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Monday 15 February 2016

Beauty: Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask

Hi! I'm back. I know, half of February is already gone and I'm now only writing my first post of the month. The reason why is because of the CNY break and also because I've been preoccupied with some personal issues.. Anyway, I'm sure you girls want to look slim & pretty after CNY and while the snacking may give you away, there's a solution to hide it... Want a sharp chin? Try Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask!

Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask is one of the most interesting masks I've ever come across. It promises to slim down your face by accelerating metabolism and boosting the lymphatic system to help you lose chin fat, lift your face by tightening & restoring sagging skin while reshaping facial contours to deliver long-term results and also moisturises your face at the same time by giving immediate relief to dry & dehydrated skin. It also defences against visible signs of aging such as fine lines & wrinkles. This mask is highly recommended by celebrities in Asia & is approved by the KFDA to be safe to use without irritating components.

Now, this isn't my first chin mask but it's quite interesting because Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask doesn't only come with 1pc V-Fit Mask but a bright pink nanometer slimming band that is adjustable too! The set also includes a simple measuring tape to check for any differences before & after. The mask claims to lift & firm your skin up to 20%, reducing 1cm immediately after use.

The V-Fit Mask contains Vitamin E & Q10 coenzyme (40 times more powerful & acts as an antioxidant). The main ingredient, BodyFit essence, can be absorbed effectively by the skin to promote facial blood circulation, refines cheek & neck lines and burn up extra facial fat to remodel your face. The serum can convert fat into stable fibrous tissues to ease edema or puffiness around the cheeks, jaws and chin area by boosting density of collagen & cell tension as well. Every mask sheet also contains Corum9235 which is an extremely safe heating up ingredient to facilitate chin-fat burning, safely with no allergy.

The nanometer slimming band is an interesting contraption that you are supposed to wear with or without the mask to "train" your face to be slimmer. How this mask works is that it firsts absorbs the firming essence effectively to reduce chin fat from the V-Fit Mask. Then, when you wear the slimming band around it, it stimulates skin's connective tissues to defend against any rebounds while lifting up facial contours & improves skin activeness and firmness. This helps to get rid of chubby chin to achieve that ideal V-shaped face. Through pressure introduction, the essence in the mask can be absorbed more efficiently as well and guess what? This band is made with flexible fibres so it is reusable, safe, antiseptic and easy to clean as well!

I've been trying many kinds of skincare lately so you can look forward to that in the next month. So for this product, I actually got my mum to try it out to test if the results are what they claim to be. After cleansing the face, I let my mum measure her chin area from ear-to-ear (for more accuracy) and it measured 22.5cm. PS: The measuring tape reminds me of IKEA's measuring tape haha.

Take out & unfold the V-Fit Mask sheet and apply it on the face. The larger part is supposed to cover the cheeks while the smaller parts cover the upper neck.

Then, it's time to wear the nanometer slimming band. Fix it under the chin, with the coloured part facing outside & black part facing in. Tighten the slimming band and adjust each ear-hole at the side to fit the ears before securing it with the velcro fastening tape at the top. The unique chin-fit design and ear hanger helps to avoid it from slipping off. Not gonna lie, I think it looks pretty ridiculous like you're a post-plastic surgery patient, but since you're just gonna be using this at home, it's fine.

You are supposed to remove the mask after 30 - 40 minutes but at the 20 minute mark, my mum said her skin felt hot and uncomfortable so we had to take it off. This could be the essence working as it's heat is released during the metabolism acceleration process. After you remove the slimming band, you're supposed to massage the jaw and neck area in an upwards motion gently until the essence is fully absorbed. 

The results? We measured her chin again, from ear-to-ear as well to reduce deviation error and this time, it measured 22cm! That's 0.5cm less! It's not phenomenal, but it is something. My mum was pretty skeptical at first and was surprised at the results. I admit, it could've been a placebo effect though so long-term use is advised if you want to see more effects.

It is said that this process should be repeated every other day for a week to achieve better results. Well, to be fair, I only have one sheet of the mask and it's not going to show much significant results. I do know that the V-Fit Mask sheets refills (pack of 5 for RM89) are available for purchase separately so if this works for you, it would be good to get the refills. If not, this is a good "Starter pack" to try out! FYI, you can use my code CARINNTAN to get 15% off your Hishop purchases!

What I love:
- Interesting concept
- Result of 0.5cm less (as opposed to 1cm less as per advertised though)
- The mask has a nice scent to it
- Slimming band is reusable

What I don't:
- Kinda looks ridiculous to wear
- The mask gives off a burning sensation
- Quite pricey
Price: RM85.20
Volume: 5 fat burning mask + 1 slimming band
Where to Buy: HiShop
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