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Monday 30 May 2016

Beauty: LA BELLE Skincare @ Sweet Ampoules

I love trying out new skincare! Recently, I've been using La Belle Skincare for the last 2 weeks. Ampoules and essences are a big part of my skincare routine each day as they provide that extra boost of nutrients to my skin. FYI, Sweet Ampoules has recently bought over the La Belle brand are they are now they sole distributor of the skincare. I'm so stoked to share with you the ampoules that I've tried out and the amazing results!

I received this box of goodies from the generous Cheryl the other day. A little on the brand story of La Belle - LA BELLE Skincare Products uses only the finest natural ingredients extracted from botanical herbs, plant emollients, natural protestants & raw minerals combined using the most advanced research and technology. This delicate blend of ingredients is so fine that it allows fast and effective absorption into deeper layers of the skin. The brand is trademarked with IPO Malaysia and all formulations are recognised by the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Control BuraeaAge, environment and lifestyle are some of the factors that can affect our skin, which is why we need to take care of our skin as early from age 25. With La Belle, the key ingredients are water and collagen to help improve skin elasticity. These formulas are customisable and are incorporated into our daily skin regimen as needed to supplement any skin needs and achieve better results.

La Belle Ampoules are their star products. These ampoules use only the finest natural botanical extracts, vitamins and enzymes to demonstrate remarkable improvement on the skin after usage. These ampoules are available for customisation according to your skin type and there are about 10 types to choose from. The bottles may be tiny, but they do pack a punch! Each vial of La Belle Ampoule can last for 3 - 4 days max, you do not necessarily have to finish the whole vial once you've opened it. My texture of each ampoule is quite watery and is all completely fragrance-free. These ampoules that I've received are all customised according to my skin type which is dry & combination skin that is prone to acne.

I received 2 boxes (i.e 20 mini vials) of ampoules and essences to use, I do believe they will last me quite awhile! I have 4 types of ampoule and essences to try out, 10 vials (5 each) are for daytime use while 10 vials are to be incorporated into my nightly routine. Let's talk about my daytime routine first and how I usually use these ampoules, as recommended by Cheryl. I find that these two ampoules suit my skin just fine and act as a good base for applying my makeup.

As I do experience the occasional skin breakout especially during that time of the month, I use this La Belle Acnex Ampoule which targets oily skin and acne. It is meant to be applied on the pimple area itself after a breakout or any swollen areas before the pimple pops up. Acnex Ampoules provide treatments to combination skin types too as it contains liquorice root powder and raw aloe vera extract that has antiseptic properties and can control excessive oil production in the sebaceous glands. It will help to redefine and cleanse the skin's epidermis & dermis layers by expelling blackheads and whiteheads too! Scars are also reduced as these ampoules help to purify & neutralise oily skin problems and enlarged pores. I find that this ampoule is a little sticky but is great for targeting problem areas as it helps to soothe the inflamed areas and decrease acne breakouts. This month during my period, I only got 2 pimples on my forehead which is an achievement! It doesn't stimulate the pimple and one bottle definitely lasts more than 3 - 4 days, unless there are many pimples of course.

The Acnex Ampoules are best paired with the La Belle Sooth Hydrating Ampoules for sensitive skin as it helps to soothe the skin cells after Acnex application. These ampoules are formulated to increase moisture into the inner skin cells and not only will it plump the skin to lessen the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, it will also diffuse redness and swollen skin. Pure oxygen that is antibacterial is infused into the skin to restore healthy blood circulation, strengthen the skin and kill acne-causing bacteria. Sooth Hydrating Ampoules are also known to restore skin cells by revitalising Glycosoaminoglycans (GAGs), a kind of protein in the dermis layer. Overall, your skin will look visibly younger, glowing and silky smooth! The Sooth Hydrating Ampoules are more watery compared to Acnex, thus it is absorbed pretty quickly into the skin. My skin feels so bouncy and hydrated after use, prepping it just enough for my makeup to go on.

How I use these ampoules in the Day:
Wash face with cleanser -> Apply toner -> Apply ACNEX ampoules & wait for it to absorb in about 3 - 5 minutes) -> Apply SOOTH HYDRATING ampoule (or mix it with your favourite day cream/ moisturiser!) -> Apply makeup/ day cream/ moisturiser

These are the ampoules and essences that I incorporate into my nightly skincare routine. In addition to their famous skin basic essential ampoules, La Belle's best-seller also include their Essences that summon the wonders of nature into every bottle. La Belle Essences uses high concentration of natural and organically derived botanical nutrients in each signature blend. There are 4 types to choose from to suit your skin type perfectly. Each type is exclusively formulated to replenish skin's essential nourishment and penetrate deeper into the skin for a more effective results. Your skin will be restored to its best condition and feel rejuvenated in no time!

