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Tuesday 24 March 2015

Travel/ Fun: Food. Fun. Friends - Recent trip back to KL

Ah.. I've put this off for so long, now I'm finally blogging about it! So this CNY, I made a point to go back to KL to meet my friends before I plunge into the working world. It might be the last time I get to hang out with them freely, as a student. Have been wanting to go back since months ago but I hadn't found a job then and I'm sure my parents would complain so I didn't. This time, I told myself, I'm going to have as much fun as I can and savour every moment to make it memorable and fun. I definitely miss my carefree life in KL, all the interesting things that you get to see, eat and do there..

Again, super sad that I don't have my camera with me to capture all these moments, so my crappy iPhone photos would have to suffice :(

Helloooo, Sunway Uni! The uni's changed so much, what with the construction of the new building and all. One week after this photo, the new building was officially opened like haiyo why couldn't you have launched it last year when I was still studying there leh.... Pay so much fees didn't get to enjoy T.T


After a little scare with my phone, I'm glad I got to meet up with Jess for lunch! It was supposed to be the three of us - me, Jess and Jane - but Janey was busy. Jess brought me to try out this new cafe near my uni, opposite Rock Cafe, called Espression8.

To me, the decor is quite simple and raw which is something I like (also how my aunt's house looks like haha). It's quite packed during lunch time but you can still find a seat. Come, I do a mini review for you guys lol.

Food-wise, everything came in a reasonable portion and reasonable price. This pumpkin soup is Jess's recommendation and I know why - because it is homemade, tastes buttery and slightly sweet and thick & creamy! Even better when you dip it with bread!

Lemon & Lime Bitter to chill out after a hot bus trip + waiting around in uni in my super thick sweater. I heard of this drink from an aunt in Australia and it's really good! Tangy, lime with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

The Big Breakfast. It costs RM16.80 which honestly, is quite affordable for such a big platter. It is usually served with beef bacon but because I can't take beef, I had it changed to chicken ham slices. Aside from the egg which had WAY too much pepper sprinkled on it, everything else was quite salty. I honestly couldn't swallow the last mouthful of sausage because of the saltiness but otherwise, it was good. Loved the sauteed mushrooms!

Pancakes for dessert! Actually, it's Jess's lunch haha. Thick, fluffy servings with chocolate sauce and sticky sweet syrup. Why don't I eat this more?? Pancakes are easy to make what (I think).

Selfie, baby! #dropitlikeitshot #insidejoke

Returned to uni after lunch to say hi to my lecturers and my VUBC members. Also, manage to sell all my old books muahaha. It's always nice hanging out with this bunch who always makes me laugh non-stop. Nice to know that I was missed during weekly meetings :p

Went shopping at Sunway Pyramid after that and man, it feels torturous w alking the canopy walk again. How did I manage to do it for 3 years?! Lugging my luggage with me on the 1-km (?) long canopy made it worse. Almost fainted from the heat and heavy burden aiyo. Decided to rent a locker in Pyramid (thank God for that) and continued my shopping. Cannot tahan the heat and got myself a Juiceworks which I've missed too! How I've missed Pyramid, my second home! I can practically navigate around with my eyes closed dy because I hang out there so often haha. There were many new shops too, can't wait to go back again and try them all :D Got quite a good haul as well - a RM19 singlet from Topshop, a pair of high-waisted jeans and ripped jeans from H&M for RM135 in total (yay H&M Conscious vouchers), RM5 inner shorts from Stylix, and a 3-necklace set from Lovisa for RM23! After rushing to try on the jeans, I trudged my way back to uni via the dreaded canopy walk again and sweated buckets as I made my way to see my ex-housemate and bestie, Jie En.

Dinner treat by babe! Been craving for myBurgerLab for the longest time after I had it for the first time.. Luck is not with me as they only opened mBL HQ in Sunway AFTER I shifted back to JB. #yualllidat
Anyway, this has officially became my FAVE burger of all! Swisstake Chicken Burger. The patty is so tender and juicy, unlike any other burgers I've had before. The charcoal bun is soft and as you can see, they were generous with the cheese and the whole burger is bursting with sauteed mushrooms to the brim! Yummmm. :9

The best listener - babygirl who always inspires me to work hard and be more mature <3 My hair is crappy because of the mini workout on the canopy walk, lol.

