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Sunday 22 May 2016

[Guest Post] Exciting Things to See and Do in China

Image by Bernd Thaller via Flickr
Are you an avid traveller? I believe that when we travel, it opens our eyes to new perspectives and change the way we see the world. It's truly a wonderful thing, to be able to travel, especially to a country filled with history and beauty like China. This post came just in time as my mum will be travelling to China some time this year. Hopefully some of these suggestions will give her an idea of what to see and do while she's there!


Let's face it: There are many options when you are considering your worldwide travel destination today. We are talking, after all, about an enormous country and still home to the world's largest population. In addition, Chinese culture spans eight culinary regions and dozens of metropolises, plus millions of square miles of rural farmland and natural splendour.

What are you most excited to see? Do you want to see the myriad treasures from China's ancient and medieval past? Do you want to walk the Great Wall of China and wander among the thousands of terra cotta warriors? You can spend an entire day in the Forbidden City wondering at the mysterious architecture of China's ancient days. Chinese history is full of fascinating detail, spanning literally thousands of years and different eras, from the ancient hereditary dynasties through the modern era. Spend an afternoon in a military or cultural museum, getting lost in an exhibit of medieval armour or paintings and decorative textiles.

Or do you instead want to marvel at the enormous infrastructure of China's modern world? Do you want to lose yourself in the modern financial hub—and one of the world's emerging capital markets—in Hong Kong? Care to see the industrial centres of Shanghai and Shenzhen, where your smart phone likely was manufactured? China is also home to the world's largest network of cities boasting more than a million residents each. The modern Chinese economy is still vibrant and expansive and producing some of the world's most modern cities.

If you want a tour of modern China, there are many available videos and web pages online exploring all the various options for today's international travellers. If instead you want a more historical exploration of the Chinese culture, you can read more about Chinese dynasties and explore all the ancient relics of the old imperial cities. Alternatively, if you're merely looking for the most enjoyable experience on a luxurious getaway, feel free to pursue the modern comforts of luxury hotels, resorts and spas that China has to offer.

China's natural beauty presents another opportunity. From the Three Gorges dam to the foothills of the Himalayas, some of the most impressive ecological sights can be visited conveniently, whether you are looking to stare in awe at nature's majestic vistas or relax in the soothing climes of a temperate rain forest.

One definite strategy to adopt, no matter what you're most eager to see, is to make use of the tried and tested China tours offered by TCTC. If you're anything like the typical first-time traveller to China, you're expecting an experience that is larger than life—and larger than your imagination or preparation. It just makes sense to trust in a company experienced in guiding new tourists to all the multiple attractions.

China today is at a unique crossroads of a long history and a vibrant emerging modern economy. Traveling to China in the present moment is a fascinating opportunity to see the past and the present come together to present a once-in-a-lifetime holiday opportunity.

I'm still young and (hopefully) there are many more opportunities for me to travel the world. Travelling to China would be one of my wishes, to go back to the place where my ancestors are from. Now that I know that there's so many options to do in China, I can seriously consider planning a trip there. What about you? Have you been to China, or do you wish to visit there someday? Let me know!

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