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Wednesday 21 June 2017

Lifestyle: Traditional Thai Massage @ Thai Odyssey Holiday Villa, JB

Raise your hands if you love massages! Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people. >< I’m very skinny and most massages hurt me haha. So when I was approached by Thai Odyssey, I thought of inviting my parents to experience their Thai massage on my behalf instead. Coincidentally, it was my parents’ 26th anniversary as well, so the massages couldn’t have come at a better time!

Thai Odyssey is one of, if not the most popular, Thai massage parlours with over 50 outlets in Malaysia. Just drop by any major shopping malls and you will find this high-class and trusted brand. The most prestige branch in JB in my opinion, has got to be at Holiday Villa where it is frequented by many Singapore tourists as well. There are 7 branches in total in JB and this is just one of them.

Once you step out on the 6th floor of Holiday Villa, you will be greeted by the soothing scent of incense and herbs. The decor is undoubtedly grander than the ones that you’ll see in malls, also it’s a bigger space. Check out that magnificent dragon sculpture! I love the accents of gold and the solid wood feel – it just makes the place that much more classy. The ladies at the counter are very polite as well and greeted us with a smile when we walked in. We were early for our appointment but they happily accommodated us. FYI, if you have a booking, do note that they can only hold your spot for 30 minutes so try not to be late!

Take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous décor of the place! It just feels so serene overall. The little touches of Thai statues and embellishment really adds an authentic atmosphere to the whole experience. Thai Odyssey also carries their own range of essential oils and soaps for those who wishes to purchase.

The vouchers for redemption – my parents got to try the 90-minutes Traditional Thai Massage for full body which is worth RM130.40 (inclusive of GST).

First off, they were led to the feet-cleansing section to get their feet washed and cleaned before proceeding to the massage rooms. I learnt that the masseuse (who are Thai btw!) uses honeydew scrub with microbeads to remove any dead skin cells before letting the guests change into the Thai slippers.

All the guests’ shoes are kept nicely in these cupboards by the masseuse. They are so nice, they will even personally bring you your slippers on a tray once the massage session is over.

Next, the guests are led to the massage rooms. My parents actually requested for couples room but it wasn’t available at the moment so they settled for individual rooms. The rooms are dimly lit but feels warm overall with the yellow lighting. For Traditional Thai Massage, the beds on the ground are used as it’s easier for the masseuse to maneuver. My parents then got changed in the loose top and pants and were served green tea for relaxation.

This isn’t a common practice, but I was allowed into their rooms to watch how the massage was performed. First, they masseuse covered the guest’s eyes and body with a towel. They start off with massaging the feet and start moving their way upwards. It was amusing to see the petite lady twisting and turning my parents’ at all kinds of angles to really get out all the kinks and knots. They were really skilled! I understand that they usually use Tiger Balm ointment to massage the guests, but my mum opted out as she did not like the ointment. Just make sure you tell the masseuse beforehand or they will add the ointment by default.

Since the massage was an hour and a half, I had some time to kill. While I was waiting, I was also served tea and there was WiFi available so I got some work done.

The friendly staff, Miko, used this time to bring me around the parlour to see what else it had to offer. For the Holiday Villa branch, there are 20 rooms in total so its sufficient to accommodate more guests. There are different types of rooms ranging from Single Thai massage rooms, a total of 3 couple rooms for Thai massage, 1 Aromatherapy room for couples and a Reflexology room whereby there were multiple chairs to do leg massage. The aromatherapy rooms have an attached bathroom and elevated bed so that customers may shower to get rid of the oils before changing.

I went to check on my parents just as the 90-minutes were up and was amused to see them being bent here and there XD My mum claims that it was so relaxing for her though. They were served tea again at the end of the session and after changing, proceeded to the front to get their slippers.

Overall, they were more than satisfied with the spa day that was prepared for them. My mum couldn’t stop praising how professional they were and how relaxed they both feel after the massage. It really helped to work out all their kinks & knots. Thank you, Thai Odyssey for such a nice gift for their anniversary! 

You can treat your parents to this unique gift too! Thai Odyssey has a membership program whereby members can enjoy a 10% discount for each session. Basically, it is a prepaid membership and you can share your membership code with your friends or relatives until the E-Cash runs out. Check out their Father’s Day promotion that I snapped! Purchase RM1000 E-Cash and receive a FREE herbal heating pad for the waist worth RM231.10! My parents are seriously contemplating signing up now, shows you how good this deal and service is J

For more information on Thai Odyssey, check out their:

Disclaimer: Even though the review is sponsored, it is based on my (or in this case, my parents') honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after personally trying out the services offered.

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