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Monday 4 November 2013

Beauty: October Bag of Love Review

Chapter 3 of Blogging School 101: Bag of Love x Butterfly Project Malaysia

As promised, this is my other beauty box review. This time, it's a BAG! 

Introducing The Bag of Lice. Full of lice, duh..... 
I kid. It's filled with something waaayyyy better! 

A little bit about the bag first. Bag of Love was developed by entrepreneur Mimi Teh in March 2013 and I am amazed to see how far they've come! As a mother of two, it's impressive that she still has time for the business. The beauty bag carries all kinds of brands from luxury to drugstore brands, from local to international. You can choose your subscription plan and each month you will receive 5-6 surprise products for you to try! This is their second collaboration with The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers Malaysia after the April/May edition bag. 25 bloggers were picked randomly to review the October bag and I thank my lucky stars I was one of them! 

For your information, The Butterfly Project Malaysia is a community for beauty and lifestyle bloggers. Each month, there will be new project(s) that benefit and motivate bloggers to learn from each other and make friends through various events. This is my first time reviewing a product for Chapter 3 of the Butterfly School of Blogging. Hopefully will bloom from a "caterpillar" to a butterfly soon :p Thank you, "mamasan" Tammy for this opportunity and for coming up with this awesome community! :')

What makes Bag of Love stand out from other beauty boxes is that it comes in pretty bag with different designs every month! For RM39.90 a month, you get to sample awesome products (including full-sized ones) AND keep the bag. Usually you don't want to keep boxes lying around, right? Thoughtful Mimi sends out her products in bags which can be reused and to quote her, "A girl can never have too many bags." Amen to that!

I know Halloween is way over, but I just got the bag today due to some complications, and put aside my studies to share it with you! First off, the bag.

It's cute and of good quality! Usually it's a makeup bag with different designs but this month it's a drawstring bag. Personally love how they played with the name hehe. I'm gonna bring it to uni to store my powerbank or as a non-conventional pencil case (Y)

SAY BOO! There's a cute note attached for everybody with instructions on how to use the products. As you can guess, the October bag is meant for Halloween. Mimi is so attentive to think of including products that will give you the perfect silhoutte, skin, hair, eyes and nails for Halloween! 

Now for the exciting 'unzipping' part. What's in the bag?

Items 1&2: System Professional Shampoo & Hair Mask

Received: 30ml for both
Retail: Shampoo (RM72/ 250ml) and Mask (RM109/ 200ml)

SP products from Wella Professionals which I crazy love. They are mostly used in salons. This time, we got the repair shampoo which will repair damaged hair. Also, the mask is for contouring or styling and smoothening the hair. So need this :D It smells good btw.

Item 3: Collistar Biorevitalizing Anti-Cellulite Concentrate

Received: 30ml
Retail: RM185/ 200ml

Kinda laughed when I saw this. I'm so skinny, idk when I'll get to use this. XD It's said to have 'mesotherapy' effect. I googled it and its supposed to mean multiple homeopathic and pharmaceutical medicine combined to target fat cells. Cool! Who wants this? 
There's already slimming cream, wonder when someone will come up with something for increasing height..... I kid.

Item 4: Nanowhite Infinity Color Correction (CC) Cream (in Light Beige)

Received: Full-sized!
Retail: RM49.90/ 30ml

Most excited to receive this as I've heard so much about CC Creams but have yet to try it! Fyi, the difference between BB Cream and CC Cream is that CC creams have lighter coverage as they are used to treat redness or sallowness (yellowish skin), thus the meaning behind colour correcting. Light Beige seems to be the perfect shade for me as I am quite fair. Bonusss. It has SPF 50/PA+++, perfect for outdoors!

It appears white and milky when squeezed out of the tube. Then I got so amazed... Come, I show you magic.

It changes colour when blended! :O Turns from white to yellowish to nude. Apparently there are Color Control Capsules in it that auto-adjusts the cream to suit your skin colour. Also contains Vegetamin ACE for long-lasting radiance.

As you can see, it definitely makes my skin brighter. It is quite greasy at first but it will go away. Oh, and it is so light but has quite good coverage as it can also cover up my greenish veins. It is very blendable, so a small amount is sufficient for your face. It does settle into the fine lines and look a bit orangey when dried though. I guess I'll be using the CC cream more often now (but I still love my BB cream), but I think I will appear fairer than I already am..

Item 5: Splassh Mini Glow in the Dark Nail Polish (in shade pink)

Received: Full-sized! (of course)
Retails: RM3.90/ 7.5ml

Used to love nail polish and nail art a lot in college, but I've no time to practice nowadays :( Quite interesting to try out this product and I wondered if it glows. 

 I'm pretty sure you're supposed to apply a base colour for the pink colour to stand out. Also, I forgot to apply a base coat but even without it, the product is easy to apply and is fast-drying. After 3 coats, it will glow. So I put it to the test.. And it did glow! Faintly. Maybe must apply more. Too bad my camera isn't good enough to capture the effect.

Item 6: Definite Eye Blender Brush

Received: Full-sized
Retail: RM69

WHAT? Another full-sized product?! So kind of them to include 3 this time! There were either a smudger brush or a blender brush and I'm pretty satisfied to get this. It's a sign to practice my eye makeup more! :p
The soft bristles of the brush is perfect for blending eye powder or cream. Ahhh this product and the CC Cream, being the two most expensive, is already enough to offset the cost of the bag, right?

Another surprise is that they included a RM100 discount voucher for Lovely Chocolate Spa Treatment at Jojoba Spa! (oops a bit crumpled) Would go if I have the chance to.. Imagine, chocolate + spa... ♥.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with this month's bag. I would also like to apologise for being quite troublesome as I had them deliver the bag to me in my hostel instead of in my hometown. But the people behind the FB page are so nice and friendly, so thank you very much! Other bloggers received their bags within a day so I'm sure the delivery is efficient too. Oh yeah, you can take part in their monthly mini contests on their Facebook to win full-sized products each month so remember to watch out for that! Also, for each subscription, they donate RM1 to the Bag of Love fund. Do check out their cute website for more details! 

Oh, and remember to subscribe for the November & Special Edition bags! *winks*

This is a collaboration between The Butterfly Project Malaysia and The Bag of Love
 For more information, check out the links below:

Bag of Love

Butterfly Project Beauty Bloggers

Now back to my books. Wish me luck!

Disclaimer: Even though the bag was sponsored, the review is based on my personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the products and services.



  1. Nanowhite infinity! i heard it is good! =D

  2. Me too! Will try it on my face and see how well it works. XD

  3. Great post. I heard good things about the nanowhite infinity as well.

    1. I hope it's as good as it sounds! Will check out your blog :)


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