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Friday 10 January 2020

Beauty: THE FACE SHOP Energy Seed Advanced Antioxidant Hydro Serum Essence and Green Natural Seed Series

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020, EVERYONE! It's been awhile since I've shared a proper review on this space. I hope to write more this year, hopefully I can keep up this resolution? Haha. I'm happy to report that my first post of the year will be a beauty review, specifically, THE FACE SHOP Green Natural Seed and Energy Seed Advanced Series. Let's get started, shall we?

So sweet of them to send over this early Christmas and New Year present! I appreciate when brands send over their skincare products earlier, this way we get to try it longer and give a more comprehensive review. I also love handwritten cards too, it's so thoughtful!

The Green Natural Seed and Energy Seed range consists of 4 products, but I am trying out 3 today. The PR packaging is so cute here, don't you think? There's even a mini "game" to move around the seed man to illustrate your skin's journey when using this range. 

Check skin's stress levels -> Bright Up -> Boost Your Skin Barrier -> Powerful Antioxidant -> and finally, get Energy.

THE FACE SHOP Green Natural Seed and Energy Seed Advanced series focuses a lot on the Energy Seed Formula, found mainly in the Energy Seed Antioxidant Hydro Serum Essence. The nutrient-rich Energy Seed formula features seeds specially picked to protect the skin. Some of these small but powerful "superfood" seeds include chia seeds, mango seeds and oats to combat dryness and improve skin elasticity. The Green Natural Seed series on the other hand, uses oats, green oats and soybean derived tocopherol to hydrate the skin. In case you're wondering, Tocopherol is a well-known antioxidant ingredient with Vitamin E activator.


As mentioned on the card, the star of the show, this THE FACE SHOP Energy Seed Serum Essence is used as the first step of the skincare routine. Enhanced with tocopherol, this antioxidant hydro serum is an essential water-type serum that helps to replenish moisture and boost antioxidant effects for silky smooth skin texture. The "mild green" formula is silicone and paraben free, PEG-free and contains EWG-Green grade ingredients including rosemary extract and ascorbyl glucoside (vitamin C) which has strong antioxidant efficacy to improve's skin's abilities to absorb more moisture in the later steps of skincare. 

How I use this is by patting an appropriate amount of the serum into the skin using my hands until it gets absorbed. It is colourless and basically odourless, and doesn't feel sticky after applying. I always feel refreshed after using this serum essence. FYI, this first-step serum is best used and can be mixed with any TFS products from the seed lines i.e Chia, Mango and Green Natural (hence the complete Green Natural Seed products that I received).
Price: RM115.00
Volume: 170ml
Where to Buy: The Face Shop website or in-stores

THE FACE SHOP Green Natural Seed Anti Oxidant Toner is a hydrating antioxidant toner that is formulated with Green Natural Seed Formula™ to relieve various external stressors. The main ingredients include organic oat kernel extract, sunflower seed oil and green oat extract which is known for its moisturising effects by increasing hyaluronic acid supply to the skin. 

The texture of this serum is also watery and almost completely odourless. It absorbs quickly into the skin after I apply it with a cotton pad. Don't forget to only apply the toner after the first-step serum has been fully absorbed. My skin doesn't feel tight after using this toner.
Price: RM99.00
Volume: 160ml
Where to Buy: The Face Shop website or in-stores

The last step of the routine is of course, to moisturise. And for that, we have THE FACE SHOP Green Natural Seed Anti Oxid Lotion. This is an antioxidant moisturising emulsion that stabilises the skin texture with skin-friendly, EWG Green graded lecithin emulsifier. This lotion not only moisturises, but also promises soft skin. It is also said to have anti-wrinkle properties.

As this is a lotion, it is very light-weight and not too thick. It glides on smoothly and is absorbed quickly by the skin. I really appreciate that this whole range does not have a strong artificial scent and is perfect to use in the day or night.

Price: RM99.00
Volume: 145ml
Where to Buy: The Face Shop website or in-stores

Overall, I have to admit that this range is nice and comfortable to use. However, I tried out this full range for a month without the use of any other brands. My skin instead had gone through a series of ups and downs. I had severe breakouts 2 weeks into using this. Thank goodness the condition has stabilised now and I am slowly reintroducing my old skincare products into my nightly routine to reset my skin. I suspect that aside from my lifestyle (year end requires a lot of staying up yo!), it is because I am not able to use such nutrient-rich and anti-aging products. Yes, if you've been following my blog, you'll know that I don't usually use anti-aging products all these years because it causes me to get pimples (how ironic). So I suspect that while it's a very lightweight range to use, my skin is not comfortable with the boost of antioxidant it received. Perhaps if I had used the products separately with my regular skincare, it would have been more acceptable. More trial and error is needed to incorporate these products into my routine, because I feel it's such a waste. I really enjoy using the products and it is indeed very hydrating. I'm writing this to share with you guys, so that you can take note too if you have similar skin texture to mine. 

Another resolution of mine is to have a better understanding of the things that I apply on my face.  Cheers to better skin in 2020!

For more information, check out THE FACE SHOP's:

Disclaimer: This is a non-paid sponsored review based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after personally trying out the products.

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