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Tuesday 27 October 2015

Bath & Body: Happy Bath Moment with YOKO!

I've been promised a Secret Spa at home, thanks to Natta Cosme. The purpose is to help me to not only get healthy skin, but also save time & money by doing a simple DIY Home Spa with this kit containing just 3 products. I've long heard of the benefits of using milk to pamper the skin (anyone remembers the Dove ads?). This time, I'm trying out YOKO products instead to see how it holds up.

   YOKO Milky Shower Cream   
First up is the YOKO Milky Shower Cream. Yoko is actually a popular bath brand in Thailand. Isn't the cow-inspired bottle cute? Natural supplements like milk protein, vitamin E, vitamin B3, sweet almond oil & yeast extracts are used to nourish the skin. This beauty nutrition is specially formulated to allow deep moisturisation of the skin. The skin becomes beautiful, supple and fairer

It's no surprise that the shower cream is milky white and slightly gel-ish. The milk protein helps to maintain skin youthfulness and smooth, softness while forming a layer of hydration. Vitamin E is great for protecting the skin against harmful UV rays and reduce skin toughness while vitamin B3 whitens & moisturises the skin. Sweet almond oil relieves irritation and the yeast extract gives skin a moisture boost & maintain skin's natural balance.

After rubbing it with water, the formula become slightly foamy, but I feel that the foam is not soft or thick enough. The smell is quite faint and if you're not a fan of milk-based products, not to worry because this one actually smells good, not that milky. Natta Cosme recommends taking a fresh shower in the morning with YOKO Milky Shower Cream by pouring the shower cream onto your palm or sponge/loofah and giving it a good rub. Use it again at night when you're home after a long day!

I personally find this shower cream pretty generic and there is nothing special about it compared to other shower creams. The thing that makes it stand out is the milk formula but I was kinda disappointed that it did not produce much bubbles nor foam for a luxurious bath. The results are alright though. Skin does feel softer & smoother. Even though the scent is subtle, it does linger on the skin. 

What I like:
- The scent is quite refreshing, not too milky
- Keeps skin feeling soft and smooth
- Only a small amount is needed to produce bubbles for the whole body
- The scent lingers faintly on the skin after use
- Affordable

What I don't:
- Pretty generic
- Foam produced are not soft or fine enough
YOKO Milky Shower Cream
Price: RM21.00
Volume: 250ml
Where to Buy: Natta Cosme website (here)
Now, I'm a really lazy person when it comes to applying body lotion or any body-care products in fact, so it was a task for me to actually remember to use these two bottles of lotion from Yoko. XD I actually quite like the flat cap design of the bottles so that it can stand upright. They may look quite similar and serve almost the same function, but YOKO Hokkaido Milk UV SPF25 PA++ Body Serum is for day-use and the YOKO Aqua Moisture Lock Body Serum is for nighttime use.

Just like their names, you will find that the lotions are quite different. The Hokkaido Milk UV Body Serum is thicker and creamier while the Aqua Moisture Lock Body Serum is lighter and more watery, with a slight blue tinge to it.

   YOKO Hokkaido Milk UV Body Serum   
The YOKO Hokkaido Milk UV Body Serum with SPF25 PA++ is a lightweight and fast-absorbing serum that protects the skin from the Sun's harmful UV rays. It does contain sunscreen but do use a proper sunscreen product as well if you're planning to stay out in the sun for a long time. The nourishing benefits of Hokkaido milk and glutathione brings out a radiant and healthy look that is soft and smooth to the touch while keeping your skin smelling fresh & clean all-day long.

It is advised to use this all over the body before going out into the sun and reapply once every 1-2 hours when needed. I find the bottle too big to bring out though, hence I only use it at home before going out. This lotion doesn't feel sticky despite the fact that it has sunscreen properties and is absorbed pretty quickly by the skin. There is also a refreshing scent to it that stays on the skin, but only faintly. My only gripe is that there might be something wrong with the squeeze tube (or maybe it's only mine) as the product keeps leaking out whenever I open the cap and place it sideways. Do note that you are to shower before you sleep if you're using this product as it has sunscreen that needs to be washed off.

What I like:
- Lovely, refreshing scent
- Non-sticky formula
- Doesn't leave a white cast
- Fast-absorbing and easy to rub
- Skin feels moisturised and nice-smelling

What I don't:
- The bottle is too big to bring out for reapplication every 1 - 2 hours as suggested
- Keeps leaking! :(
YOKO Hokkaido Milk UV SPF25 PA++ Body Serum
Price: RM38.00
Volume: 200ml
Where to Buy: Natta Cosme website (here)
   YOKO Aqua Moisture Lock Body Serum   
YOKO Aqua Moisture Lock Body Serum refreshes and keeps the moisture balance of the skin in a lightweight, non-sticky formula. It is fast-absorbing to give skin a soft feeling. With the benefits of spring sea water, vitamin B3, shea butter, sodium hyaluronate and collagen, skin is fresh, hydrated and healthy with long-term use.

Not only is the YOKO Aqua Moisture Lock Body Serum suitable to be applied after your nightly showers, it can be used everyday as often as you wish. I prefer to use it after showering to seal in the moisture. Something unique about this lotion is that it has a minty scent to it to give that refreshing boost. It also collagen and we all know that collagen is great for giving silky soft skin. Surprisingly, I like this quite a lot!

What I like:
- Minty fresh scent! I find this quite interesting for a lotion
- Fast-absorbing, easy to rub in
- Non-sticky & lightweight formula
- Keeps skin moisturised and hydrated
- Affordable

What I don't:
- Nothing, actually!
YOKO Aqua Moisture Lock Body Serum
Price: RM38.00
Volume: 200ml
Where to Buy: Natta Cosme website (here)
Overall, I wouldn't say that this is really a spa session for me, but my skin has been feeling so pampered and soft these few weeks. The soft, refreshing feeling with the lovely lingering scent is what motivates me to use these 3 products regularly and that's saying a lot, considering that I'm such a lazy and forgetful person XD The best part? It's time & money-saving too because each product is so affordable! Btw, any purchase of these YOKO products gets you a FREE mini Spa Salt so I don't see any reason why you shouldn't try it. Time to get healthy skin, girls!

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Disclaimer: Even though the products are sponsored, it has not affected my opinion in anyway. the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the products. How I use it may not be the best way to use the product and effects may vary depending on various conditions.

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