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Tuesday 16 February 2016

[Guest Post] Why Should You Go For Short Hair in 2016

If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know that I recently got a haircut before Chinese New Year. Idk why, without much qualms, I just decided to chop off my hair again and dye it a different colour (again). I guess it's because I'm tired of the hassle of taking care of long hair, plus my bleached hair ends made my hair look unhealthy. Coincidentally, my next guest writer has a new post and great ideas on why it's time to go shorter for 2016! Time to rock the trend, and here's how you can do it!
The year 2016 is here. New Year means making new resolutions and trying to stick to them. In 2016, you can do much more than that. You should make a resolution to follow the cool trends of the year, to keep up with the new trends. While longer hairstyles are going to remain in trend till the winters end, however shorter and low-maintenance haircuts are going to make a comeback during the start of the spring seasons. Why Should You Go For A Shorter Haircut? No matter how much you love that long mane of yours, your first priority in 2016 should be to get them cut. Here are some of the reasons why:
  • Short hairs are going to be the next "in" thing.
  • It is easy to keep shorter hair cleaner during summers.
  • Having short hairs mean that you don't have to worry about tying your hair during the scorching summer heat.
  • Shorter hairs do not give a messy look at all.
  • Girls like men looking their best, and you look your best with neatly styled short hairs during summers.
How To Know Which Hair Style Will Suit You There are different types of short hairstyles which you can get. However, instead of simply going to the barber and asking him cut all those bangs, you should definitely ask for his opinion. While, generally cropped hairs with shorter side burns are likely to be in fashion the coming year, you should go for the look which suits your overall face cut

Rock the Trim A hair style which is really short from the sides and the back is going to make the highlights in the coming summers. You can do some variations according to your choice, face cut and overall personality, and can even add some spikes in the center as well. However, if you are not good at styling your hair, do ask your barber to give you simple and practical instructions about how to do so.

Rough, Short and Easy If you like to leave your hair just as they are, then a short but a rougher look should be your style statement in 2016. Short but somewhat messy hairs are never out of style. All you need is someone who is expert at giving you this sort of look.

How to Further Accentuate Your Hair Style Statement Whatever you wear, whether you have long hair or short, or the kind of shoes you have put on, all of them make your complete style statement. So, if you are planning to follow a particular trend the coming summers, make sure that everything from your pair of jeans to your shoes, from your custom fitted dress shirt to the belt you are wearing is accentuating your style. Invest in a good hairstyle and keep your hair clean and tidy. Wash them with the best shampoo according to your hair texture and always smell good!

Author Bio:
Emma a blogger by choice and a stylist at heart. She is the most stylish blogger who loves to capture fashion, culture and life through pictures and then describe them in her own words. These day she is writing for Custom Stitchers who offers custom made dress shirts.

So there you have it, just a few tips to consider before cutting your hair short and the various styles you can rock. Ever heard of the saying, "When a woman is about to cut her hair, she is about to make a change in her life"? It's somewhat true, especially for me. Everytime I get a haircut, something must've triggered me to do it, whether I know it or not. Lol. But it's all cool, there's no harm in opting for change. Trust me, you'll feel like a brand new person after you cut your hair and just know that you can rock it!

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  1. I love your new hair color Carinn! :) it suits you really well..

    Rica |

  2. I just read this! But guess what, I cut my hair too! :D


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