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Tuesday 13 March 2018

[Guest Post] Styling your Hair with Protective Styles

This post goes out to my foreign readers or girls who generally have naturally thick and curly hair. Hope it helps you to find some solutions and to inspire you to try new styles with your hair! 

African American girls have thick hair texture with a diverse range of unlimited hairstyle options.
Am I right girls?
Protective styles are the solution to natural hair and you can do various protective styles. Everyone knows about these hairstyles but many of you them don’t know about different PROTECTIVE hair styles. Yes girls!! You can rule the world with these amazing protective styles.
Before proceeding to the different protective styles, what are the benefits of protective styles and why do you need to do it? If you have the intention to protect your hair from damages, then protective styles will help you. It will protect your hair from outer pollution and dust particles.
Why do you need Protective Style?
It is preferred to do protective styles especially in winter as the cold proves drying for your hair and leads to breakage. Protective styles are essential in the process of growing your hair as they reduce hair breakage and will also give you relaxation which means you accumulate your hair for re-growth.

OK, after discussing the benefits and needs of protective style, let’s come straight to the point as I know you all want to know the styling tips for protective styles.
Turn your Short Hair into Long Hair with the Help of Wigs
Yes girls!!! It is not a problem if you have short hair, you can turn into long with the help of wigs. Wigs offer great benefits to your hair. Harmful UV rays from the sun causes damages to the hair and wig will protect your hair from damages. Moreover, wigs also prevent your hair from other environmental pollution like dust and many more. Wigs can be natural looking if you chose them correctly.

Turn into the Stylish Braids
You can easily change your wigs into this stylish braids and look amazing. If you have long hair then you don’t need to worry about doing stylish braids. There are many braids that you can create for your protective styles. From box braids to Ghana braids, there are so many styles that can be perfect for any party. Let’s check out various braid styles.

Box Braids
I know you girls want to look elegant and trendy at the same time. If you are looking for simple and elegant protective styles, box braids finishes your search. All you have to do is make tiny braids on your whole hair. This is the hairstyle that can be done for a wig as well in natural hair. You get a completely new and stylish look. It is clear that your hair will be protected from dust and other pollutants. The main reason behind liking this hairstyle is its durability.

Low-Braided Pony Tail

Some girls don’t like to lose hair but love protective styles, so a low-braided pony tail is the answer to all those girls. This hairstyle is simple, but needs a lot of perfection to make it more beautiful. All you require is to do a smooth pony tail and attach a small elastic in it all the way down with spaces between them. Braid the ends of the hair and put into the rubber band. Despite this style being simple, it is not recommended to do on a daily basis as elastic bands make your hair weaker with time.
Cornrow Braids

Cornrow braids are other braids that are ruling the fashion industry this year. This adds a spark to your look. In fact, cornrow braids can be styled in many other ways. Cornrow low bun is an example of such style that is perfect for all occasions and you can do it on your own. In fact, you can add more 'spark' to your hair by adding highlights, colors and many more. The main benefit for this kind of hairstyle is that it maintains the moisture of your hair.
Crochet Braids
Crochet braids are another hairstyle ruling this year. You can easily do crochet braids to your natural hair, it does not matter whether you have short or long hair. This hair style is quite popular as it is a daunting task to manage thick hair texture. The main reason behind its popularity is that it is durable that it can last for 6 to 8 weeks easily without the need of setting it. There are also other benefits for the crochet braids as these create less tension on scalp and your scalp will not itch as much if maintained properly.

Styling your hair with protective style is no longer hectic. You can do it in many styles and for many occasions. Be the star of the party with amazing protective styles and remain confident.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored guest article courtesy of Divadealzz.

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