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Monday 17 August 2015

[Guest Post] Maximising Your Closet Space

I admit, I'm not the neatest person ever. Somehow my room is always in a messy state, partly because of the lack of space as well (I'm sharing a room with my sister). So when my guest bloggers Kelsey Reeves & Danielle Hegedus offered to do a writeup on maximising closet space, I'm all game for it!


Photo via Modernize
A well-organized closet is one of life’s simplest pleasures. A good organization system allows you to easily see all of your clothing, shoes, and accessories to quickly and adeptly put together outfits that make you feel confident no matter what the occasion. Maximizing your closet space does take some work, but it’s well worth the time and effort.

Before you set about adding shelves, exploring new folding techniques, or investing in quality lighting, you’ll need to perform an inventory of what you own. If something doesn’t fit anymore, or you can’t remember the last time you’ve seen it, donate it to charity. Someone else will love your discarded items, while you’ll free up valuable space to help you make the most of your wardrobe and turn hectic weekday mornings, or last minute packing, into a breeze! 

At Modernize, we love coming up with unique, stylish DIY solutions to storage challenges. Read on for five simple solutions to help you maximize your closet space so that you (and your closet) can always look your best! 

1. Make Hangers Pull Double (and triple, and quadruple, get the picture) Duty!
Multi-use clothing hangers allow you to hang several items in the same space where you would normally hang one item. Group similar items together like blouses for work, blazers, casual tops, and jeans to make putting together an outfit (and putting away clean clothes) simple. This strategy keeps all of your clothing options easily visible, too so you won’t forget about items that you own and end up making similar, unnecessary purchases.
Photo via Gurl

2. Add Shelves to Maximize Vertical Storage
Apparently, I’m not the only one with a huge chunk of unused storage space between the top shelf of my closet and the ceiling. I’ve tried to neatly pile clothing and linens into this space, but it almost always ends up in an avalanche. Add shelves (temporary dividers work, too, if you are renting or just not that handy) to keep items in place. Shelves of varying heights will allow you to easily store items of different heights and shapes like handbags, rainboots, and a yoga mat. 

3. Store Seasonal Clothes Out of Sight
When it’s blazing hot outside, there is no reason to have your thick sweaters, scarves, and mittens taking up valuable space in your closet or dresser drawers. As the seasons change, rotate your clothing into a storage space. Look for slim plastic bins that can slide under your bed and keep clothing protected from pests, dust, and moisture until you’re ready to wear it again. You can also store clothes in unused suitcases. I particularly like the idea of upcycling these vintage suitcases (pictured) into a cool bedside table that also provides great storage.
Photo via DIY Ready

4. Utilize the Back of Your Door
If you have a closet door, you’ve got valuable real estate. Install an over-the-door hook and you can have your outfit for the next day ready to go to make early mornings a little less crazy. Attach baskets to store summer sandals or ballet flats and you’ll keep your floors clean and your shoes easily accessible. Consider hanging up magnetic strips to keep frequently worn jewelry handy.  
Photo via Curly Girl

5. Short on Space for Linens? Let Your Pillowcases Pull Double Duty
Storing clothing and linens in your closet is a tall order, but if you have limited space, you’ve got to get creative. Try storing sheets inside your pillowcases. It will keep your closet space tidy, you’ll always have coordinating sheets and pillowcases ready when it’s time to make up the bed, and no one has to know that you don’t really know how to fold a fitted sheet! 
Photo via Pinterest

I hope these tips have been useful for you like how they are for me. This has inspired me to clean up my room this weekend (hopefully lah). Woot! Make sure you head on over to Modernize to check out more of their work :)

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