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Thursday 24 December 2015

Beauty/ Lifestyle: CiUM, The Kissing Lip Balm

This isn't your ordinary lip balm. There is a love story behind this lip balm. A pilot and his girlfriend were in a long distance relationship. 38,000ft and 2 more hours away, Tom will finally gets to kiss Sandra and make the kissing experience more memorable... Thanks to CiUM, the first kissing lip balm. 

The purpose of this lip balm is to draw couples closer to each other and be in the moment. What drew me to the lip balm the most was the meaningful story on how it was invented. CiUM, which means 'kiss' in Malay, was invented by a pilot. The pilot flew back and forth constantly to visit his girlfriend in Manila and in between flying, his lips would get dry and chapped. Now, he disliked most lip balm's taste and oiliness so he decided to invent this kissing lip balm.

I was on board an AirAsia flight lately, flying to KL and I found out that AirAsia is also selling this one of a kind lipbalm in their in-flight magazine, perfect for flyers who wishes to keep their lips moisturised!

The very simple packaging with main colours red and black might not be the most attractive, but it is practical. It also comes in pairs because it's meant to be shared with your other half - it is a kissing lip balm after all. All CiUM Lip Balms contain shea butter which is known for its intensive moisturising effects and also food ingredients for soft, supple and youthful lips. With soothing & hydrating properties and antioxidants, each lip balm has a unique sweet taste and cooling effect as you apply it. The most interesting part? Wear them both together to create a unique, totally different flavour! This is great for couples looking to intensify the kissing experience - each wears a different flavoured lip balm and kiss ;) Don't worry if you're single, you can just wear a different flavour on your upper and lower lip, rub your lips together and get the same unique flavour!

There are many flavours of CiUM Lip Balms and the most popular one is the CiUM Sambal/Ais flavour - how Malaysian is that? I was tempted to try that but was a little intimidated by the Sambal part, so I chose this CiUM Meeko/S'berry flavoured ones instead. Other flavours include CiUM Zac/Kimmy and Jumbo/Ying. The S'berry lip balm has a faint scent that I appreciate, as it is not too overpowering nor artificial. However, it tastes more like lychee on the lips instead of strawberry.

I, too was unsure what Meeko was, and there were no description on the website to help me either. When I tried it, I found out that it is actually chocolate flavoured! How interesting for an all-white lipbalm that contains no artificial colouring at all. There is however, a slight off-putting smell to it before you apply, not sure if it's just me..

Both lip balms do not leave a greasy feeling on the lips which I love! It is not super long lasting and to be honest, reapplication is needed. However, if you're not into artificially coloured or flavoured lip balms, this simple and straight-to-the-point lipbalm is just for you as it does the job right and the plus point is that it tastes good as well!

Now, how does it work if you're trying it out as a couple? Let your partner choose a flavour, apply CiUM liberally, kiss and enjoy! Well, I put it to the test. *blush* I chose S'berry because it's more girly (duh) and my bf was left with Meeko. I have to say, it's really a fun and interesting experience for us as a couple! The two contrasting flavours mixed together to create a totally new, but indescribable flavour. What was most distinct is that the two lip balms created a sweeter flavour that felt sugary sweet on the lips. Seriously, I couldn't stop licking my lips after that because it was so sweet XD Sometimes I'd wear both lip balms on my lips together just for fun haha. I really can't find the right words to describe this sensation, you gotta try it for yourself!

Christmas may be over, CNY is around the corner and you know what that means! Valentine's Day is coming! Preorder your CiUM Lip Balms fresh from the oven now. They are really affordable at RM40 a set, but prices will definitely increase near V-Day, so it's best to grab them now to surprise your loved one!

What I love:
- The love story behind this lip balm, obviously!
- Non-greasy, non-sticky formula after application
- Keeps the lips soft
- No artificial fragrance, flavour or colour
- Lipbalm with a hint of local twist
- Fun to use as a couple!
- The interesting new flavour created after mixing the two flavours together!

What I don't:
- Packaging can be improved, but nothing wrong with some simplicity :)
- The lip balm does wear off, not very long-lasting
Price: RM40 / box (comes in pairs)
Volume: 5g each
Where to Buy: CiUM website @ or AirAsia flights
Find out more about CiUM on:
Whatsapp: 016-6867929

Disclaimer: Even though the product is sponsored, the review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the products.

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