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Saturday 15 June 2013

Travel: Malacca getaway!

Hey guys, I'm back! Wow I really am a sucky blogger. My last post was more than half a year ago and this is my first post in 2013 wts :p not like anyone reads my blog but yeah..
I am so lazyyyyyy.... But I'm bored now, so sick of studying for finals. My first and last paper are 2 weeks apart, how ridiculous ~.~ So I decided to take my mind off the books for awhile and do something else. I opened the Blogger app and I was like, "I know what I'm gonna do today!" (whaddup Phineas & Ferb).

This will be a "revival post" starring... My friends! Or #unifamily. We went on a short trip to Malacca a few weeks ago to escape our hectic, hectic second half of Sem 3. I kid you not, it was really crazy, what with us juggling 2-3 assignments at the same time on top of presentations and tests ALL DUE ON THE SAME WEEK. Siao eh the management....

Anyhooooo. On 17th May, we decided on a spontaneous trip down to Malacca to EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT. This was my first ever trip with friends (ya I know I suaku) but it was rly fun so I thought I should document it :) Will try and upload whatever shots I have on fb soon!

 Woke up early in the morning to get ready + do last minute changes on our assignment cos it was due that day. Then rushed to uni to wait for the A-team to finish their last ever PD presentation! We were goofing around in class waiting for Chuen to arrive.
Soweee it's so blurrrr
My marketing girls! Hui and Yen! <3

It was drizzling and we were so worried that it will rain in Malacca then we can't go to Jonker Walk or the other food haunts dy :( We left around 12 plus (?), but ended up circling around Sunway waiting for each other to get ready. SH was so pissed cos we circled so many times dy that he cursed "Cuckoobird" and all of us in the car (me, Yen, Hui and Kevin Dajie) BURST out laughing! But ya lah the car journey was really fun cos we talked a lot of secrets in SH's "Church of Bono". The symbol is four circles wan X) What's said in the car, stays in the car! Too bad Yennie went over to Chuen's car cos we were too noisy and she couldn't sleep :( Along the way the drivers decided to race each other on the highway. Damn scary ity. 

We arrived first (yay!) in the hotel, but apparently it was the wrong one. /sien diao We just went down to pee and take pics by the pool anyways. 

In the end we found out the hotel we were staying at was actually under the hotel we stopped at! CHEH. And Chuen, Yen, KF and Laine had already checked-in and were camwhoring there dy. Still tell is they lay there till damn shuang! We forced them to stop lying on the beds to come out and eat dy cos it was 4pm and none of us had eaten lunch (or breakfast)! Ling was about to rage dy cos a hungry Ling is not a happy Ling xD  

All in! Too bad Shin, Gene and MX couldn't join us :(
PS: most photos were stolen from SH  cos I didn't take many :3
Food journey began! First stop, CHICKEN RICE BAWLZ!!! Craving since forever. :9 
Next stop, Assam Laksa and Cendol

Then we jalan-jalan and snap photos at the place w the buff guy's statue. After that it was about time they opened up the stalls in Jonker dy. But first, a group photo! 

Coincidentally, most of us wore black/white and lace that day.
Was asking Yen to take my #ootd for me and Ling was like, "She sure put on insta after this wan" XD
The boys.

Credits to Pam's bf, Boon!

Walk walk walk eat eat eat along Jonker Street. And take photo in front of Hard Rock Cafe. Oh ya, there's a really good shop selling Durian Puffs called Better Taste. :9 And of course the girls wanna stop at every stall to see what we could buy (#girlsbeinggirls). I bought a pair of polka dot shorts for RM10. Bargain find! :D

All photos were taken by Hui! Thanks for spamming my phone! Got so many cute shots of everybody! :D ugly don't blame me ah, but most of the time you all look good wan! Rly! 

