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Tuesday 16 August 2016

Beauty: How-to Create My Everyday Natural Makeup Look with Cuepido Cosmetics

Ola! I'm so excited to be doing this for what I think is the first time on my blog - a how-to tutorial on how I create my everyday makeup look! I would've done a video, but I don't have the skills to do professional editing and such so I tried my best to make these photos and GIFs as clear as possible :p Anyway, these are the latest products that I'm OBSESSED with. They are from Cuepido Cosmetics and they offer luxurious and healthy skin-loving products that are comparable to the big brands out there (I kid you not)! Continue reading to see what I got from them :)

The name Cuepido was derived from the word Cupido (in Latin) and as we all know, Cupid is the God of desire & love. Hence, Cuepido is attractive for its classical character and symbolises love - this is seen in their elegant packaging to the lovely products. Cuepido products are fully manufactured, tested routinely and proven safe in a clinical laboratory in USA. Their mission is to boost the elegance in every woman, enhance their natural glow, lift their confidence and pamper them with love. Makeup enhances the exquisiteness and Cuepido's products are not only trendy, but emphasises on the basics that are healthy for daily use as well. Also, they are extremely generous, don't you think :P

Cuepido products are proudly formulated without parabens, phthalates, triclosan, sulfates, BPA and gluten. The products are safe to be applied on the skin while being able to be absorbed twice as fast. Some of the ingredients found in their products are flowers & plant extracts, vitamins, essential oils, minerals and other natural organic ingredients. All the selected ingredients are tested to contain skin benefits and coordinate with the product performance. 

I'll now show you a step-by-step tutorial on how I create my everyday makeup look, while explaining the benefits of each product featured.

   Step 1: Prep the face  
The Luminous Beauty Essence is one of Cuepido's best-selling products. This innovative 3-in-1 brightening beauty essence improves skin texture, contributes to a balanced skin and luminous complexion over time. It is jam-packed with nourishing botanical complexes, along with ingredients possessing antioxidant properties, which neutralise free radicals and support skin cell regeneration. This luxurious liquid absorbs into the skin quickly for an instant boost of hydration and strengthens the skin's foundation to reveal a youthful angelic glow, minimise dark spots and promotes a dewy, brilliant look. You can use it as a treatment toner for all skin types as it helps to absorb nutrients better from products that are applied afterwards.

Right off the bat, the product reminds me of IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning due to its packaging and colourless liquid. After cleansing the face, you can either pour a small amount of essence on your hand and apply to your face, or do as I did and use a cotton pad. I use this as a toner and it also acts as a good base for my makeup afterwards. There is a soothing fragrance to it that just lifts the spirit when you use the essence!
Price: RM250.00
Volume: 120ml
Where to Buy: Cuepido's website HERE

   Step 2: Apply foundation    
The Put-On Wonder Liquid Foundation has thus become one of my favourite foundations to use so far. There are about 5 shades in the spectrum and phew, I picked the right one that suits my skin tone perfectly which is #Ivory. This water-based fluid foundation, which also happens to be one of the best-sellers, contains soft-focus mineral powders that virtually diminishes imperfection to make skin look natural & flawless. It provides natural medium coverage which is buildable. The paraben-free foundation is infused with vitamins A, C & E to protect the skin against free radicals or environmental stresses and aloe vera to soothe skin while boosting the skin's immune system and rejuvenating skin cells. It also has added SPF15 to give that perfect touch of sun protection! Would've preferred if the bottle was made with glass, that way it'll look more similar to those high-end foundations out there!

After applying moisturiser and sunscreen, it's time for foundation. To use, shake the foundation bottle well before pumping a desired amount onto the back of your hand. I like to do so before applying in dots all over my face and blend evenly with my damp Beauty Blender to achieve a flawless finish. The foundation is buildable so you can build it up to any coverage that you like. What's most interesting about the product is that the longer you wear, the more natural it looks - it doesn't fade off or get cakey and/ or oily throughout the day even without a primer. I also like that the foundation is water-based as it suits my combination-dry skin well.
Price: RM145
Volume: 30ml
Where to Buy: Cuepido's website HERE

   Step 3: Fill in them brows   
I cannot leave the house without filling in my brows so this Oomph-Brow is a slim, universal brow pencil that glides on smoothly and lasts all day. It is enriched with vitamins C & E for skin protection and brow hair nutrients. This dual-ended automatic brow liner features a powder & wax-based pencil for instant subtle, smooth & long-wearing definition and a spooly brush on the other end to groom & tame unruly hairs to achieve that natural brow effect. It only comes in one universal shade of brown so you'll have to use an eyebrow mascara if you wish to achieve lighter-coloured brows. I like 2-in-1 products like these that are easy to carry around so that it allows me to do on-the-go quick touch-ups for more confident brows!

