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Wednesday 26 August 2015

Eats & Treats: One63 European Bistro & Bar Johor Bahru

It's hard to find a good Western dining place in Johor Bahru, even more so if it's fine dining. Luckily, we are introduced to One63 European Bar & Bistro in Jalan Ngee Heng, in JB Downstown. They are a juxtaposition of old & new - a modern restaurant set in an old shoplot. Don't you just love the Victorian era exterior? Well, One63 may be relatively new (started less than 2 years ago), but they are definitely making waves in the dining scene in JB! 

There are two floors for dining. This is known as The Liquid Room. While the lighting may be a tad dim, it does suit the theme of an old English/ European accommodation concept. There is also an Alfresco dining area outside and a Private Room for functions. Btw, if you're looking for parking, there are ample parking lots behind the restaurant which you can access from Tropical Inn paid carpark :)
Fun fact: One63 is named after their address which is shop No.163 #nowyouknow

Upstairs at The Dining Room, the decor gives off a cozy & clean atmosphere and is big enough to host dinner parties & large crowds. Altogether, these dining areas are able to accommodate up to 200 guests at a time and able to cater for small-sized banquet events. There is also an adjoining door which leads to Mad16° bar next door, which I shall be talking about in another post. (UPDATE: Mad16° Bar & Lounge review is UP!)

One63 fits the bill of 'Johor Bahru's hidden gem' to a tee. Located just across Double Tree by Hilton, Menara Landmark and just next to Tropical Inn, it is placed in a strategic site in the midst of international hotels which attracts lots of tourists & locals alike. Most of their dishes, as like their interior, has French and Italian influence. One63 is an establishment built to be an all-rounder of good dining, drinking and fun. Why do I say that? Just next door, Mad16° Rooftop Bar & Lounge will entice you to have a drink or two there and coming soon, there'll be a new cafe opening! Tell me, who wouldn't enjoy being in this one-stop dining place from morning till night? 

Currently, One63 is having a Value Set Lunch Specials, which is mainly what I want to introduce to you. For RM17 NETT, you'll get to select from a variety of cuisines for the main course and each set comes with a drink. Set Lunch is valid from Monday to Saturday from 11am - 3pm.

   Set Lunch Specials   

Basically, this is how the lunch set looks like.

Refreshing Iced Lemon Tea that comes free with every Lunch Specials order.

Wanna know what are some of the food in the Lunch Set specials? First off...

Spaghetti Pasta
Not your typical spaghetti bolognaise. This spaghetti with a twist actually tastes like spicy chilli crab (surprise!) So Singapore Chilli Crab lovers, this is something you'd like. It's slightly spicy and tangy because of the tomato fondue, and very fragrant. Check out all that fresh crab meat bits!

Fettuchini Pasta
Can never resist Carbonara style pasta, even if I can't take too much of it. This fettuchini pasta is cooked with tender grilled chicken slices and generous serving of parmesan cheese cream sauce. It looks a tad bit oily, but that's because it's cooked in butter so it smells extra creamy. Portion-wise, it is just right for one serving.

Classic Fish and Chips
Yes, every set lunch needs a classic. A large piece of dory fish is fried in batter and served with crispy Truffle fries, homemade Mayonnaise sauce, and a side of salad. PS: Truffle fries are the bomb!

Plancha Grilled Chicken Thigh
This has got to be my favourite dish from the lunch menu. This is tender grilled chicken thigh covered in spicy black pepper juice and sauteed button mushroom & herbs, served with a side of fresh salad. The chicken is the definition of crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The sauce may be a little on the spicy side for some, but it's what gives the dish a 'kick'. Another great thing about this dish is the roasted baby potatoes that's done just right!

Orange Smoothie | RM15
One63 serves an array of fresh smoothies and this one's pretty unique - Orange Smoothie. In case you're wondering, it's made with fresh orange because you can still taste the pulp in the smoothie. It's slightly sour though.

Watermelon Freshly Squeezed Juice | RM12
I was craving for juice that day and this refreshing & sweet watermelon juice that's freshly juiced hits the right spot!

Signature Cream of Mushroom Soup | RM12
The first sip I took, I guessed that it's truffle I'm tasting, and I was right. Aromatic truffle essence and English parsley are added to this generous blend of mushroom & cream to create this signature One63 mushroom soup.

Fluffy Bread | Complimentary
Each customer gets served a complimentary bread when they dine at One63, be it lunch or dinner. It's a little filler before your meals and in my opinion, goes well when dipped in the Mushroom Soup. The bread may look big but it's because it is extremely airy & fluffy so no worries about filling up your stomach too much before the main course arrives.