Laine and Chuen. Omnomm.
KF aka Hang Lebat XD
SH and his hiao face.
Edited by Pam! hahaha!
Yennieeee. Sakulaaa. XD
Uh, me and some potato stick thingy.
Lingggg. and half of Poh.
Pam and Boon! Aww :)
Hi, Hui!
Sorry Dajie, only a tiny photo of you at the back! :/
My cute friends! Hmm.. After that we went for Satay Celup at KF's relative's shop. I think it's called McQuek's? We damn blur lah, one car went to the main branch, two cars went to the sub branch! Hahaha! Then smart Hui convinced them to come join us at the sub branch cos no one mah, so the gravy will be cleaner! XD I think we didn't dare to eat too much cos we were saving space for the back lane lala later onzzzzz. ;) Ling and Na can't eat much spicy food, Poh kept eating xD and SH doesn't even dare to eat w us cos he's scared of sharing food in case he gets Herpes wts. XD 

After that it was the main highlight! The LALA and SIHAMMM! Most ppl wouldn't dare to eat there I bet, and they'll be shocked at the condition of the back lane and its hygiene. The back lane has these long benches and tables and each table has a hole with a bucket in the middle for you to throw your shellfish shells. And the thing that is the biggest turn-off is the drains surrounding it and the longkang smell.... But it's super fresh and cheap and good! And uncle is super nice! 

PS: According to my dad, uncle was walking below a flat one day and someone threw a cupboard (or was it flower pot) down from the top floor and it hit him. That's why one of his arms is immobile now. So sad right :'( That's why he gave up his business and started to sell food in the back lane. There's two stalls at the back lane, so if you see an old uncle with an injured hand, go support him! His food is damn nice!  (Y)

I think ah, we sapu-ed like 50 plates of siham and lala cos they were so fresh and sweet! And there were 14 of us and each person had at least two plates so... Whoa. Plus the rojak and cuttlefish&vege salad, we were soooooo bloated after that! /burppp. 

Next stop, hotel! In the car, SH made a damn funny joke that made Ling, Dajie and KF and I burst out laughing. The convo went like this:

Ling: SH, I ask you ah, what if some motorcyclist drive past you and hit your side mirror? 
SH: Aiya, what can I do. Can't expect payment from him also. They so poor dy that's why drive motor mah. 
Ling: Hmm good point also. But what if he insists that you pay leh? 
SH: Then.... I ask him to just take the mirror lor! 

LMAO. Ok lah I say like this you all sure don't think it's funny wan but idk why we kept laughing and laughing about it in the car leh! "Ambillah". AHAHAHA. 

Jetty Suites Hotel is pretty decent and affordable, since it's a suite that can house 14 of us in 3 rooms + there's a kitchen and living and dining room. Ok I will not write about what happens in the hotel cos it's not so interesting lah ;) Anyway I slept the earliest and woke up the latest so missed out on a lot of things. And most of them went to the beach at night... ~.~ But it was fun eating McD supper and having heart-to-heart talks with everybody, especially the girls! 
Otw back, we had dimsum breakfast. Stupid SH kept snapping ugly photos of us. Oh, and Nadeje! I finally know what all the hype about their crepe cake is about, it's rly SO GOOD! ❤.❤  In love~ 

We also stopped by Klebang for Coconut Shake. Too bad I didn't drink much, so going back to get it next time! Oh and everyone was so pekcek w us cos we took a rly long toilet break... Turns out we stopped by a 5-star hotel to use the loo and take photos there hehehe. But the rest took a long time to use the rest area toilet too cos Pam was playing w the height/weight machine hehehe.

Awesome trip, thanks so much to everybody for the fun and laughter! Special thanks to:

Ling; for taking care of our expenses and ordering food for us. Kamsahamida!
Ang, SH and Chuen; for driving us down from Selangor and back again! Also thanks Ang and SH for being our photographer! 
Kevin dajie; for being the "GPS" and leading the way for us. Also for being out DJ for the night. XD 
Laine; for helping w the food ordering and being a nanny and taking care of us. 
KF; for cleaning up the hotel living room for us the next morning! 
Hui; for looking after us that night and making us laugh w her lame jokes. :p 
Pam & Boon; for being the life of the party that night! 
Yen; for cleaning up the broken glass pieces! 
Na; for being the mummy and making sure no one got lost.
Poh; for taking food for us when we were having satay celup! 

Can't wait for another trip with you all! :) and you guys have fun in Morib! 


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