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Wednesday 17 February 2016

Beauty: Deoproce Special Water Plus Skincare

I've read somewhere recently that skincare with high water content that forms water droplets on the skin, is the new trend of 2016! I'm constantly on the lookout for water-based skincare that doesn't irritate my skin and I'm glad to say that more and more of these products are available in the market now. One of the recent skincare I tried before Chinese New Year is the Deoproce Special Water Plus series.

Deoproce Special Water Plus is a specialised skincare range that directly supplies moisture to dry & tired skin with Water Sparkling technology upon application. It is recommended for all skin types, especially dehydrated skin as it provides strong moisturising, soothes skin, minimises pores and leaves the skin feeling fresh & protected. Quench your skin's thirst with ingredients like arbutin, which surpresses melanin production to give you clean & clear skin, and optimal levels of adenosine restores elasticity of the skin to prevent wrinkles.

   Deoproce Special Water Plus Skin (Toner)  
I was fortunate enough to receive the full skincare set to try out. The first item is the Deoproce Special Water Plus Skin which is essentially the toner of this range. It helps to eliminate skin dryness by supplying moisture instantaneously and restores skin elasticity.

I admit, the packaging of this range does look a little tacky, what with the shimmery blue to represent water. But it is a huge bottle and I'm sure it can last quite a long time, so you get your money's worth. The bottle also comes with a flat-head pump for easier use.

After washing your face, pump an appropriate amount onto a cotton puff and pat all over the face gently to use. The toner has an odd texture - it is a liquid yet a little gellish at the same time. There is a nice, pleasant scent to it but I do suspect that it is added fragrance. Upon contact with the skin, the toner is absorbed quickly and unlike more toners I've used, this one is actually not drying at all!
Price: RM99.90
Volume: 120ml
Where to Buy: HiShop
   Deoproce Special Water Plus Lotion (Moisturiser)   
Unlike most moisturisers that comes in a jar, the Deoproce Special Water Plus Lotion comes in a large bottle. Just like the toner, it has the same shimmery blue packaging and comes with a pump as well to help control the amount of product you wish to use. This product contains niacinamide & adenosine, functional ingredients that specialises in moisturising. It forms a thin anti-drying layer on the skin and helps to supply moisture, lightens the skin and prevent wrinkles for more youthful skin.

It has a unique texture as well. When the product is first dispensed, it has a gel-like texture with a slightly blue tinge. However, after rubbing it in for a few seconds, you can feel a slightly silky layer being formed on the skin. After a while more, the layer forms water droplets to provide long-lasting moisture! How fun is that! Allow it to dry for a while before moving on to the next skincare. 
Price: RM129.90
Volume: 120ml
Where to Buy: HiShop
   Deoproce Special Water Plus Cream (Night Cream)   

The Deoproce Special Water Plus Cream acts as a sleeping mask for all those nights when you are just to lazy to apply your skincare. It claims that even under extreme conditions, this cream can protect your skin from being dehydrated and is suitable for sensitive skin as well. I actually quite fancy the packaging of this bottle as it reminds me of a gem, along with an engraved logo on its silver cover. Looks quite classy!

Just like the moisturiser, this light blue cream (which is more like a gel) transforms into water droplets after being rubbed in an upward & outward motion. The cream forms a thin water film on the skin to maintain skin's optimal moisture level all night long. I love the smell and am so glad that this skincare range does not stimulate my sensitive skin at all.
Price: RM139.90
Volume: 50ml
Where to Buy: HiShop
What I love:
- Fun to use, due to the formation of water droplets after applying on the skin!
- Moisturising & lasts all-night long
- Does not stimulate sensitive skin
- Big bottles, can last for quite a long time

What I don't:
- Sorta tacky packaging
- Too big to carry around
- Artificially scented

For girls who are looking for watery type moisturiser for your skin, you may consider this Deoproce series! Don't forget, you can use my code CARINNTAN to get 15% off your Hishop purchases!

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