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Saturday 22 October 2016

Shopping: ezbuy Malaysia vs Taobao

My love for shopping on Taobao was rekindled recently because of ezbuy Malaysia! In case you didn't already know, Taobao is the biggest China shopping site where you can find practically anything! I used to get friends to shop for me on Taobao because I can't really read Chinese.. I do believe the last time I placed an order from China was 2 or 3 years ago? It's pretty inconvenient when you can't read the description or reviews of what you wanna buy LOL. I'm glad a service like ezbuy was introduced to me!

Mainly, I'll be discussing about the difference between shopping on Taobao vs via ezbuy Malaysia. ezbuy is a dedicated provider of professional online shopping services. ezbuy provides shopping services from China, Taiwan and USA, making it easier for us to transport anything we want from almost anywhere!

- Convenient for people who can't read Chinese
I mentioned this before, and I can't stress enough how important it is that ezbuy has helped reach out to a larger market. For 'bananas' like me, it makes things so much simpler to search for stuff that you want at a lower price. While the translation may not be perfect, it does get the job done. I mean, it saves so much time rather than searching for keywords and meanings through Google Translate or asking a friend or agent to help you buy, right? :p 

- Hassle-free sign-up
If I remember correctly, you will need to have some form of China social media account before you can sign up for Taobao. At ezbuy, it's just as simple as any online sign-up as they only require the basic sign in details - your name, email and password. If that's not enough to convince you, how about a RM15 voucher for FREE when register? Just click on this link!

- Local customer service available and after-sales support
As if not being able to read Chinese isn't bad enough, sometimes you are faced with the dilemma of receiving wrong order, damaged or missing parcel. Now, what happens? There's no way you can converse with the customer service team in China so more often than not, your money goes to waste. But with ezbuy, you can contact their friendly LOCAL customer service team to help solve any issues that you might have! 

- In-house logistics available
Instead of waiting for weeks for your parcel to reach your doorstep, you may even opt to pick it up from ezbuy personally! The delivery and/or pick-up time is totally flexible and more responsive than picking up your item from post office, that's for sure..

- Affordable and fast shipping
If you saw my Instagram post here, you'll know that one of the traits that make ezbuy stand out is their Prime option. It sort of works like Amazon Prime where you only pay a flat rate to get your items delivered. For Taobao, sometimes the shipping fees can cost as much as the items! For ezbuy Prime in Malaysia, it costs only RM8.80, regardless of the weight! Sometimes there are even Free Shipping or discounted shipping options available, just make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the special deals - just make sure you access Prime from this site. For those without a Prime account, the shipping fee is RM4.50/500g and you can even use my code ezshp15 to get 15% off your shipping fee!

- Various shipping methods available
On top of that, there are a variety of shipping methods available for almost every kind of purchase - express air, sea, sensitive air, sensitive sea (for sensitive/fragile goods) or the option of shipping via a crate for large quantity orders. Do note that the price varies for each shipping method so be wise and choose the right one for you. Based on my experience, delivery time is much shorter using express air, but it can cost a bit more. My advice would be again to look out for free shipping deals, if you're not in a rush to receive your items, of course.

- No agent fee, no liaising with seller
Oh did I mention, there is no need to go through a third-party agent for ezbuy, everything is right at your fingertips! I've seen my friends spend way too much time liaising with a seller before purchasing an item. The agent fees can be quite costly at times, and if there are any additional shipping fees, usually you are the one who will have to bear it. With ezbuy, you can just pick your selected item and add to cart before checking out. No worries about additional warehouse fees etc as it's already included when you pay. In short, ezbuy acts as your reliable forwarder. So simple!

- Flash deals available!
I don't think anyone would reject a sale. ezbuy is constantly having Flash Deals or promotions on their items. Check out the Best Selling Item Category for the best deals! I've got my eye on the fashion category, since I'm looking to revamp my wardrobe lately. As if the items on ezbuy aren't already cheaper than more stores, the flash deals makes everything even more affordable! No wonder some people go crazy shopping on ezbuy :p

So, are these reasons good enough to convince you to shop on ezbuy Malaysia? With affordable deals, an array of items to choose from and affordable & convenient shipping, there's no stress about shopping for products from China anymore! Don't forget to sign up with ezbuy with this link to get your RM15 voucher!

For more information, check out ezbuy Malaysia's:

Disclaimer: This article is published in partnership with ezbuy Malaysia.

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  1. I love ezbuy too! clavonna dresses

  2. Hii. Can I know if all the items sold can be trusted? Because there are no reviews from customer in the website itself.. thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Marsha, I think you would have to click into the Taobao link on ezbuy (they are usually placed below the product image). Then, if you can read chinese, you will be able to find the reviews there :)


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