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Friday 20 May 2022

FOR HIM: Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring with ZCOVA

So.. In case you guys didn’t know, WE GOT ENGAGED! 💍 It happened in January this year and you can read more about the proposal story here. This post is also a pre-cursor to the ring customisation process that I shared in the other post. This time, I will be writing from my fiancé’s perspective on how the ring shopping process with ZCOVA is like! We’re already at that age where a lot of my friends are getting engaged, so I’m sure these posts would be useful for you 😉

FYI, to be more accurate, I talked to my fiancé about this and will be sharing from his perspective here yea~

As you may or may not know, ZCOVA opened their new showroom in Johor Bahru back in Oct 2021. I knew about it from a friend who works there, but I’ve also seen many ads about the new showroom opening. So actually, I was invited to do a review for the showroom but because I was very busy last year end, there were no updates and I didn’t manage to follow up too, so I just let it slipped. Little did I know, my fiancé had seen the ads too and was apparently one of the first few customers to visit the showroom when it opened to find the engagement ring! 😂 He only told me this after the engagement and said it took him a while to choose and wait for the diamond he wanted. I guess that’s why the proposal only happened in Jan? There was also an opening promotion where they gifted complimentary pearl earrings with every purchase so yea, I got the earrings too lol.

On the day that I posted my engagement pics on IG, I received a message from Isabel, who works at ZCOVA in KL, that she already knew about the proposal months back because she saw my fiance's very recognisable and unique surname among the customer names HAHAHA. Within 56 seconds of posting, she texted me and told me it was why she didn't ask me to go for the review at the end of the last year haha! Actually, I didn't even tell CY about the review but he somehow ended up purchasing a ring from this brand. It seems like we were fated with ZCOVA from the start! 😉

Ok random story over, back to business.

ZCOVA is one of the most reputable diamond brands in Malaysia. CY believes that you should go for a trusted brand, especially when making a big purchase like this, to ensure you don’t end up with fakes. He insists on going to a physical store to view and touch the actual product, I guess that’s why it took him 2 years to find the perfect ring cos I know he is very particular about service too 😂 The shopping experience at ZCOVA is unlike those in a retail store. You actually get your own jewellery expert to serve and help you through the entire process. CY told me that the whole buying experience was very comfortable and not hard-sell. Instead, what he got was a one-on-one session with a consultant that provided ample education and extensive knowledge about diamonds. I swear, he knows so much about diamonds now that he can even school me on it 😂 


I’m not the kind of girl that is very into gemstones, so it was quite interesting for me to learn about diamond ‘terms’ like cut, clarity, carat, symmetry, fluorescence and such. I went to the website to check out how it’s like to purchase diamond rings online and was pleasantly surprised at how user-friendly the site is. You can click on the diamonds on the site and see a close-up of its cut, clarity and so on. There’s even an AR Try-On function for you to try out the rings virtually. You can find many options of diamonds and ring settings that you can filter within your price range too. In fact, they do have a 0% interest instalment plan of up to 12 months for easy payment with no additional charges or hidden costs.

Let me share a little about the diamonds that ZCOVA has. It’s called LUMOS by ZCOVA Diamond and is guaranteed brilliant to ensure that you are buying the best diamond for her. The jewellery consultant will guide you every step of the way in choosing a good diamond and will perform ZCOVA 3-Point Check when your diamond has arrived so you can have peace of mind. The LUMOS by ZCOVA Diamond that my fiancé chose comes with 2 certifications - GIA and GemEx. If I’m not mistaken, only ZCOVA offers dual-certificates for now! 

With the guidance and unbiased opinions from the consultant, my fiancé chose a pretty diamond which he is very proud of hahaha. He kept saying that he wants it to be near perfect and was bragging to me about how clear and symmetrical the diamond was 😂 I don’t remember the exact specs of my diamond, but when we went back to choose my ring setting and when we went to pick up the final ring, they showed me a magnification of the diamond and there’s actually a code engraved inside (the GIA Cert number) so you can be sure that this is yours. CY said they also showed it to him as proof when he went to pick up the ring the first time around too.

Like me, he is quite indecisive so I think the biggest factor why he chose ZCOVA is because of the Propose with ZCOVA service! Basically, you set your chosen diamond on a temporary ring band that is made of silver first. Then, within a year of purchase, you can return to ZCOVA anytime to let her choose the ring setting, size and design that she wants! I was so amazed, it’s the first time I heard of such a service and I think it’s absolutely genius! I did tell him my requirements for a ring before - must be something unique, meaningful and not too expensive. But I don’t know exactly what I wanted too cos I’ve never really done any survey on rings lol but he knows that I am quite particular and will complainnnn if it’s not a ring that I like, so it’s a pretty safe bet to go with this service 😂 It is free to customise your diamond engagement ring at ZCOVA so I can do any design I want, which makes this perfect for me.  

Oh, and I did ask him how did he manage to get the size right? He said that ZCOVA used my weight and height to calculate my ring finger size and surprisingly they did estimate it with 90% accuracy! It would’ve been awkward if the ring didn’t fit when he proposed LOL. Most places only let you resize the ring once but with ZCOVA, I can get it resized when I go back to design the final ring AND there’s another free first resize and lifetime warranty. There’s also complimentary cleaning and inspection services which I appreciate hehe.

Isn’t the ZCOVA Signature Proposal Box so gorgeous? We love its unique shape and the inside actually rotates when you open it to present the ring so magnificently. The blue is gorgeous too and I believe it comes in a matte or glossy version. The whole packaging is actually really nice, you can view more on my IG Reels!

After visiting the showroom myself, I can totally understand why he chose ZCOVA. There’s no pressure or hard-selling from the consultants to buy and they don’t judge or push you to get something that is bigger, flashier or out of your budget. Most importantly, now that you are armed with a newfound knowledge of diamonds, you know that you are getting the best and will be able to make a better purchase. Thank you Joyee, for assisting CY in choosing the perfect diamond ring, it really made the proposal that much more beautiful! To all the guys reading this, now you know where to go to get an engagement ring and to the ladies, do check out the ZCOVA website to find your desired ring first so you can hint your boyfriends 😂 Hope this post has been helpful for y’all!


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Operating Hours: 9.30am – 6.30pm (Daily)
Address: Mosaic Southkey, F-02-02, Block F Komersial SouthKey, Persiaran Southkey 1, Kota Southkey, 80150 Johor Bahru, Johor

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review based on my fiance’s honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after personally trying out the product and service.

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