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Sunday 10 April 2016

Beauty: NEW Physiogel® Calming Relief Face Care Range - 14 DAYS CHALLENGE (Part 1)

I'm pretty excited about this post because of the 14-days challenge! It's sort of the first time I'm doing this on my blog and I'll be documenting it for you guys. As you already know, I have sensitive skin so I'm hoping that this Physiogel® Calming Relief Face Care Range will help to relief that problem. Here's my first impression on the products in this range!

The New Physiogel® Hypoallergenic Calming Relief Face Care range is known to provide daily hydration, reduce facial redness and relieves dry, sensitive & irritated skin. They really mean it when they say they respect the needs of sensitive skin! Sensitive skin is a skin condition in which skin is prone to itching & irritation. Signs of sensitive skin include dry skin, red patches and/or a burning sensation. Studies show that more than 50% of women across Asia claim to have had sensitive skin and the majority of sensitive skin sufferers experience facial redness. Some factors that cause sensitive skin includes climatic harshness, pollutants from the air and water, hormonal factors, stress or the use of toiletries/ cosmetics. For me, I am sensitive towards products with artificial fragrances.

Physiogel's advanced formulation promises to calm redness in the skin using Physiogel® BioMimic Technology, which has layered structured comparable to the skin's natural lipid barrier. These lipids work both ways - by protecting against water loss from the inside and reduces the entry of allergens from the outside. The lipids found in Physiogel BioMimic Technology protects skin cells and seals in moisture for healthy, toned, smooth and soft skin. This technology helps the lipid barrier by delivering lipids and other molecules similar to those found in the skin to REPAIR, PROTECT and STRENGTHEN your skin's moisture barrier for long-lasting relief. All Physiogel products contain no preservatives, perfumes and colourants. Each product is clinically tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologist, they're even safe to use around the eyes!

   Physiogel® Calming Relief Gentle Cream Cleanser   
The first product in the range that I was introduced to is this rinse-free Physiogel® Gentle Cream Cleanser that is specially designed for dry, sensitive & redness-prone skin. It gently and effectively cleanses without disrupting the skin's natural moisture barrier but instead protects the skin from further dryness. It can also be used as a gentle make-up remover that removes dirt and impurities as well. With its moisturising and soothing ingredients, skin feels immediately soft, comforted and soothed

I like that the product comes with a pump and a lock for easier dispense and reduced leakage. Just like the name suggests, the product is a white cream cleanser with quite a thick texture when dispensed and doesn't lather. I have started using this cleanser and my first impression of it is that it can be quite oily? However, I find that this tends to happen with most cream cleansers that I use. The feeling isn't greasy, instead it leaves a subtle "coating" on your skin and there is no feeling of dryness. Good news too, it doesn't have any scent to it so my skin is fine with this cream cleanser.
Price: RM49.00

Volume: 200ml
Where to Buy:
 Physiogel website or trusted pharmacies nationwide

   Physiogel® Calming Relief Face Cream   
Physiogel® Calming Relief Face Cream is a light, fast absorbing daily use moisturising cream that hydrates, repairs and calms the skin. This cream visibly reduces sensitivity, dryness, irritation and redness with regular use. Studies have shown that after 2 weeks, 93% of users found that their facial redness was reduced so I'm pretty excited to try this out! It also claims to restore skin comfort for a healthy-looking complexion and immediately provide long-lasting moisture relief.

Pop off the cap and you'll find that the white cream comes with a pump dispenser as well. This cream is lightweight and odorless, and as you can see, it spreads quite easily. It claims that this is suitable to be used under make-up too. Well, I'll put it to the test and let you guys know the results soon!
Price: RM69.00

Where to Buy: Physiogel website or trusted pharmacies nationwide

   Physiogel® Calming Relief Face Cream Rich   
Physiogel® Calming Relief Face Cream Rich is a rich, nourishing daily moisturiser whereby it has similar properties to the Face Cream. I'd like to think of it as an "upgraded" version of the Face Cream. 91% of users have also agreed that this cream reduced their facial redness within 2 weeks of using. It immediately relieves recurring dry, tight skin and reduces the sensation of discomfort and heat for visibly healthier and evenly toned skin.

With a similar packaging and content as the Face Cream, I do sometimes get mixed up between these two creams haha. I presume that the Face Cream Rich is to be used at night while Face Cream is to be used in the daytime. I would prefer not to mix the two as this cream has a slightly stickier consistency that suits people with extremely dry or flaky skin.
Price: RM69.00

Where to Buy: Physiogel website or trusted pharmacies nationwide 
Well, I’ve only been using this range for a day or so, but they seem to have promising results. I’ll keep you guys updated on the results, meet me back here in two weeks! ;)

UPDATE: The results of my 14-day Challenge is now LIVE!!

For more information on Physiogel®, log on to:
Website | Facebook

Disclaimer: Even though the product was sponsored and sent to me for review, it has not affected my opinion in anyway. The review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the product. Effects may vary depending on the individual.

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