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Friday, 6 April 2018

Home & Living: Best Home Furnishing - One of the Best Furniture Stores in JB!

Most of the time, my weekends are spent running errands or completing tasks for my blog/ Instagram. A few weeks back, my sister asked me to introduce her to some interesting furniture stores as she wishes to source out some pieces for her clients' homes. Not many people know this, but my sister is actually working as an architectural designer, so she typically designs the layout and sometimes interior of the house. Coincidentally, I had a friend who is familiar with the furniture industry of JB and he introduced me to Best Home Furnishing, so I brought my sis there on one of her working Saturdays.

Best Home Furnishing Sdn Bhd is one of the well-known furniture stores in JB that specialises in high-quality and bespoke pieces. The boss, Mr Goh, also has a sofa making company called Islandlife Sofa and thus, the two businesses tie in perfectly together. When walking around the store, you will find that their sofas are actually one of the star items that they carry. What we learnt during our visit was that Mr Goh actually does not have any formal training in furniture design but instead, it is purely done out of passion and creativity. This made it more amazing to us as some of the pieces are really innovative and sensible!

The staff, Elyn, was really friendly and passionate. My sis asked a lot of technical questions pertaining to her clients' specifications and Elyn was quite helpful in answering. I learnt a lot of things in the process as well, didn't know so much thought was put into designing a single piece of furniture!

For instance, we learnt that this sofa is stuffed fully with high density cotton. It is actually quite difficutl to get a curved sofa frame like this and because of the highly-skilled woodwork masters working with Best Home, they are able to manufacture more unconventionally-shaped sofas like these.

There was a section showcasing the real wood pieces used in Best Home/ Island Life sofa frames in the store. Unlike many mass-produced sofas out there, Island Life sofas are handcrafted and uses groove joinery to slot or join the pieces, such as the chair legs, together. This actually makes the sofa more stable and durable.

Also, you are able to customise the sofa or any other indoor and outdoor furniture to your style or measurements. Check out the myriad of colours and materials that they offer for sofas - leather, fabric, vinyl, you name it, they have it.

There are 3 and a half floors in the store, with each floor showcasing pieces for different parts of the house. The ground floor features more dining tables and decorative items. Totally impressed by this 7-feet circumference dining table made of REAL marble! Another thing that I should mention is that Best Home Furnishing is totally my heaven as they carry many items made with real, imported marble here - and y'all know how much of a marble-lover I am :p

Elyn also gave me a lesson in picking the right marble, in case I want to get for my future home (hahaha, long time more XD). Most marble are man-made (or are actually granite) as it's less expensive, but real marble would have veins and swirls like these, which occur due to mineral impurities mixed with the original limestone. Mind-blown! Also, we learnt that you can also customise the size of the marble pieces you want and Best Home Furnishing will try their best to obtain it for you.

Snapped a lot of photos in the store, let me just share them with you guys in case you need some inspiration to decorate your home or maybe these will also entice you to drop by Best Home Furnishing to check out the quality pieces for yourself!

Each floor focuses on different styles and I found that the first floor decor is more modern and suits urban living, with a more Scandinavian touch.

Second floor showcases more classic styles for living room and dining room, for mid to large size homes. PS: I was eyeing that Harry Potter cushion! :( But Elyn said that some of these pieces like the HP and the fur ones are not for sale as they were brought back by the boss from his travels around the world lol.

This was definitely one of my fave designs in the store. So luxurious and I just love the mix of blue and yellow colours to brighten the home!

My sister was especially impressed with this sofa, so she made me take a video of it for her client lol. Elyn mentioned that Mr Goh understands how sometimes people want a recliner-type sofa, but are afraid that the mechanical parts inside are not durable, so he created a more "manual" one like this that extends to have a neck rest, or can revert to a normal sofa when you want it to. Quite space-saving as well.

This study table was also specially designed by Mr Goh. We found it so interesting cos if you noticed, there are only 2 slanting table legs and the other end is held up by a drawer. Elyn revealed that she had a customer who bought this to use as a dining table instead, and kept the cutlery in the drawers. What an interesting use indeed 😂

The 3rd floor had more extravagant and elegant decor, check out this super luxe living room with the suede-like sofas!

The bedroom section can also be found here. This was one of the bedroom design in a mock studio apartment upstairs. The idea of transparent wardrobe doors is quite unique, but I think only OCD people can implement this cos people like me would have a messy wardrobe XD

Y'all, check out this cupboard design. A master painter painted this and layered gold sheets piece by piece to achieve the colour. So vintage!

I'd say overall it was a fruitful trip to Best Home Furnishing for me and my sis as she now has one more source to go to for her clients' needs. If I were to describe Best Home Furnishing's style, I'd say it is is a mix of modern and luxurious. Anyone looking to upgrade your home should definitely check this place out for unique and multi-functional pieces. I'm writing this post to let everyone know that there's not only IKEA in JB ok, the furniture industry here is actually booming as well! XD 

For more information on Best Home Furnishing, check out there:
Facebook | Website (Islandlife Sofa)

Disclaimer: Even though the write-up was sponsored, it is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after personally visiting the store.

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