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Friday 22 October 2021

Travel: Tips to Stay Safe while on Staycation during the Pandemic

I'm so excited that we can FINALLY travel again for fully vaccinated people! I'm sure a lot of people are excited to plan a staycation now that travels are slowly opening up again in Malaysia after our 4-month MCO 3.0 lockdown >< I myself am looking at places to travel to locally too, let me share some of my options as well as tips to stay safe while on vacation!

1. Langkawi

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First on my list is Langkawi! Can you believe that I've actually never been to Langkawi before in my almost 30 years of life? 😅 Everyone's telling me I'd love it cos of the sights, beach life and cheap alcohol 🙊I'm looking forward to visiting Eagle Square, Sky Bridge and going for Sunset Cruise! Do you have any other suggestions on where I should visit in Langkawi?

2. Port Dickson

Next up, Port Dickson! Haven't been in sooo long. The last time I was there, I stayed at Lexis Port Dickson with my friends and we had a lot of fun in the spacious and activity-packed place. It's a hotel that have private pool for holiday, perfect for couples or big groups like we did. I think it'd be fun to go again, maybe this time with family?

3. Ipoh

I'm thinking of planning a food trip to Ipoh, solely for the food. Love Ipoh dimsum, Nasi Ganja and Nam Heong coffee! These are my go-to spots in Ipoh but I still wish to go for a beach trip first, so this is for future planning (maybe)?

No matter where you choose to go, don't forget to TAKE PRECAUTIONS and STAY SAFE! I'm excited but also wary because the virus is not gone, but we can definitely practice some tips to have fun while having fun:

☝ Bring along sanitiser and/or sanitising wipes wherever you go. Spray or wipe down surfaces such as tables or beach chairs that are for public use. 

☝Mask up often! I know, it's a hassle when you want to take it off to take photos or to eat and drink. You can do what I do and get a mask chain so when you remove your mask, it'd still be hanging around your neck. IMO, this way it doesn't get lost easily and is more hygienic than having to keep folding your mask and taking it in and out of your pocket.

☝Practice social distancing. It may be hard to avoid crowds, but try to stay far away from other people not only for safety purposes, but also to respect personal space (lol)

☝Try to avoid touching high-touch surfaces like railings, lift buttons and door handles with your hand. Use your elbow instead or better still, wash your hands with soap immediately after you've touched these.

☝Bring saliva test kits along. Call me paranoid, but I think it gives a peace of mind if you are able to take a quick and easy saliva test every day of the trip and after you are back to ensure that you are not asymptomatic. You can never be too sure!

☝No matter if you are on vacation or not, shower and change your clothes as soon as you are back in the hotel room every time!

Can't believe we get to travel again after 4 months of being stuck at home. I may get cabin fever soon if I don't travel and all this staying at home is honestly making me a bit antisocial 🙈Anyway, people may think you look funny and extra cautious while practicing these "safety tips" while on holiday but hey, you are not the weird one. Everyone should be practicing this as it's better to be safe than sorry!

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