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Thursday 17 December 2015

Health/ Beauty: Nano Japan Resvera - Alcohol-Free Red Wine!

What? A review on red wine? Haha kind of, but not really. Although, it'll make my blog seem way more classy though.. This is actually resvera - red wine that looks like wine, tastes like wine, but does not have the alcohol content like wine. Woohoo. Interested to find out more? Read on!

Introducing Nano Japan Red Wine Reservatol. It is a 100% alcohol-free red wine that contains all the benefits of regular red wines, minus the alcohol and sugar. You'd definitely heard of that "A glass of wine a day, keeps the doctor away" as it lowers your cholesterol level, lowers blood pressure and is high in antioxidants, to name a few. Not everyone has the luxury to enjoy a glass of red wine daily though, but NanoResvera is here to change that. which is why this special concoction of pinot noir has been described as "health in a bottle". You can still have wine and keep your liver healthy.  

Nano Resvera is made with premium pinot noir grapes from the organic vineyards of Oregon, USA, the grapes are then flown to Japan for production. Using advanced Japanese distillation technology, the grapes are fermented using a yeast-culturing method that bypasses the alcoholic-production stage, therefore making it certifiably HALAL. Yes, you heard right. Red wine can now be enjoyed by Muslim friends, pregnant or lactating mothers and even children, in small doses with no side effect.

When it arrived, the bottle was safely packaged with lots of bubble wrap and sealed with aluminium foil around the bottle ring. Just like regular red wine, Nano Resvera has all the benefits of red wine from lower cholesterol level, lower blood pressure to prevent heart diseases & stroke, fat-burning properties, has anti-aging & antioxidant properties and ward off illness by promoting good circulation. In fact, it is said that one glass of Nano Resvera is equivalent to drinking 7 glasses of regular red wine a day - even better nutrients minus the sugar and alcohol! You can literally "drink & drive" with this wine :p Some other benefits of Nano Resvera are better sleep quality, recovers poor eyesightimproved complexion and improved metabolism.

Check it out! It looks just like red wine, except for the bubbles and slightly lighter wine red colour. In fact, Nano Resvera smells like red wine too! It is advised to drink 40 to 50ml everyday after meals and while it is most suitable for people above the age of 30, there is no restrictions.

I love how this tastes! I prefer to enjoy it chilled as the wine is a little sparkling, so it's more enjoyable when consumed cold. Even though the wine does not contain sugar, it is still sweet enough to be enjoyed. It's really hard to describe the taste though - I'm no wine connoisseur. I let my mum try this too, and she really enjoyed the taste as well. Results-wise, I did notice that I sleep better everytime after drinking, even though there's no alcoholic content. Admittedly, one bottle only lasted me about a week but I did find that it has helped clear up my skin a little. Overall, I'd say this is a great drink and also a good gift to get for your friends this Christmas! Like all Nano Japan products, Nano Resvera promotes overall good health so why not enjoy your healthy dose of pinot noir now?

What I love:
- The taste - not too sweet, yet tastes just like red wine
- Helped me sleep better
- Improved complexion & gives me more energy
- Quite affordable

What I don't:
- Just maybe this one bottle is gone too fast :p 
Price: S$22.90 (sale price)
Volume: 500ml
Where to Buy:

Disclaimer: Even though the product was sponsored but the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the product. Effects may vary according to individual consumption pattern, health conditions, etc.

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