For people with sensitive and tired skin, this one's for you. La Belle Collagen Repair Ampoules is a 2-in-1 formula that contain high concentration of Native Collagen and DNA repair substance which helps to hydrate and firm up loose & sagging skin. This soluble collagen helps to repair dehydrated skin and has a firming, plumping-up effect. It also prevents skin damage from natural hazards as well as damaging UV radiation. Collagen Repair Ampoule is also highly recommended as a base to before applying your makeup foundation as it moisturises the skin enough to help heavy makeup stay on even under the hot sun, but I use this at night as a bonus part of my skincare. The texture is slightly more on the watery side and leaves a smooth feeling on the skin after application.

Following the Collagen Repair Ampoule, I apply the La Belle Hydra Essences in the evening or at night with night cream before going to bed. This is an essence, hence it is more "powerful" than the ampoule when it comes to supplying nutrients. Even the packaging is distinctively more different, it's gold! Each vial contains high concentration of water & hyaluronic acid that is blended with natural herbs extract, which makes it the perfect combination to hydrate and rejuvenate the inner skin cells. It helps to lock-in moisture in an air-conditioned room, control & detoxify the skin (especially irritated areas) and restore skin elasticity to minimise wrinkles hence giving the skin a more youthful appearance. The next morning upon washing my face, it feels as if there is a layer of "oil" on my skin which is actually means the detoxification works! The "oil" also acts as a barrier to keep the skin soft and supple throughout the night.

How I use these ampoule and essence at Night:
Wash face with cleanser -> Apply toner -> Apply COLLAGEN REPAIR ampoules & wait for it to absorb in about 3 - 5 minutes) -> Apply night cream (usually I mix it with HYDRA COLLAGEN essence and apply together)

Something I'd like to mention is that it's not easy to open each vial of essence or ampoule as they are sealed tightly for quality assurance. I was quite bewildered at first then I discovered that to open, you would have to open it from the plastic lid which is attached to the metal rim, sort of like a soft drink can tab, and pull it open. Then, remove the rim and you are left with the air-tight rubber cover. It is important to seal the glass vials tightly. If it doesn't work (which happened to me for a few bottles), put a tape over it or pour the ampoules into another bottle and cover it tight. Store all essences in a cool, dry place (not in the fridge, please!)

I usually use only one serum for both my daytime and night-time routine. Admittedly, incorporating these essences into my skincare is quite a chore as more steps are needed, but it is worth it after seeing the results. I find that my skin is much finer and smoother now, with less bumps and whiteheads. Redness has also been reduced and skin is kept at an optimum hydrated level throughout the day. They're right when they say big things come in small packages, these ampoules and essences are SO GOOD! My only qualm is that the bottle is not easy to open and not really travel-friendly as the rubber cap cannot be shut tightly so that may cause leakage (or maybe I'm doing it wrong..). Other than that, these ampoules and essences are definitely affordable, plus I find that they do last for more than 4 days sometimes! Any additional essence left, feel free to apply it to your neck, shoulder and upper chest area as these areas need to be pampered as well!

What I love:
- These two weeks on La Belle skincare has definitely left my skin feeling smoother and more refined!
- Reduced redness, blackheads and whiteheads
- Colourless and odourless, all freshly brewed, absorbs quickly into the skin
- Acnex Ampoule has helped to prevent breakouts during that time of the month
- Sooth Hydrating Ampoule acts as a good makeup base for my makeup
- Collagen Repair Ampoule helped to firm up my skin
- Hydra Essence is great for use in air-conditioned rooms and leaves the skin soft & supple the next day
- Super affordable!
- Customisable skincare to cater to every skin type

What I don't:
- The cap can be quite hard to open up, one wrong move and you'd end up manually cutting the metal rim open with a scissors like I did initially..
- The air-tight rubber cap can fail you at times, cannot be shut properly
- Additional steps added into my skincare routine (I'm lazy like that)
- Can feel sticky at first, but easily absorbed into the skin afterwards
Price: RM40.00/ box
Volume: 10 vials/ box
Where to Buy: Sweet Ampoules website
Price: RM65.00/ box
Volume: 10 vials/ box
Where to Buy: Sweet Ampoules Website

For additional skin pampering, Cheryl was very sweet to let me try these La Belle Powder Masks too! La Belle Powder Masks are botanically formulated to target the skin's ever-changing needs. When the powder masks are mixed with special activators, such as toner, it turns into a soft, supple clay type mask that works well with the skin to target the T-Zone! These masks clean your clogged pores and reduces blackheads. It can also be applied to other parts of the body that are prone to breakouts such as the neck, back and shoulder. Cheryl suggests that I use the mask on weekends for some "me time" and also to prep my skin for the busy week ahead. 