   Something to Share   
Nacho Nacho | RM23
One of my favourite snacks in the world is nachos! This Mexican dish consists of crispy tortilla chips served with minced beef, jalapeno, sour cream, a side of salsa and most importantly, loads of chedda cheese sauce! It's true when they say anything tastes good with cheese. I can't take beef but the chips dipped in the savoury cheese and spicy & sour jalapeno is so addictive that I can't stop eating it already :D

Squid Ink Pasta | RM32
Admittedly, you can't find many places in JB that serves squid ink pasta, what more GOOD ones. This is why I'm always game to try whenever a restaurant serves this dish. This authentic squid ink pasta is infused with the flavours of the sea, minus the fishyness. It is also slightly spicy as it's cooked with chilli, sage leaf and confit cherry tomato for that hint of freshness. Notice how generous they are with the fresh Sicilian clams as well. The pasta is practically drowning in clams!

Penne Pasta | RM23
Not to be confused with the Penne Pasta mentioned in the Lunch Specials Menu, this one is cooked with duck rillette, Morel mushroom, thyme and a splash of red wine. Don't worry, you won't get drunk on this :p It's especially creamy and again, there is a hint of truffle taste to it which makes it that much more fragrant. The penne pasta has already soaked up the cream and has just the right chewiness to it. No fuss, no mess. This would be a hot favourite with kids, I must say.


Mushroom Pizza | RM24
Here's another great dish for sharing. This mushroom is has the right balance of tomato, Mozarella cheese, mixed wild mushroom, double cream and English parsley, all served on a thin, oven-baked crust. It's what I call 'crispy on the outside, soft on the inside'. Check out all that cheeeeeseee! It's not everyday that you get to taste truffle essence in everything you eat and One63 has perfectly paired almost all their mushroom dishes with that fragrant ingredient, but if you're not a fan of truffle, this might not be the dish for you.

   Main Course   
Duck Breast | RM32
While this may not seem 'filling' as a main course, don't forget that this is a fine dining restaurant after all. To me, this dish has European and also Chinese influence to it. The smoked duck is served with confit honey daikon radish, baby pak choy, sweet potato puree and a drizzle of butterscotch sauce to make it sweet and savoury. The skin of the smoked duck may be a little on the tough side (or it could just be because of my new aligners, so my teeth felt weak), but the tenderness and juiciness of the meat is undeniable.

Lamb Shank | RM42
Ok this one I can definitely eat, even with my weak teeth. The lamb is SO soft that it practically fell off the bone when we cut it! And the more you chew the meat, the more flavourful it becomes. The sauce, infused with the natural juices of the lamb, is quite unique indeed. It is sweet, heavily peppered and has a hint of oyster sauce to it (if I'm not mistaken), that gives it a Chinese cuisine taste as well. It's a little hard to describe, you've got to try it for yourself to know what I'm saying. This dish is also served with a side of warm eggplant salad, which is basically thinly sliced braised eggplants that I love. Mushroom tortellini and roasted vegetables are added as well.

Black Cod | RM58
The super tender black cod here is served with white miso, bamboo leaf, grilled asparagus, roots vegetables and other seafood, all in a bed of seafood consommé. While I did not taste the fish, I did try the sauce which is chockful of seafood taste and is balanced off with the sourness of tomato. Freshness is key for any seafood dish and I think this dish is done right.


Chocolate Fondant | RM16.30
Now, besides the Panna Cotta (not shown here), I'd recommend the Chocolate Fondant if you are looking for dessert to cleanse your palate after a meal. One slice of the knife and the chocolate fondant inside just comes oozing out! Super love the warm chocolate combined with the crispy cake outside. Seen here, the dessert is served with a side of fruits to counter the richness of the chocolate. PS: Love the champagne grapes!

I have frequented the place more than once and I can safely say that the food does not disappoint. As with any restaurant, not all the food in their menu are great but those that I recommended (like the lamb and chocolate fondant) definitely are! If you are looking for a good Western food place to try out in JB, this is the place to go. You'll go for the food and stay for the entertainment & wide array of wines served after that, trust me. It's just such a relaxing and homely place! Stay tuned for my next post on the adjoining Mad 16° Rooftop Bar & Lounge!

Keep up to date with One63 European Bistro & Bar's latest updates, promotions & events. Find them at:
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Address: 163, Jalan Ngee Heng, 80000 Johor Bahru.
Tel: 07-222 0163
Operating hours: Monday - Sunday: (Lunch) 12pm - 3pm/ (Dinner) 5pm - 11pm  

Disclaimer: Even though the review is sponsored, it has not affected my opinion in anyway. The review is based on my honest personal taste and preference after trying out the food and services.

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  1. So hungry now omg! I like all your photos here! Clear and sharp!

    1. Goal achieved then XD What, really? It was quite dim inside and the photos turned out dark, so extra editing had to be done. Haha. Phew. Thank you!

  2. Love chocolate :)
    Maria V.

  3. I feel like want to eat the chocolate fondant!


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