Everyone has their own way of filling in their brows. I tend to go for straighter and thicker brows lately. Firstly, twist up the pencil and mark the main spots (the front, arch and tail of the brow). Then, draw the shape lightly that you wish to achieve as this helps to define the edges of the brow. In soft, sweeping dashes, use the brow pencil to fill in your brow. Soft, light strokes is key to achieving that natural brow-hair look. Lastly, use the attached brush to blend for a more natural look. The tail always tends to be darker as compared to the front of the brow which has a more feathery effect.
Price: RM89.00
Volume: 0.35g
Where to Buy: Cuepido's website HERE

   Step 4: Create a soft, subtle blush   
Excited to be trying out a liquid formula brush for the first time! The Ohh Blush! Rose glides on and blends easily to give an all-day beautiful glow that lasts for hours. The colour pigments are so pigmented that they give you a natural flirty flush in just one drop and it is also buildable if you wish to achieve a pop-up look. Infused with flowers and plant extracts, it'll give your skin a healthier looking complexion. Did I mention that this lightweight blush is waterproof as well? There are 3 unique colours in this range namely Rose, Peony and Camellia (best-seller).

Because this cheek stain is so pigmented, I prefer to use my fingers to apply to the apples of my cheeks. I chose red because I wanted to try a red blusher for once. Pump just a tiny amount on your fingertips; trust me, a little goes a long way. Apply in a circular motion on the cheekbones. You can start with a light application and slowly build-up the colour to your preference. I find that even just one drop is enough to achieve a very natural glow that lasts the whole day. The light-reflecting effect it has makes the cheeks look highlighted. It's seriously one of the most long-lasting blushers that I've tried and even though it's a small bottle, I'm sure it'll last me quite awhile because of how pigmented it is.
Price: RM105.00
Volume: 10ml
Where to Buy: Cuepido's website HERE

   Step 5: Apply lipcolour   
Of course, every look is not complete without lipstick! The seductive Cue Smooch Stick dresses the lips with an extreme long-wearing power. I would've preferred if it came in matte formula, but this cream formula lipstick provides a smooth & natural finish and comes in 20 intense colours. I chose the shade #Terra. It is infused with vitamin E to soften the lips while also containing an antioxidant formulation to protect the lips effectively. The packaging is similar to Bobbi Brown lipstick but the only difference is that it has a shorter and rounder tip. Since I'm a lipstick lover, I found that I have a similar colour in my stash and I dare say that this lipstick's colour and formula is comparable with my Burberry lipstick! :o

Simply apply onto cleansed lips, one layer is enough to achieve full colour coverage. It's up to you if you wish to wear a lip balm beneath the lipstick, but I found that the lipstick itself is moisturising enough on its own. The colour actually looks darker in real-life as compared to on camera (more similar to the tube), but I like how it gives that MLBB (my lips but better) effect! The formulation is sooo creamy and doesn't have a weird smell to it like some lipsticks do. Best of all, it can last a good 5-6 hours without touch-ups!
Price: RM115.00
Volume: 4.2g
Where to Buy: Cuepido's website HERE

   Step 6: Set the makeup with a setting spray   
The Lavendar Beauty Mist has thus become an essential in my makeup and skincare routine lately. The multi-purpose lavendar hydrosol is gentle and cooling in the summer, with the ability to soothe sunburns and heal irritations. Yes, you can spray it anywhere, even your body as well especially on hot days. Even though the bottle is made of metal, it is very lightweight and easy to carry around. It makes for a great addition to face masks to gently tone all skin types, reduce stress and mental fatigue. This relaxing and revitalising mist has a natural soothing lavender scent from essential oil that just lifts the spirits! With its anti-bacterial properties, it is useful in treating acne as well and helps to balance out both oily & dry complexion to give you the dewy skin effect

I use this in the day as a makeup setting spray and at night as a toner or mist as part of my skincare routine. Simply mist all over the face or body and pat it in until fully absorbed. The mist can be used daily anytime, anywhere. In this case, I'm using it to set and refresh my makeup for an instant glow. You can even add it to facial masks and leave on for 5 mins as it has toning and soothing abilities as well.
Price: RM99.00
Volume: 120ml
Where to Buy: Cuepido's website HERE

And the final look? Tadaa! I added a bit of brown eyeliner to open up my eyes and let my bangs down, then I'm ready to head out the door! So this is basically my makeup routine everyday, it's really simple and fast, only takes about 15 minutes? The objective is to look like a more awake, fresher version of me without looking like another person. Of course, I have to credit the products that I use for being so easy-to-use and effective. I'm a very lazy person, so it's best to find products that last a long time so I don't have to do touch-ups throughout the day. I especially love the lipstick and lavender mist! Although the products are a bit on the pricier side, note that the prices are all including GST and are really of good quality! Not kidding when I said that they're comparable to high-end brands out there :) So, won't you give it a try and let me know your thoughts? How do you like this look? :D

For more information on Cuepido Cosmetics and their products, check out their:

Disclaimer: Even though the product were sponsored and sent to me for review, it has not affected my opinion in anyway. The review is based on my honest personal thoughts, experiences and preference after trying out the products. Effects may vary depending on the individual.

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  1. This looks so effortless to create! You look so pretty and daily natural make up is the best =D

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