La Belle Pearl White Powder Mask is formulated for all skin types. Pearl powder is a "secret ingredient" in many of today's skin care, but did you know that pearl powder was also traditionally recognised for its healing, skin brightening, anti-wrinkle and sun-protection benefits? Specially-picked freshwater bred pearls are used for their natural source of calcium. Other benefits of the all-white, freshly and finely grounded pearl powder includes helping to promote cell renewal, enhance skin's elasticity, improve circulation, calm & soothe the skin while detoxifying it from within to give you the best skin texture. I love how this mask leaves my skin feeling so smooth and bright! I feel that I also look fairer after using this mask, so if you're looking for a natural way to lighten your skin without drying it out, I'd suggest using this Pearl White Powder Mask!

For a more moisturising and smoothing effect, try La Belle Rose Flower Powder Mask. It helps to hydrate, promote skin suppleness and elasticity as well as assist with the conditioning and balance of skin tone. It is recommended to add a few drops of the Hydrating Ampoules to the paste before applying. 
I'll show you how to use these powder mask and make it into your very own soft clay mask paste for use. All you need are a container to hold the paste, some water, scissors to open the packet, a spatula to apply, toner and/or hydrating ampoules for that added boost for your skin. The Rose Flower Powder Mask is best used with La Belle Aloe Rose Toner but since I didn't have it, I opted for my Melvita Rose Water instead and also added a few drops of the La Belle Sooth Hydrating Ampoule.

Unlike the Pearl Powder Mask, this powder mask has a slightly off-white colour and dark red bits in it. Those are the rose petals!

After a simple facial scrub, cleanse and tone, it's time to pamper your face! To use, mix half a packet of the powder mask with an equal amount of mineral water. I also added some toner and ampoule. Stir until it becomes a smooth paste. The infused rose petals makes this mask smell heavenly and it literally helps the mask to feel like it's melting into your skin! I super love the rose scent :D

After the paste is thoroughly mixed, apply a thin layer of 1 - 3 mm mask onto your face. Do it fast before the mask dries up! It feels cooling and calming to have the mask on. After 15 - 30 minutes, the mask should have dried up completely and feel tight on your face. It feels sort of rubbery and that's when you can peel it off! This isn't my first time using a powder mask, I find that this one doesn't really peel off beautifully, instead you sort of have to scrape it off to get it off cleanly! Wash your face after that before applying ampoules/ essences to your face again to seal in moisture.

While I find the masks a tad bit tedious to prepare before use, it does do a better job at detoxifying and supplying nutrients to my skin than conventional paper masks. The effect is obvious after each use - my skin feels much tauter, brighter and cleaner. It's also quite wallet-friendly as one packet of powder mask may be used up to twice (use it alternately each weekend for the best results), just remember to seal it back with a staple to save it for the next treatment!

What I love:
- Super obvious results after each use! Skin is cleaner, smoother, tighter, brighter and fairer!
- Does not stimulate sensitive skin and isn't too drying when in use
- Non-sticky, subtle calming scent
- Affordable

What I don't:
- It can get quite tedious and messy to prepare the paste..
- Doesn't peel off cleanly, hence resulting in a mess when cleaning face also..
Price: RM8.00/ packet
Volume: 25g
Where to Buy: Sweet Ampoules website

Now that you've seen the results, are you tempted to try out this skincare range as well? :D Well, good news for my readers! You can quote my name and get special discounts when purchasing your La Belle Skincare from Sweet Ampoules!

- For purchases above RM150, quote "Sweet Carinn" to get 10% off your first purchase! (postage excluded)
- For purchases above RM250, quote "Sweet Carinn" to get 10% off your total purchase plus FREE SHIPPING!

Taking care of your skin since a young age is essential for every woman. Ampoules and essences help to speed up and enhance the nutrients absorbed by your skin, but they can only do so much - you are still the ultimate person to drive your skin's nature. So, don't be lazy and start pampering yourself now!

For more information on La Belle Skincare & Sweet Ampoules, log on to:

Disclaimer: Even though the product was sponsored and sent to me for review, it has not affected my opinion in anyway. The review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the product. Effects may vary depending on the individual.

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