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Friday 14 February 2014

Birthday & Pre-Valentine's Date

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chap Goh Mei, everybody!

It's been awhile since I've updated my blog, and my previous posts have been a little short. I would love to have more time to sit down properly and write, but it's been pretty hectic. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm tired even before classes started.. I will try my best to arrange my time so I can update my blog regularly! That's a promise.

So if you don't already know, I'm 21 now.. I will be blogging about my 21st birthday party (hashtag #carinn21st) soon! (UPDATE: Read it HERE!) It's nothing grand, but I just wanna share some photos and thoughts and a lot of thank yous. 

The party was 3 days before my actual birthday, but I had a sweet boyfriend who prepared a little surprise for me on my real birthday itself! Because I'll be going back to KL before V-day, we celebrated our monthsary + Valentine's Day a week in advance. Quite sad now that I'm seeing couples all over the place today and I can't be with him :(
I know I'm bad but I always complain that he's not sweet enough, he's too honest/ I'm too smart to be surprised... But I really did get a surprise when he made me... A PICNIC LUNCH! So sweet wan.. I mean, it's not often that we get to go on dates like these so it was pretty special to me. Just thinking about it makes me smile. :) 

Photo heavy post. All photos were taken with my iPad mini! Thank goodness for nice weather.

*****Surprise picnic lunch*****

Sushi prepared by the bf! For a guy who never cooks, I'm touched that he took the initiative to learn how to make this and it's a good first attempt! As cheesy as it sounds, it's the best sushi I've ever had, handmade with love :)

Chef Moo

Setia Indah Recreational Park where we had our lunch.

I couldn't decide which headgear to wear so we took a few shots HAHAHA #sampat.
The straw hat belongs to my sister. The grass looks harmless, but it was TEEMING with mosquitoes! If you zoom in closer you can actually see the mozzies on my legs o.O

Bowler hat from Bugis Street

Birthday OOTD #1:
Top from Bugis Street
Shorts from Forever21 (Christmas gift from my cousin in UK!)
iPanema flip flops
Floral crown from
Shades from Cotton On (from Carouseller @ewjm)
Twistband from Luxola
Bracelets from H&M
Necklace (gifted)
Instax Mini pouch from Action City

Oh, and here's my hot male model/ photographer. LOL! So ridiculously silly, but I love you :D

The mozzies attack was too overwhelming so we hurriedly snapped a few pics and went home. And this was what happened to the boy's leg when we got home!! ZOMG. Kept applying aloe vera gel to reduce the redness and itch.

My favourite shot of the day.
The camera is actually my birthday gift from him! I was so shocked and touched because I only casually mentioned that I want one before and he really got it for me :o Love it even more cos it's pastel PINK! 

*****Birthday dinner*****

Before dinner, he brought me to Holiday Plaza first cos I wanted a pink screen protector to match my pink iPad cover and Instax. Lol! It's just the kind of nonsense I will do and he will willingly comply. Silly silly boyfriend. :p
Found out that he actually booked TGI Friday's for our dinner. Fine by me, I haven't been there since they renovated a year or two ago! There's only one TGIF in JB, btw.

My Keywest White Fish (RM23.90). It's tangy and spiced, very appetizing! I like that the sauce is light and not too sour. The broiled vegetables were not really fresh though. But the spiced rice is fluffy and tasty, kind of like indian rice. Tastes even better when paired with the sauce!

Boy chose the Barbequed Chicken (RM24.90). Quite a big portion, with two chicken drumstick. The BBQ sauce is quite appetizing too, but somehow I feel Friday's standard has dropped. Enjoyed the onion rings, they're the only kind of onions I'll ever dare to eat. Mashed potato was a little bit dense and not fluffy enough for me.

As expected, when you celebrate your birthday at Friday's, you get to celebrate it Friday's style.. Which was what I dreaded. The waiters came over and talked really really long. I was still recovering from my sore throat so I had hoarse voice. But that didn't stop them from making me sing while holding the huge pepper shaker -_- Sooo embarrasing, I tried to sing "Let It Go" (idk why that just came to mind), as softly as I could. Then they made us kiss in front of them before the whole restaurant sang  "Happy Birthday" to me in two languages. HAHAHA! They also made me blow the candle from 3 feet away and idk how I managed to do it XD Then when I opened my eyes after making a wish, boyfie surprised me with a bouquet of flowers. :)

Choc Tiramisu from Moonlight Bakery. Yum yum! Apparently boyfie prepared the cake and flowers and passed them to the Friday's crew the day before already.

Birthday OOTD #2:
Neon pink tube dress (worn as top) from Terranova
Leather skirt from Bugis Street (gifted)
Shoes from
Kate Spade bag
Studded mint bracelet from H&M
Feather earring from Diva (gifted)

Thank you bb, for preparing such a sweet celebration for my 21st! I know it wasn't easy because you were having exams too. Love the fact that you learnt to cook for me (kinda)! Hehe. It's perfect; a simple day spent together, just chilling and we even managed to get some work/ assignment done in between. Cannot thank you enough for the wonderful surprise and gift. :) This is the second year we're spending apart on Valentine's Day, hope we'll get to celebrate it together next year? I've never actually had a proper V-day celebration in my 21 years of life, so you'll be my first :p iloveyou!

Yea.. Just wanted to share some photos and memories with you all. Here's wishing all my readers a Happy Valentine's Day and even if you are single, do know that there are always people around who love you, so never ever feel alone! Valentine's Day is all about loving yourself and the people who love you. Hope you all had a good Friday night! Share with me how you celebrated YOUR Valentine's Day! :) 
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Lots of love,
Carinn xx


  1. wow haha happy belated birthday and happy belated vday! =D seems like you had a great time! =D

  2. Why are you so tiny! XD So sweet you both <3

  3. Happy belated birthday girl! Cantiknyaaaa! Sweet sangat bf you nii. I pula yang jealous. You're so lucky :)

    1. Aww thank you! Don't need to be jealous, you'll have your turn :) x


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