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Saturday 17 May 2014

Another Perspective

I don't usually blog so randomly late at night. Nor do I usually post personal stuffs, because life has been kind to me so far. I am happy. 
But not today. It's one of those rare bad days which got me feeling so... Negative. So unhappy. Or it could just be amplified sensitivity and emotions due to lack of sleep. Whatever it is I just really need an outlet to get this negativity out of my system. 

Was up the whole night completing an assignment and I only managed to get an hour of sleep. But I still got prepped up for the last lesson today and I was actually feeling pretty good. Then came... a series of unfortunate event with work and school. It's just me overthinking, I guess and not pinpointed at anybody in particular. 

Today, I learnt 3 valuable life lessons. 

1. Accept and learn from your failures. 
It's not a setback nor a discouragement. Everyone is bound to fail at some point in life. Think of it as a lesson instead, and your life will actually be happier and easier. No one is perfect and we all need to fall down once in awhile. People may dislike you, dislike your work, dislike your actions but they are not responsible for your happiness. So don't be affected by them. What matters most ultimately is the lesson you take away from the failure with an open mind and improve for the future. 

2. You have your capabilities, but respect others' strengths too. 
It is rude and unnecessary to look down on others, just because they're different from you. Everyone is fighting their own war. If you think you're good in something and proud of it, whoever gave you the right to mock other people's interests or capabilities? It's only manners to listen to people and know that every job has its significance. You don't have to have a stick up your ass just because you THINK you're more "qualified" than others. Everyone deserves respect. 

3. Help others whenever you can, but don't expect returns. 
The reality is harsh in the sense that not all good deeds get repaid in good. Also, not everything you do is so "noble and kind" that people automatically "owes" you. You don't always need to get something back in return. Have you ever thought that maybe sometimes it is actually your responsibility to contribute? It is the universe's way of saying, "Spread the Love!" If by helping others it helps make someone else's life a little easier, a little happier, why not go ahead and do it? And who knows these people will remember your kindness and return the favour in the future too? Even if they don't, you know you've been a better person today. 

Sometimes I think I read people too easily and trust them too fast. My principle is, if you didn't do anything to harm me, I won't say or feel anything about you as well. I like to see the good in people but sometimes, observation and talking to others offers me a wider horizon and different perspective at looking at others. And sometimes, these perspectives are not nice at all and may disappoint you. But in the end, it's good to be honest- to yourself and others. I'm glad I have a bunch of friends and a calm bf whom I can open my heart to and make my bad day a little more bearable.

I wonder, am I different from what others perceive me to be too? Should I even be bothered by what they think? 



  1. Dear, no matter what, we are always here! What doesn't kills you makes you stronger! ^_^


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