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Sunday 15 March 2015

Beauty: Clinelle WhitenUp EE Cream

Hi guys! It's the middle of the month now and I haven't really blogged omg. I am such a lazy blogger. Anyway, I'm back with a quick review on a new makeup product that I've been sent to try out. A little late in posting about the Instagram contest though, but I'll still share my thoughts on the product itself. 

Clinelle was founded in 2003 and have since then expanded their brand to pharmacies around Malaysia and Hong Kong. Using an integrated Envinix system, Clinelle frees the skin from rapid internal and external environmental pollution that affects the skin. It might be interesting to know that the brand name is made up of two words - Clin and Elle. 'Clin' means 'clinically tested' while 'Elle' means 'Light'. With its RX3 Action to Repair, Refine and Reshield using an integrated Envinix™ system, Clinelle products gives the skin optimum tolerance and health. The products are dermatologically tested and contains no artificial coloring, fragrance, lanolin, mineral oil, SD-alcohol and comedogenic ingredients - the 6 secret to having happy skin.

The packaging is similar to a CC Cream that I've reviewed before, in a shiny purple box. Sadly, the box was damaged during delivery but luckily the tube inside was still intact. All Clinelle products are formulated using the latest technology in skincare from laboratories in France, USA & Korea. Just launched in January 2015, this product is endorsed by Ella Chen of S.H.E!

We've heard about BB and CC creams but what is EE Cream, you say? The 1st All-in-One Clinelle WhitenUP EE (Even Effect) Cream SPF  50 PA+++ is the latest generation tinted moisturiser that corrects and evens out every flaw and skin concern. With exclusive Advanced Skin Perfection Tri-Complex delivers 15 beauty effects in just one touch, without looking heavy or cakey while giving protection and skincare benefits. This 15-in-1 EE Cream has been dermatologically tested for tolerance and efficacy and is Paraben-free, manufactured in lovely Korea, making it suitable for all skin types.

Peel off the silver protective sticker before you use. The Clinelle WhitenUP EE Cream SPF 50 PA+++ has:-

♥ Whitening & Anti-aging Complex derived from Purple Rice Extract which prevents melanin formation and anti-aging Peptite to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
♥ Hydration System with innovative micro-encapsulated Aqua Capsules (water droplets form when you spread out the cream) to lock in moisture for all day hydration and instant cooling effects. It also has Hyaluronnic Acid to hold up to approximately 1000 times its own weight in moisture.
♥ Skin Protection Complexed derived from natural Sea Buckthorns to supply nutrients and promote skin restoration while Chamomila is an antioxidant to boost skin defence, soothe and calm skin sensitivity. Also comes with SPF 50PA+++ for 8 hours of sun protection.

The cream comes out in a light brown colour and looks quite watery. The cream is lightweight, smooth and non-greasy to soften and supple the skin for an even, fresh-faced complexion.

After spreading it out, I notice a lack of moisture droplets on my hand but rather, it seems kind of chalky? It also settles into the fine lines of my hand. The plus point is that it is easy to spread out and leaves a cooling sensation. I have a feeling it's going to leave a matte finish on my face. 

So I've been having really bad breakouts lately (this is not even the worst..) and I terribly need something to help cover up my flaws! I've been searching for a good foundation to use but who knows, maybe I'll like this EE cream instead?

With its makeup and skincare benefits, this product can be used in multiple ways. You can also dab and blend product evenly on cleansed and toned face as a daily moisturiser or makeup base. After applying the cream with my fingers, I love how matte and fresh my skin looks! Granted, it doesn't conceal ALL my flaws but I think it has done a pretty good job covering up the redness and unevenness. My face also looks abit fairer than usual.

Well, it looks fantastic from afar but I don't really like that closeup, it looks kind of streaky and slightly orange-ish. It could also be because of my dry skin type. I recommend using a brush or sponge to achieve a more even application.

Final thoughts? I would recommend this product for short-term wear only as after 4 hours or so, my skin starts to oil up and the makeup seems to be melting off. Mind you, I wore this to work in an air-conditioned room for 9 hours or so. While it doesn't dry out the skin, the product is not long-lasting and looks kind of blotchy by the end of the day. It also flakes around the nose area. Touch-ups are required throughout the day otherwise, it will not be a pretty sight. For a night out or lunch date, definitely use this product for that airbrushed finish and cooling sensation on your skin!

Clinelle ran a 1-Minute Selfie Perfect Challenge previously because it is found that selfies are very common and close-up selfies usually enhances the flaws on your complexion. The winners walked away with RM5000 worth of prizes, including a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite! Congratulations! Achieve flawless skin for every selfie with Clinelle WhitenUP EE Cream now for only RM65.90. Available in shades Ivory and Natural.

PS: Clinelle was also kind enough to send me a bottle of Pure Swiss Thermal Spring Water (RP: RM38.90 for 150ml) to try out. I am a sucker for spring water in spray bottles so I absolutely love this! It feels so fresh to spritz it over my face before and after my makeup to keep my skin hydrated and hold my makeup in place. Why not try this out too when you purchase your Clinelle WhitenUP EE Cream?

Clinelle products are available on their websites and at selected pharmacies nationwide. Find out more at:
Instagram: @myclinelle #myclinelle


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Disclaimer: Even though the products were sponsored, it has not affected my opinion in anyway. the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the products. How I use it may not be the best way to use the product and effects may vary depending on various conditions.


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