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Friday 19 May 2017

Shopping: Shop Effortlessly with LAZADA Malaysia App and MOLPay CASH!

Back again with another online shopping review! Now, I’m sure you’re no stranger to Lazada Malaysia, the number one online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia where you can buy practically everything from gadgets to clothes to household items. You might be familiar with their website,, but did you know that they have an app too? Online shopping has become so advanced that you can now make your payments via online or offline payment points, which I will be introducing to you in this post J

(Yes, I have a folder for Shopping on my phone. Lol)
The Lazada Malaysia mobile app is heaven-sent for people like me who are constantly on-the-go and also needs her shopping fix regularly :p FYI, my family loves Lazada Malaysia too and my parents are constantly asking me to search for this item and that item on the site to compare the prices whenever we are out shopping. With the app on my fingertips, it’s so much easier to browse and pay! We’ll get to that later ;)

The app interface or homepage is really user-friendly and responsive, with minimal lagging. I love their tagline “Welcome to Effortless Shopping”, because it aptly describes the experience while using the Lazada Malaysia app. The ‘Home’ tab itself introduces the latest ongoing promotions and are categorized perfectly. Tip: Always be sure to check the homepage to see if there are any discounts for the items that you need. There are other tabs at the bottom of the app too such as the ‘Search’ function, ‘Cart’ to view your items before checkout, ‘Wishlist’ to see what items you favourited and ‘Account’ to view your account info.

Every item is well-categorised too. Just click the top left icon to reveal different categories for you to browse. Inside each category, the items are further categorized to make searching a breeze for you by narrowing down the unnecessary options. Knowing me, I constantly browse the ‘Fashion’ category to see what items catches my eye.

See what I mean when I say everything is so well-categorised? I love shopping on app as it’s so easy to just swipe up and down to see the items you like. :p

Once you’ve selected your item, just click into it and ‘Add to Cart’. There might be options for you to pick the quantity and/or colour and/or sizes as well.

Review your items in the ‘Cart’ and click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ once you’re satisfied.

Insert your shipping options with details such as your address and mobile number for delivery purposes.  You will also be informed about the Delivery Options available at this point. Next comes the exciting part – ‘Proceed to Pay’.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard about MOLPay (I’ve also mentioned it before in a previous post here). MOLPay is the leading payment gateway in Southeast Asia that provides complete coverage of payment methods including credit/debit card, domestic internet banking and even Online to Offline (O2O) or over the counter payment known as MOLPay CASH. For people who prefer to pay physically, MOLPay CASH is convenient as it is offered in an array of physical payment points such as convenience stores or petrol stations. There are so many 7-Elevens around and because of the recent WannaCry ransomeware threat, it is advised to not do online transactions but physical transactions instead. So, MOLPay CASH is perfect for situations like these!

The last step will be to ‘Review’ your order after you’ve selected your payment option. If you have any voucher codes, it is advisable to key them in at this part of the shopping process for further discounts before clicking ‘Place Order’.

Once your order is successfully submitted to the merchant, it’s time to go to the nearest 7-Eleven to make a payment! It is advisable to do so within 48 hours to ensure that your orders do not get cancelled. Payment instructions will be sent to your email as well but basically, all you have to do is take a screenshot of this page or print it out with your Transaction ID and present it to the cashiers at the 7-Eleven counter. The staff will know what to do and once you’ve done the payment, your order is confirmed and all you gotta do now is to wait for your parcel! <3

So if you’re a shopaholic like me too, don’t forget to download the LazadaMalaysia shopping app to shop anytime and anywhere! It’s so convenient and fast to use. Go to your App Store or Google Play Store now to download that little orange app and while we wait for this ransomware threat to be resolved, it’s still possible to do your online shopping with MOLPay CASH ;)

For more info on Lazada Malaysia, log on to:

Find out more about MOLPay as well:

Disclaimer: Even though the advertorial was sponsored, it has not affected my opinion in anyway. All opinions on products and services are purely my own after trying it out personally.

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