Idk why I'm so lucky but my friends are so, so kind and selfless. I had nowhere to stay those few nights in KL and knowing that I have no car to get around, ALL of them offered to let me stay at their place! They were practically debating who was going to pick me up from Sunway that night haha so cute omg. In the end, Shin came and picked me and then Yen came over with some cakes for us from Battery Acid Cafe (BAC). This is their signature Cendol cake and it's so interesting to see cendol in cake form! The green part really tastes like the greenish thing in cendol dessert and there's a strong gula melaka taste infused in the sago layer! Best thing to have for supper :p I literally ate non-stop the whole day..
Polaroid time! Chatted till midnight before turning in. Slept happy knowing how much my friends love and care for me :D

Woke up bright and early (just kidding) the next day to have breakfast before dropping by uni to meet our lecturers! The girls gave me a necklace and earring from Padini as my belated birthday present from the whole gang, so sweet lah! After sweating buckets in uni, we drove to Sunway Pyramid to do some more shopping XD and get door gifts for house-visiting. Here's us after shopping and enjoying our simple Korean lunch!

Regular and cheese Kimbap from Myeong Dong Topokki. Three of us shared two rolls but dunno why ended up being so full lol. The cheese one is better, btw!

Being the hipster that I am, I set my mind on going for Milkcow while I'm in KL. My friends had already planned to bring me to Mid Valley, who knew Pyramid had a branch too! Finally got to try this much-raved Honeycomb Soft Serve Ice-Cream and tbh, it's quite normal to me? True lah the ice cream is really smooth and creamy and tastes great with honey, but the honeycomb! So hard to chew, it's like eating wax. The girls gave me the whole honeycomb to eat and I ended up sucking the honey dry then spitting the comb out -_- Unglam much.

After an "intense" game of cards at Bono's cottage, we dropped by La Cafe Memoire in TTDI. It was drizzling so we kinda ran in the rain to find the cafe.

Looks pretty plain? I didn't order anything cos the soup I wanted was sold out or something. I don't drink coffee so... FYI, my coffee drinking friends said the coffee was bad ._,

Brought my selfie stick aka tongkat along so might as well play with it. Omg iPhone front camera is so blur in low light places -_-

We had a mini photoshoot with Instax and a Fuji camera after that.
Note: Some photos are nicer than most because they're taken from my friend's camera and I stole the photos nyehehe :p
Unknowingly we synced our outfit colours - red/pink, blue and white!

I love this shot!

After our late tea (?) we went for dinner at Publika. Bono suggested we try out Nine Bowls. Wasn't a fan of boat noodles cos I remember it doesn't make me feel full but I'm cool with trying out new stuff.

The interior is all wooden & brick-y which I love! *caption not related to photo*

Best fresh lemonade ever! A little bitter aftertaste but so so refreshing after you ate the spicy noodles & belacan.

MUST TRY this pork and the pork skewer too! Don't forget to dip in the accompanying chilli before eating.

When I ordered this, my friends said we would be sharing this bowl. They took a grand total of about 10 cockles and I practically finished off the whole bowl by myself. Not that I'm complaining, I love siham, especially since the chilli is sooo spicy and awesome! Got labelled 'Lala-mui' after this though -_-

I can't take beef but the pork (both normal and tomyam) boat noodles are pretty good. The portions are pretty consistent and not that small too. That weird looking bowl that looks like kuay tiow/mee hoon kuay is spicy pepper pork soup and it's quite a big portion. In total I ate about 7 bowls of boat noodles, one whole bowl of siham + some other snacks, a bowl of spicy pork soup and a bottle of lemonade. First time I felt so full after boat noodles! Who said I have a small appetite.



I still have no idea what we were laughing about..

Last stop. Went to JH's house to bainian after dinner and holy smokes, they prepared so many bottles of wine -_-

More photo spams!

A night to remember. Tbh, I didn't want the night to end and stupid JH made me cry after Shin & Yen left because he reminded me that this might be the last time we get to hangout together as a gang, as carefree students T.T WAAIII.

Last cafe pit-stop before I go back. Everyone has had a hipster PULP shot here so I had to have one too! #obviously

Really love the place for its decor, bright natural light and coffee!

Lunch at Ippudo, Bangsar Shopping Centre before they send me off to the bus station.

Thought this candy display looked really pretty at Jason's Food Hall.

Hui was so sweet, she got me a tiramisu for the ride home. Sweetness overload! T.T

Again, can't stress how much I love my friends. They didn't forget my birthday and gave me these accessories. Ahhh I love you guysssss.

Ending with our fave polaroid shot of the night :D

The trip was much needed and made me feel inspired all over again. KL used to be a stressful place for me what with school and curriculum and club stuff but now, it's the place I go to if I need to unwind. Of course, I'd have to attribute the great memories to my friends. Thank you for walking into my life and leaving your footsteps in my heart. :)

PS: Read about my CNY2015 and CNYOOTDs here! Cheers!


  1. Girl you're so so so blessed!!! I love this kind of post, very close to your life! :)

    1. I feel so too. Thank you for reading this super long post! :D


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