at promoting you and making you famous, pass anot? XD)

After that we wanted to go to Just Want Cafe for cake, but the one in JP Perdana (my new favourite place!) is closed for today. /ayfkm.jpg Not fated to have cakes today :(

So she sent me home and we tried to take an Instavideo in the car. Stupid phone was so laggy that we only managed to successfully record and post it after 3 takes. If only Insta allows you to save videos and upload it later...

"What is that thing doing next to me?!"

Act cute level 238476.

Finally, a normal one.

See you soon, babe. Love you much much :*

Address: 73, Jalan Molek 3/10, 
               Taman Molek,
               81100, Johor Bahru.
Opening hours: Mon -Tue 12pm - 10pm
                       Thur - Sun 12pm - 10pm
                       Closed on Wednesdays.

Carinn <3

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